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I fell to my knees in the middle of the road. The car was smashed against a tree on one side, and in front of me Laura laid still after I had dragged her from the wreck. I glanced at the thing I'd hit, now about 50 feet behind us. I cringed; it was crumpled at an unnatural angle. Hunched over my friend's body, I shook her shoulders angrily. I could hear her breathing faintly, and her eyes twitched.

"Laura?" I whispered cautiously. I continued to shake her gently and rested my ear near her slightly open mouth to make sure she was breathing. As my head was turned, facing the thing I'd crashed into, the disfigured corpse rose off the ground in disjointed movements until it stood straight. The thing turned around to face Laura and I slowly like some monster out of a corny horror film and started shuffling towards us, cruel sounds echoing from its mouth.

"Shit." I mumbled under my breath. I was so frightened but I didn't want to alarm Laura. My hands were shaking uncontrollably after the crash as I tried to lift her onto her feet, but cold fingers clasped around my wrist too tightly; something was wrong. I froze completely as Laura looked up at me with strange eyes and the sound of a husky breath reached my ears. But it wasn't just coming from the thing; it was coming from Laura.

"Oh my god." As soon as realisation hit me I scrambled backwards on the road, grazing my arms as I did so. "Please… no." The thing became louder, and so did Laura whose seemingly dead body was pushing itself up. It was in that very moment my best friend Laura became another one of those things, stumbling towards me with every intention of ripping me open and feasting on my insides.

I couldn't fight, I had no weapons. All I could do was sit there on the road in horror as these two things advanced on me. Shuffling back, my hand hit something and a sharp pain came from my wrist; I'd cut myself with a small pocket knife in the grass. Thank God, I thought as I grabbed a hold of it and pushed myself up, circling away from Laura's body, toward the other one still coming at me.

Holding the knife in front of me, I took a deep breath and got closer to the thing – slash. A grunt came from my throat as the knife went straight across the dead thing's forehead, leaving a massive gash. I jumped back as the corpse fell onto its face on the road. Dead, again. I was psyching myself up to face Laura - or what once was Laura – when I noticed the weapon in the dead man's belt. That was too good an opportunity to pass up. Keeping my eyes on Laura, I knelt down, smashed the back of the guy's head with the knife just in case, and wriggled the machete out from under his belt. I folded the knife and put it in one of the side pockets of my cargo pants, keeping a strong hold on my new machete.

I stepped closer to Laura now, but something was fighting inside of me. This was my best friend. This was wrong. I couldn't kill her. Sobs erupted from my throat as I fell like a dead weight to my knees in front of her slowly advancing figure. Black spots clouded the rims of my vision as I felt my body tip to the side. And suddenly, a disorienting pain coursed through my head like lightening; my head was on the tar. Laura looked over my weak body and just for a moment, her face seemed human again. Whether it was my mind or I had dreamt the entire thing, I didn't know. She looked peaceful, a smile on her face. The last thing I could see was an unknown arrow shoot straight through her head. The last thing I felt was her body collapse lifelessly onto mine.

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