Eyes Wide Open

Spoilers for 8x14 - Sam's POV as he silently watches Dean in his new room. I hope any who have a look will enjoy. Thank you.

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Sam knows it's wrong to be there, lurking in the shadows like some kind of stalker; like a predator seeking out the patterns of its prey; to look for weakness before going after the juicy stuff underneath.

Eyes soak in the scene they look upon; the bed, its corners perfectly folded by precise hands; the sheets, adorned with trusted implements of the hunt; the guns and knives, painstakingly cleaned one by one; the way each weapon is scrutinized and placed in meticulous order on the mattress before him, as if being weighed on a scale of usefulness, or perhaps by importance.

Yes, it's wrong to be there, but the allure is undeniable; the dangling of this elusive carrot cements his feet to the ground and stifles the exhale of air from his lungs to avoid detection; to allow him to linger and observe his brother in a way he has scarcely been able to.

Slowly and carefully each item is fastened to the wall, taking their ordained positions like pieces in a larger tapestry, each one significant and each one telling a story of its own; each doing their part to add a unique element to the artist's life work.

It's wrong to remain quiet, to continue to gawk at what is obviously a private moment, but the selfish desire to gaze upon this side of his brother outweighs the shame he should feel; the chance to see Dean without defenses on high alert, without the walls and barriers in place is too appealing; its temptation worth the risk of being discovered.

There is hesitation in the process when all that remains is one, as fingertips gently touch the handle of the blade that followed its owner back from Purgatory, before it too is slowly added to the others that adorn the surface of the room. Sam's resolve starts to teeter at the slight gust of air that makes its way from his brother's lips; as Dean's eyes close and his features hint of a painful trip down memory lane. He can feel himself start to falter and head towards that moment; the one where he will rush in, embrace his brother and be admonished for another flight into chick flick territory. Decision made, he is about to violate his brother's personal space rule when Dean's expression does a complete 180 and offers up a small smile. Sam watches intently as his brother slowly steps back from the wall and his eyes roam over his handiwork; a quick nod indicating approval of its design.

Dean pauses for a moment then, once again seeming lost in thought before moving to stand in front of the dresser. Gingerly he threads a hand into the inside pocket of his jacket, the object that is delicately removed from that space making Sam's knees go weak.

They are soft and full of emotions, those two small words that are uttered from Dean's lips. 'Hi Mom'.

Tenderly the photo is set into place; its edges slightly tattered, the paper worn and slowly starting to curl and yellow from the passage of so many years. Sam smiles in tandem with his brother at the happiness forever captured in that image; knowing that this memory no longer has to be hidden away in a glove box or shoved into a duffel bag as they head out to their next job; it has found its new home, just as the brothers have.

Silently he retreats from the entrance to wipe a stray tear from his cheek; his eyes having been opened and feeling that they have just gazed upon the true essence of his brother for the first time.

When he enters the room again, this time without silence or stealth, his brother greets him with a dazzling smile.

Yes, he knows it may have been wrong, but damn if the door to Dean's heart hasn't just been opened right in front of him; the beauty of it warming him like the sun and filling his lungs with fresh, crisp air.

The End. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed.