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"Sneaky boys, don't do that again", Soubi reprimanded. They shop-lifted a bottle of alcohol and he saw right through their sorry claim that they were given it as a gift.

"But we swear "Big tits" gave it to us" Youji said laughing. Natsuo nudged him giggling "Yeah Yu-icko wants to get on our good side since we know Ritsuka. She wants to get in his pants sooo bad".

Calmly the elder fighter warned "I'd bang your heads together if it would hurt you, maybe it could knock you to your senses".

He worded that very distinctly, then left the room shaking his head as they snickered.

"You're so mean" Natsuo called after him, then shut the door.

Youji arched an eye brow, "Do you think he left the rum to test us?" He picked up the eight ounce bottle that read 50% proof and popped the cork. "I wonder what it tastes like". Then he chugged down half the bottle. He couldn't feel the burn of the alcohol as it ran down his throat.

"What are you doing?" his fighter asked worriedly. "Come on, it probably won't do much, people drink this crap all the time" he replied, putting the bottle on the floor.

He walked a few steps then fell. Rushing to his side, Natsuo wasn't laughing anymore. He sat down and laid his sacrifice's head on his lap.

"Idiot, what the hell were you thinking? I'm going to call Soubi."

Obviously inebriated, "Aw come on why you gotta do that?"

"Our name may be "Zero" but you're everything to me. We need to watch out for each other or no one else will."


Disbelieving, Natsuo still said "Yeah". Then after a breath, he yelled "Soubi we need your help".

Curious, he came out of his room and opened the door. Surveying the scene before him, he asked "Don't you know any better? I thought little old Nagisa-sensei taught you".

"Kiss my ass"

"Youji be quiet"

Soubi found this relatively amusing.

"Soubi what should we do?" "How much did he drink?" Natsuo picked up the bottle. "Seems like half." "Half a bottle of 50% proof rum hm." He extended a hand, and Natsuo passed it to him.

"Very foolish… you may need to take him to Nagisa."

"She'd kill us"

"I suppose he can try to vomit, then drink a good amount of water and eat."


"Alright!" Youji shouted.

They followed Soubi's instructions. Youji became overwhelmed by fatigue and Natsuo held him up.

For the next few hours Natsuo sat up in bed with Youji's head on his lap. He watched over his sacrifice as he slept.

"Dummie, what would I do without you?"




The end




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A/N: Yeah Soubi's a dick here, buthe obviously cares about the Zero boys. Think back to when he told them to come live with their big brother.

+ I obviously disregard that rum isn't so common in Japan. It's my fic :P