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River's hand lingered by the button of the Doctor's trousers. This was certainly something that he wasn't used to, having such a strong urge to touch... intimate parts. He could remember doing so a couple of months ago when he had woken up in his sleep, really needing to simply... release some pressure, so to speak, but it was not something he did often. Unless, of course, he had recently met Beth Ditto. He always had a thing for Beth Ditto.

At that thought, his ears turned pink. Hopefully, River couldn't read minds.

"Well, now..." he said, clearing his throat, "is there any possibility that you, er, would consider... heading a little south?"

His eyes flickered between River and her hand, that was still lingering at his waistband. River smirked at him. He swallowed.

"No," she said all of a sudden and withdrew.

"No?" The Doctor repeated, trying very hard to not look too disappointed. "Oh, yes, yes of course, I understand, me being to young and all, it is better that we spare ourselves this humiliation-"

"No, silly," River said and poked his nose, "I just want to take this someplace more horizontal. As much as I like it when you're vertical – and we will have done a lot of vertical too, I promise you that - I think that's a little too enthusiastic for today, being your first and all. Come on!"

She tugged at his hand and took the lead down one of the TARDIS' corridors. She opened the right door – how did she know which door? - and stepped inside his bedroom that was, as usual, all quiet. He didn't sleep that much, only a few hours per night, and could easily skip doing so if necessary. He rarely spent any time in here, even though his bedroom was the only room in the TARDIS that had a window. Actually, you could see the glow of the vortex outside it and that was kind of an amazing sight. Now, River stood in front of that light which created sort of a halo around her blond curls. That was surely an amazing sight.

The Doctor swallowed. Even though his groin area was still... very eager, so to speak, he really didn't dare to enter the room. Funny, that was, a person who'd just yell "well, come on, then!" to all of the universes scariest creatures all at once, couldn't gather courage enough to take a few steps forwards and sit down on a piece of furniture. He sheepishly shuffled his feet and found a very interesting spot on the door frame that he had to have a closer look at.

"Are you going to stand over there all night?" River asked from across the room.

"As a matter of fact, I might just do that," the Doctor said, "This door hinge needs some fixing, and maybe even oil-"

"Oh no, the only girl you will be maintaining tonight is me," River said and took a few strides across the room, grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bed where she, quite brusquely, made him sit down.

"And you will be maintaining now." She resolutely put her hand on his inner thigh. The Doctor swallowed. "Okay, let's maintain, then," he squeaked. "Where do you want to start?"

River didn't reply, but instead she covered his mouth with hers. As her tongue travelled over his his breathing grew a little heavier, and even though he concentrated really hard not to a little whimper escaped from his lips. Whimper! Time lords didn't whimper, they roared. At least when they were in battle, as this most certainly would qualify as. The sound, though, rewarded him with a soft moan from River which his brain found interesting enough to immediately make his, well, special parts grow hard. Very hard. That made him even more interested in her touching that... specific area that was almost aching now. He started wiggling around a little on the bed, to see if he could wordlessly make her hand trail down there.

When he had twisted and turned a few times River, clearly bemused, asked: "what, sweetie?"

"Er, nothing, really. This is certainly lovely. It is just that... some special parts might need a little, er, attention, you know."

The hidden request made his ears turn crimson, and he looked down in is lap.

"Oh, I see," River smirked. "Parts? You mean this?" she continued while fiddling with his right ear.

"No... er, it's a little... more down south," the Doctor said. "A little more... well, okay. "

"Down south? Is this what you mean?" River's hand dove to his his adam's apple.

"Uh, no, it's even a little more south..."

"Oh, even more? Yes, sweetie, I think I know, then."

For a second, her hand hovered over his hip area. In a second, the Doctor stopped breathing and hoped really hard that his respiratory bypass system would kick in - what a humiliating situation to die from asphyxiation in.

He didn't really have to worry because all of a sudden, River bent down, almost touching the floor - and started stroking his calf.

"I like south," she said. "South is good."

The Doctor breathed out.

"I like south too, south is cool, yes, yes, it definitely is, South Africa is in fact extremely cool, but you know, er, what is even cooler?" He nervously glanced down at her.

"No sweetie, what is the coolest place on Earth?" River asked, no longer being able to hide her smile.

"Congo! Congo is so cool! What about travelling to Congo?"

"Cool? Really? I think Congo seems more... hot, actually," she said. She rose so that she was eye level with him again, and leaned in to kiss him. At the same time, she sneaked her hand down between them and finally started to stroke him over the, well, Congo area.

The Doctor jerked at her touch. Oh. Interesting. Very interesting. River's hand was trailing up and down, apparently able to apply the exact right amount of pressure exactly where he liked it, stroking harder when being up north, so to speak, and a little less going down. Oh dear, if she kept this up it most certainly would make him go cross-eyed. He tried to focus on breathing in, breathing out, and not think so much about River's chest heaving in front of him. But it was too late – he giddily watched her and there it was again, the undignifying little whimper that he accidentally made.

River, on the other hand, didn't seem to object to the silly sounds of his: she simply pushed him backwards onto the bed and straddled him. As her bum wiggled across his special... region of interest, he tried letting out a little moan. It felt kind of good, actually, making that pointless sound. And apparently, it caused River to wiggle even more, which had to be on the bright side. He moaned again, deeper and lower this time. River pushed herself harder against him. That caused him to bite his tongue, probably causing it too bleed. Hopefully, she wouldn't notice. He suspected that nobody was very appealing with blood coming out between their teeth.

"Sweetie, would you like to take this off?" River asked, tugging at his shirt.

"Yes. I mean, maybe."

"Oh, so we're trying to not be eager now, are we? But I'll tell you what, Doctor: you show me yours, I'll show you mine."

And with that, River removed her t-shirt as well as her bra and the Doctor just watched in awe. He was not a person who cared about beauty that much, unless it came to his own wardrobe, of course, but River Song was absolutely beautiful. He didn't really have words for expressing what he felt.

"You know, from this angle those looks an awful lot like the moons of Jupiter," he finally said.

"Oh dear, please don't do pillow talk." River rolled her eyes. "You are the worst pillow talker I've ever met."

"That can't be true. I once met a species that had no mouths, there is no possibility that I can be a pillow talker worse than them, since they cannot manage any pillow talk."

Supposedly, River found that too dumb to even care about arguing, since she instead leaned in over him so that her breasts caressed his face. He closed his eyes and immensely enjoyed the feeling of the soft flesh dragged over his nose and cheeks. He opened his mouth a little and caught a nipple between his teeth. He very gently bit it, and River pushed down on him. He suckled, and she replied in the same fashion. Oh. He could really get used to this.

He kept sucking at her breast as he struggled to get free from his own shirt. Since he had done so much flailing in his life, he succeeded quite soon. The undershirt, though, was more of a toughie. He had to let go of her nipple to get it over his head, and as he did so he of course bumped her chin with his elbow. Being elegant was probably to much to ask for in a situation like this.

As a result of his bumping, River came to lie on her back.

"Very charming, you are, being this young," she muttered, rubbing her chin a little. "But, oh! Look where that hand of yours has so suitably landed!"

The Doctor realized that his hand was now resting on her lower stomach, very close to her female region, so to speak. At the though of feeling that with his fingers, he felt himself grow even harder, something he up to this point hadn't thought possible. Oh dear, there might be damage to... parts if the situation wasn't taken care of pretty soon. He swallowed.

"Sweetie. I see that you're very, very eager now." She smiled at him in amusement. "But can you handle it?" He looked at her. She was very attractive at this point, he noticed. All flush and amazing. Handle it? Of course he could handle it! He would just do what he did best:

"I'll improvise, Doctor Song. Some people say that I'm very, very good at improvising. Do you want to see me improvise?"

"Very much so, Doctor."

He took a deep breath. Okay. Okay, now. How hard could it be? He had fought armies, he had won battles. He had also done this previously, was just slightly rusty... but once he had been Time Lord Victorious, for Christ's sake, of course he could do a little of... maintaining. Okay.

The Doctor slowly let his fingers trail over the lace of River's knickers. It would have been easier to concentrate on the task if his... male parts wouldn't have been calling so much for attention so that he had to rub himself against her thigh all the time. Luckily, River didn't seem to object, though, rather the other way around. He really liked the noises she made when he bucked into her. He slowly let his fingers slip into her underwear and through her damp curls but hesitated a little when getting closer to her most sensitive spot, but felt his male... oh, for christ's sake! He was nine hundred and seven, he could say it! His prick, he felt his prick urging him on. It certainly ached as he thrust into her thigh once more and at the same time pushed his fingers into her.

Even though he was sure it was very close, he didn't die from sensory overload. Just as the thought of how unnecessary it would have been to waste a regeneration on sexual activity hit him River's sex quivered around his fingers and she arched from the bed, almost screaming out loud. And he reconsidered - this would definitely have been worth skipping to the twelfth body for.

"River... oh, River, River, you're so, you're so wet," he rambled about into her ear, biting the inside of his cheek pretty hard to keep from ejaculating right here and now.

"Yes, sweetie, it's supposed to be that way," she breathed, "I really hope your other women have been, too, otherwise they haven't found you particularly attractive, I'm afraid."

"Of course they have," he snorted, blushing slightly. "They were all wet. Wetter than the greatest wave of any ocean – unless they were frozen, the ocean that is, not the women - wetter than an ice planet cooked in a micro wave, wetter than a wet glove on a dry hand in December-"

"Oh, shut up and make those dry fingers work their magic."

At that, he started to move his fingers around in small, counter clockwise circles. As her breathing grew heavier he shuffled a little closer to her and buried his nose in her neck. Underneath the curls, The Doctor took a deep breath. River clearly had a very personal smell, some scent he couldn't really determine the origin of, a little hint of vanilla but over all unknown. Probably something from the future. Not at all unpleasant, only unknown.

He had always loved the unknown.

The unknown started to whimper under his touch and he smiled against her neck, quite pleased with himself. He lifted his head a little to kiss her, and she eagerly replied. Her tongue slid over his as his right hand kept up its ministrations, the movement of his fingers in combination of those of his tongue made him think of... other things you could do with a tongue. At other places of a body. At that thought, his blush went over the rooftop and could now only be defined as a pure crimson topped with tomato red.

"What, sweetie?" River smiled through gritted teeth. "I know that blush. If you thought of an unorthodox thing you would like to try out you better tell me now, because if you keep going like this I won't be holding up for much longer."

"Er, well, I just... you know, maybe... There are other things, beside kissing, one could do with one's mouth. For instance, drink tea, of course, but also other things, such as, such as... eating an... er, well, a... Can I, er, would you like... um... I think I would like to..." River rolled her eyes.

"Just go ahead, you love it! And since I can't take that activity to get interrupted by you stammering that long when you're asking my permission for using fingers as well, I tell you now: yes, you're allowed. Get down, darling, and get this over with!"

And with that, she grabbed his head and pushed him down south.

The Doctor nervously slid down on his stomach, placing himself between River's legs. He placed a few hesitant kisses along the inside of her thigh and trailed the hair covering her sex with his fingers, taking a deep breath to catch the smell of her. His, well, prick twitched at that, and he closed his eyes and moved his face very close to her slick folds.

Feather-light, he put his lips against her most sensitive spot. She was probably extremely sensitive, almost like the TARDIS when he took her in for landing in a time distorted place, she almost twitched as River did now. He shivered and swallowed, and asked any available higher authority for the ability to doing this right (funny, since he himself was the highest authority present) opened his mouth a little and let out his tongue. Much to his surprise, he still hadn't died from sensory input and expected it to happen any minute now, but was determined to make at least a little use of himself before the time came. He closed his eyes and with a soft tongue he started lapping at her folds as he was eating an ice cream.

Okay. Now he was sure he had definitely gone cross-eyed. The intriguing taste of River in combination with her moans and her gripping his hair was all too much for anyone not too. As he dragged his tongue over her labia he was shaking a little and rubbed himself quite hard against the mattress. His tongue slid over her wet folds, carefully separating them with the intention of sticking his tongue inside her. As he did so, River arched again and tugged at his hair which made him smile against her and licking a finger, winking at her and then, slowly inserting it into her while he kept swirling his tongue over her... er, Brazzaville. His fingers made shallow thrusts into her.

"Doctor..." River said through clenched teeth, "this won't be long. I have to say you're quite a talent, being this good a first time."

He smiled inwardly and suckled at her a few more seconds, and as she finally arched of the bed and actually screamed, his heart swelled with pride and cockiness. He gave her a few more licks to make her come down from her high, and then crawled up to lie beside her again.

He smiled a little and pushed some curls out of her face.

"Not that bad, ey?"

"Oh, sweetie, this was just the beginning. You'll get so much better in the future," River breathed, still not having recovered fully.

"So will you, then."

River smiled a little.

"I don't think so, dear. But it doesn't matter. Today is a good day, right? Your first and all."

"Yes, and your... " the Doctor stopped mid-sentence.

"Yes. Most likely."

"Oh." He swallowed. "I better be doing my best then. I'm sorry," he whispered as he laced his fingers through hers. "I-I-I didn't think, I didn't know... Oh. I should have been better, I-I'm so, so sorry."

"Don't be. You have already apologized for this day. You will do, in a couple of hundred years. I have known this for quite some time now, that this was drawing closer. Next time we'll see each other... I don't know who you will be, maybe you'll not even know me."

The Doctor smiled – a heartbroken smile. "Spoilers."

"Yes. And besides... this day will come for you as well, my love. I was there, I'm sorry, and I ask you, now, for forgiveness when it comes."

"Forgiven. Always and completely. You know that."

"Well, good." River stroked his hand with her thumb and placed a kiss on this forehead. Then she smiled:

"Yes, those days to come. But what about now? Wouldn't it be a shame to let such a huge amount of allocated knowledge about the perfect blow job go to waste?"

He waited for the familiar reddening warm up his ears, but it didn't happen. Probably, that was because his whole body was already flushed, but it was still some kind of progress in terms of being able to handle River Song's frankness. In two hundred years he might even be able to to tell he what he liked to do. He just threw her a crooked smile and said:

"Yes, it would definitely be a waste."

"Oh, we're playing casual now, are we? That is definitely an improvement from an hour ago. Even time travellers make do with a little real time progress!"

Still not breaking eye contact with him, River agonisingly slow opened up his zipper and let one of her fingers trail over his prick, outside his underwear. She stroked him firmly from the base to the tip, finally causing his breathing to come to an end. Oh, well, being in respiratory bypass-mode would probably make the trip a little more interesting, he had once heard that some humans actually had this as some sort of preference, having intercourse without breathing, it couldn't be that bad for him, then...

While River was still stroking him, she dove down to his hip area and unless him, she still breathed. Hot, slow breaths all over him. He felt his underwear go all wet at the tip of his prick, which River of course noticed and let out her tongue to nip at the dampness. Still with underwear on, she took the head between her lips and gently sucked on him. That sent the remains of his brain to the other side of the vortex – her mouth, the rougher fabric, the wetness. There wasn't words left. He helplessly moaned right out in open air.

River took that as a hint for progressing. She pulled down as much of his pants and underwear as she needed for her ministrations. As she took him firmly in one hand, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Moments later, she took his sack in her mouth and sucked hard and he was very convinced that now it had finally happened - he had officially died and gone to time lord heaven. Funny, he didn't know that there was such a place, but clearly, there was. And there were a lot of River Songs there that had practised this with a lot of Doctors over the years. Bless him, bless them that taught her this! Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen – he loved them all.

River let go of his sack and smirked at him. "Predictable as always, sweetie," she said, licking her lips a little.

"Hah! We'll see who'll be predictable in a couple of hundred years," the Doctor tried to say, but it came out more like "wee see hoo pee peh-cabb-eh na ca-peh ohhh hu-teh hee-s," since his lungs didn't hold any air due to not breathing during the last ten minutes. River cocked an eyebrow.

"Respiratory bypass mode already? We haven't really gotten to auto-erotic asphyxiation yet, sweetie, that'll take a while. But be patient, you'll get that, and like it, too. Later on!"

She winked at him and refocused on the head of his prick. When she took him into her mouth he actually blacked out a little and the moment he returned he realized that this was not going to last long – as far as premature ejaculation went, he hadn't changed much from the age of just one hundred...

"River..." he whispered and tugged gently at her hair. She took the hint and let go of his sex. She looked him in the eye and he must have looked exactly so desperate and hard and overwhelmed as he felt, because she rose on her knees, straddled him and slowly rubbed his prick against her wet folds, teasing them both a little. The Doctor closed his eyes as she sunk down on him and they both moaned in unison. His hand sneaked down between them and as she started to move, he gently rubbed her with the pads of his fingers, causing her to tighten around him. He started to move a little, making small counter thrusts to meet her rhythm, and as much as he

He opened his eyes, and saw that she was crying. With his free hand, he cupped her chin and tried to make his eyes tell her that he understood, he really did, maybe not now but he will, he would have understood, when they met in the future. She nodded slightly, and as she gently moved up and down she came, exploding under his hand and clenching around him. They moved together for another couple of thrusts, and as he emptied himself in her the whole of time and space imploded and he was exactly where he wanted to be – in the middle of it, together with River Song.

His body went limp and his vision blurred for a little while. He stretched out his arms and felt River curling up against him and he nuzzled his nose against her hair, placing little kisses on top of her head. He didn't want the overwhelming feeling of total satisfaction to ever leave him again – right now it felt like he could be lying here forever. Fortunately, there would be other nights like this.

For him, at least. As he turned his head to the left he saw Rivers face. She smiled a little.

"Thank you, sweetie," she said, simply. She watched him with that inscrutable look in the eye.

And then, he understood that this was not a thanks for just this last few hours - but for all of their journey all together. He swallowed.

"You're welcome, sweetie," the Doctor whispered in River's ear. "Always and completely welcome."