There was a time when Ryouta and Nageki were friends. Sadly, that time no longer exists for the two, and even when they see each other in passing, they just simply couldn't rebuild their small, mirthful friendship back to what it used to be.

How did their bonds break?

Well, it was a normal day like any other. The birdies were chatting and joking with each other, arm in arm and what have you. It always brought Ryouta great joy that he could bring a genuine smile to the face of the bird of mourning.

Then suddenly as they were walking down the hall...

"You two may want to find a room to contain your relationship based activities."

Who was it?

The one and only Iwamine Shuu.

Both of the younger boys, still in their good moods simply chuckled as Ryouta spoke up.

"Heh, this is no ordinary relationship. This is a fellowship!" Kawara stated proudly alongside his green haired buddy.

"What fellowship? You don't have a ring."


A look of confusion came across the faces of the young ones while Shuu, having planted his seed to dissolve what was once such a beautiful thing, retreated back to his infirmary.

It took a while for the young souls to comprehend the reference and the moment they did, their arms were no longer locked but limp at their sides. Their gazes hit the floor, each occasionally glancing at the other but not as a friend, but as if they were something profane.

One couldn't tell what happened after that moment aside from the two who are unwilling to dig up the memory.

But that, my friends, was the end of the Fujishiro and Kawara friendship.

~*Somewhere in the future with Shuu and Kazuaki*~

"You are the most horrible birdie I know."

"I think the ring being made of Gallium is stupid too."


Fun Fact: If you were to hold Gallium in your hand, it would melt.