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Chapter Five


My morning went by relatively quickly as I spent my time with the little girl. After Rin had something in her stomach I gave her more cough syrup and checked her for fever. After double checking I told her to get some rest and turned to leave when her voice stopped me. "Kagome-Sama, why are you sad?" asked Rin.

Tears gather in my eyes as I answer her. "Because Rin, I lost someone very close to me." "Oh," replies Rin. Before she can stop me again I leave the room, feeling for Sesshomaru's aura. Following the spark of strength I knew to be Sesshomaru I walk to the other end of the long hall, stopping before a door with a crescent moon carved into the wood, sakura blossoms and vines weaving around the moon to form a wreath, two swords crossing behind the wreath.

Wiping away the remaining tears, I was about to knock whrn the bored voice of Sesshomaru calls, "You may enter, Miko. I do not bite." (NOT TRUE). I stand there in shock for a moment. 'Did Sesshomaru just make a joke! My God, the world's coming to an end!' I shake my head and giggle, stepping into the large study. The walls were white, a window behind a desk where Sesshomaru sat with a bookshelf to the left filled with thick, leather-bound books. On the right wall was Tenseiga, mounted in a glass case.

I walk up to his desk and bow respectfully to whick he inclines his head in acknowledgment. "You wished to speak with me, Milord?" I ask, my head still bowed.

"Hn," he says. 'ARGH! I hate it when he does that. It's almost as bad as when he use to talk in the third person.' I study his impassive face, his cold, emotionless eyes. I mentally sigh. 'Nothing! Not one emotion!'

When I look back up, only just realizing I looked back down, he was right in from of me, his lips an inch from mine. "You smell of sadness," he says suddenly, "The scent does not suit you." My heart skips a beat when his lips descend upon mine for the second time that day, a warm feeling flickering to life in my lower abdomen. He soon leaves my mouth and begins placing kisses down my neck. Pushing the top of my Kimono down he goes even lower, nipping lightly at my collar bone.

Growling softly, he pushes me against the wall, pressing me against the rough stone. I shudder involuntarily when he licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I gladly grant him. I can feel him smirk against my mouth, nipping my bottom lip with his fangs before he retreats entirely, actually smiling like a drunken fool.

Placing his hand on the small of my back he leads me from the room saying, "Come. Lunch will be served shortly."


I lead the Miko down the hall, my left hand on the small of her back as I walk her downstairs. I look down at her and sniff discreetly. 'Hnn... Sadness is still clouding her scent. She was right in saying she wouldn't be happy for a while.' Her eyes are still glazed, a faraway look in her eyes as she follows me like a lost puppy.

I lead her across the vestibule to a set a double doors to the right of the tapestry, swinging them open to reveal the dining hall. An oak table sits in the center of the room, enough space to sit sixteen comfortably. I look at the Miko from the corner of my eye and take note of her awed expression.

'Lunch should be... Interesting.'

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