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Claude spit some dirt from his mouth as Francine and Carmen walked to the front gates. Simon kept looking at Cheshire Cat like the cat was about to rip his face off, but the Cat kept his creepy smile. Carmen tugged on the gates and said, "We can't get in."

Claude sighed as he stood up and dusted himself off. The Cat looked at him and said, "To enter easily is to enter without a will. You must find a way to enter that tests not only your mind, but you strength and heart." Then he disappeared.

Simon looked at Claude and said, "Why can't he talk normal?"

Claude shrugged his shoulders as he went up to the gates and shook them harder then Carmen did. He then backed up and looked at the gates from farther away; they were too tall for them to jump over, and the spikes on the top of the bars would make it painful if they fell on them. He looked to the sides and didn't see another way to enter.

"How are we going to get in?" Francine asked.

"We find the Cat and shake the key from him." Simon said seriously as he looked at his hands like the Cat was between them, despite nobody listening to him.

Claude bit his lower lip as he thought of a plan. The gates were to high from them to jump, but maybe they would be easy to climb. He placed his foot on the bottom of the gate and placed his at random spots. "Carmen, push me up."

"What?" The purple-haired girl said in shock.

"Just do it." Carmen rolled her eyes as she placed her hand under Claude's foot and began pushing him up. Claude kept his hands steady and still as he struggled a little to get up, but he kept his hands moving upwards until he felt the top of the gate. He was now hanging as he crawled a little to hang himself between two, very spikey bars.

"Okay, now get Francine up here. Then Simon, get Carmen up here." Claude instructed to his friends.

"What, how am I going to get in?" Simon complained.

"Don't worry." Claude said as he waved his hand like it was nothing. Simon rolled his eyes as Carmen helped Francine up and then Claude pulled her to a space between two other bars.

Carmen placed herself at the bottom of the gates as Simon began pushing her up, where Claude and Francine grabbed her hands and pulled her to a space between two other bars that were between them. "Okay, now get down nad let me in!" Simon yelled from the bottom, which looked like it was ten feet below.

Claude looked on the other side and saw there was only a soft piece of grass where Carmen would land on. He gulped as he pulled his other leg to the other side of the gate and let them dangled as he was squeezed between the small space. Then he pushed himself off and barely made it to the soft piece of grass. "Ow..."

He got up and looked at the two girls above him. "Okay, you guys jump and I'll catch you." The girls nodded their heads as they looked down with fear. Carmen went first and pulled her other leg so she would be squeezed between the bars, then she jumped as Claude caught her with his breath being knocked out.

He placed Carmen on the ground as he looked at Francine. "Okay, now you." Francine's eyes were filled with fear as she pulled her leg other to the other side. Surprisingly, she was able to fit between the smal space between the bars due to her small body. Then, after a second of thinking, she jumped down and into Claude's arms.

As Francine got out of Claude's arms, the brunette looked at his friend on the other side. "Okay, Simon. Give me one minute."

"Well, hurry. I don't like that this place has a blood red sky and dead trees." Claude looked at what Simon had just said; the sky was blood red and the trees are this place as well as farther on had dead, tall trees.

Claude went up to the gates and looked at the lock. It was a chain covering the gates from the inside with a huge lockpad on it. He looked at his female friends and said, "Do either of you have a bobby pin?"

Carmen placed her hands on her hips. "That's kind of sexist."

"Do either of you have a bobby pin?" Claude sighed as Francine picked at one of her pigtails and pulled out a bobby pin. She gave it to Claude as he took it and placed it in the lockpad. He kneel down as began working at the lock, doing what his older brother had taught him years before.

As he worked furiously on the lockpad, Carmen looked through the gates and saw something behind Simon. Something bubbling black, and some with a doll's head mixed with steampipes in the bubbling tar. She squinted her eyes as she saw the tar growing bigger, and Francine must of saw it too because she yelled, "SIMON!"

Simon looked at the girls strangely as they pointed behind him. He turned around and saw the tar growing into five, small hunchback creatures made out of the tar completely with the eyeless doll's head on front and the steampipes on the hunchback with thin arms and four, spider-like legs.

"Sweet Jesus!" Simon yelled as he grabbe don the bars. "Claude, hurry for the love of God!" Claude looked up as the final lock clicked as the strange monster as running extreme fast at Simon.

The gates opened barely with a creak, but Claude pulled Simon through the small space anways and shut the gates as the tar monsters began using their arms through the bars with no avil. The teens looked in shock as Francine said in a timid voice, "What is that thing?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, the Cat reappeared in front of her and said, "Insidious Ruin. One of the five types of Ruin that have been infected Wonderland in the last few days. Be wary and keep mind that they are not from Lucy's mind."

Before could ask what he meant, the doors to the house opened and Cheshire Cat smiled as he said, "Go inside and I will teach you to the best of my ability."

He began walking into the house as the teens looked at each other with confusion. As the Insidious Ruin yelled in a inhuman voices, the teens began walking as fast as they could inside the house. Once they were in, they doors slammed shut behind them.

"I can't see!" Carmen said off-the-bat. It was true since the whole house was completely dark and there was no visible light from outside, but there was boarded-up windows anyways even if there was light from outside.

Even in the dark, the smile of the Cat could be seen as his lips moved. "If your mind was as sharp as your smart-mouth, then you can follow mine to find the path I have for you."

Claude sighed at the Cat's comment. He had an IQ od 180, yet he couldn't follow what this Cat was saying or if he was even in Wonderland. But as the Cat began to moved and his smile was still visible, Claude started to follow him as his friend as followed behind him.

Claude kept one hand on the first wall he found and felt his feet go down. It took him a minute to realize he was on a staircase that was leading downstairs, but he was wondering what was downstairs to begin with. When they walked into the house, it seems like they were on the first floor and it didn't seem possible for this place to even have a basement.

Soon, he felt his foot hanging off the last step as someone barrled into him. "What is your problem?" He yelled at one of his three friends.

"Well, excuse me! But stop thinking and move your bum before I move it for you." Carmen's voice said right in Claude's ear as she pushed pass him. Claude rolled his eyes as he stepped off the stairs with Simon and Francine following his lead.

Lights overhead turned on to reveal the room they were in; a huge basement with a high ceiling that had ceiling lights and bookshelves that didn't have books, but the shelves had strange objects hanging of them and on the shelves itself. There were small, wooden tables with misty orbs on them and there was a silver, army-like door that covered half of one wall.

"Where are we?" Francine asked in awe as she looked around.

Cheshire Cat looked at her as he said, "Before I send you out, you must gear up and learn a few tricks."

Carmen rasied a finger as she said, "Um, we can't do tricks. That is sorta of impossible anyways."

Cheshire Cat looked at her and cocked its head. It moved its hand to show her around the room and said, "This is Wonderland. Anything is possible, even when you master's mind has almost gone to pieces. What I am about to teach you is five out of seven tricks that wil help you. The other two will be learned after we leave this place."

Claude looked unimpressed as the Cat looked at Francine and moved his hand at the silver door. "Dodging is useful when used at the correct time. Focus on getting out of the way and little friends shall do the rest. Open the door."

Francine looked at her friends as she went over to the door and open it slightly. But before she could open it all of the way, a sword slashed besides her and a monsterous red chess piece came out. "AH!" As the chess piece caught sight of Francine and slashed its sword, Francine closed her eyes as she disappeared into a bunch of red butterflies.

Everyone looked in shock as Cheshire Cat waved his hand and the chess piece stopped in place as Francine reappear into her human form a few feet from her original spot. "That is called Butterfly Dodge. Each of you can do it, but focus as you do."

As Francine regain her composure, the Cat smiled as he said, "Now jump, girl." Francine looked unsure as she gulped. She arched her back as she jumped into the air, causing an array of butterflies and leaves under her as she float in the air. "This is called Floating. Use this to get across large gaps and to get to higher places."

Carmen and Claude now looked impressed as Cheshire Cat looked at Simon. The blonde boy gulped as Cat said, "Now, I want you to touch your pedant." Simon rolled his eyes, but his fingers reached to his Loki symbol around his neck. As he did, it glowed and he turned invisible almost immediately.

Everyone had their mouths opens as Cheshire Cat said, "This is called Invisiblity. Use this as long as you can to avoid creatures, but never wander from where you turn from." After he said that, the spot Simon was at glowed as Simon reappeared.

Carmen now had her arms crossed as she said, "This is kind of cool. Teach me something." Her smirk caused the Cat to smile at her.

"I want you to focus on the minutes in this rooms. Bend time to your will." Carmen looked unsure at first, but she raised one hand straight in front of her as she breath in deeply. She suddenly felt everything slow down and she saw her friends's bodies moving slower. she breath in deeply again as she thought about making time normal again, so when she opened her eyes she saw her friends at normal speed.

"Wow. That is awesome!" Carmen yelled happily.

The Cheshire Cat looked at the happy girl before he stared at Claude. The brunette gulped at Cat said, "Since this is Wonderland, anything can happen. Change something or make something appear. You can control as much as my master does."

Claude, for some reason, understood what the Cat wanted as he closed his eyes and focused on something. "I guess make that chess piece turn into a rabbit." Claud ecracked one eye opened to see that the red chess piece that almost hurt Francine was now a huge, fluffy rabbit that was standing still. Francine smiled as she screamed, "Aw, it's a bunny!" She ran over and hugged the rabbit before it disappeared, which caused her to pout.

Cheshire Cat looked impressed at the teens as Carmen looked at him and asked, "Wait, you said five out of seven. What about the other two?"

"Like I said, we must leave this place to know how to use them. One of them can be found and I will teach you then, but the other is learned during fights. How fine you will look when dressed in Rage. Your enemies are fortunate your condition will not be permanent. And you will be lucky too; red eyes suit so few." Cheshire Cat said before he disappeared to only reappear near one of the shelves.

He moved his hand at the shelf behind him as he said, "A weapon is one's most powerful defense. One must be up-close while the other must be afar. Chose wisely." He disappeared appear again as the teens gather near the shelf.

The first one to pick something was, of course, Carmen. She took what looked like two pepper grinders that were turned into guns. They were classic tanned wooden grinders with metal detailing and animated facial-features of a pig lightly carved into the wood, including round eyes, ears, and an open mouth with blunt teeth. She smiled as she placed the guns on her belt and took a slip of paper from one gun. "Pepper Grinders, made by the Duchess. Just turn the handle as these become rapid-fire machine guns that shoots pepper corns at high speeds over long ranges."

Simon's eyes shined with mischeif and he smirked as he yelled, "Me next!" and grabbed a random weapon. As he looked at his chosen weapon, he frowned at what it looked like. It was a classic-looking hobby horse that has a long, light brown wood for its stick. It had a blank expression and round eyes with light blue wheels, rope reins and "collar detail" around the neck. Its mane was made from a pieces of bash rope and its head was made out of brown material. He frowned as he grabbed the strip of paper around its neck and read, "Hobby Horse is a large, hammer-like weapon that can fend off or destroy big or heavier enemies."

Francine giggled as she looked at the weapons. She eyed many things beforew she picked up a strange watch; it had a silver strap with a clock face that was shaped as a black metal teapot with silver detailing, and a blue clock face. She placed it on her wrist and grabbed the slip of paper that was nextto it. "Teapot Cannon, made by Hatter Manufacturing. The watch becomes a long-range, well-balanced cannon when the clock is pressed. Shoots tea bombs at enemies."

Claude rolled his eyes and smiled at his friend's choices. He then went up and looked at the weapons in front of him; there was a cork gun, a mallet, and whip with a circular disk. But what caught his eye was the last weapon on the bottom. It was a shimmering sword with a silver, double-edged blade that had some designs on the both sides, a black leather-wrapped grip and a flat hilt riveted with green studs and a Cheshire head on the top of the handle. The long hilt went pointed downwards with sharp points as it curled inwards.

Claude picked up the sword and twirled it in his hands. As he did, Carmen looked at a second weapon; a croquet mallet that had its head shaped as a blue flamingos. She twirled it in her hands as she slammed in against a table, causing the table to break as litle sparks flew off the mallet. "Sweet..." She said with a cocky smirk.

Simon looked at the weapon shelf as he grabbed a stack of playing cards. They looked like simple rectangle-shaped cards. Each card had a white front with a suit and number printed upon it, and black-and-red back printed with a snake curled into a captial "S". Simon looked at the cards until he noticed the razor-sharp edges made out of metal, where he smiled and said, "I'm guessing these can cut into things."

Claude and Francine looked at the shelf as Claude was the first to grab his second weapon; three, black die. They looked normal enough, but Claude felt something demonic about the die that he had to put them in his pocket. He grabbed the slip of paper that was next to them and read, "Demon Dice is stronger as three. But be careful for these and the Jacks have no real loyalities."

Francine cocked her head as she reached for the top shelf and gently pulled down a strange weapon; It was an umbrella made from light blue Battenburg lace with a black handle, and a few holes can be seen along the lining. She opened it as a piece of paper fell out and she picked it up. "Use this to deflect attacks. But the point can be as deadly as a sword." Francine read aloud as she closed the umbrella.

As the teens chose their weapons, Carmen looked around and said, "Where can we go now? The front has those creatures and we can't see a damn thing when we go upstairs."

Claude thought about it. He knew that there must be a backdoor, as all places even imagary ones have. Francine was busy looking at a golden axe with a heart-shaped blade as she asked Simon, "Should I switch weapons real quick?"

Claude looked at the silver door that the chess piece came from and open it all of the way now, seeing that there was nothing about a white room. He sighed as he said, "The only way I can think of to leave is the top floor. We can crawl down from there and those creatures will not see us."

Carmen looked at him crazy, but Simon tapped Carmen's shoulder to distract her. She turned around and yelled, "What?!"

He gulped as everyone stayed silent long enough to hear the ground shaking. Francine dropped the axe as the four looked at the ground, which was now cracking under their feet.

Before someone could say anything, the ground broke under their feet as the whole house crummbled with them. They realized that the entire house and the area it was in was hovering over the actual land of Wonderland as they dropped into the sky and fell faster than they could stop.