This Friday night in June was a long one. It was a huge trip from my old town, to Animal Crossing. I had almost made it to my destination, when I took a ride on an empty bus; almost empty bus. I was looking out the window silently as the bright moon glared on the glass, and the quiet whistle of the driver played a small tune in my head. Everything was so quiet.

"The first step in starting your new life is getting on the bus!" a voice blurted out next to me. I jumped a bit, not realizing there was someone else in there. The gentleman sitting next to me was a blue cat, with bright red eyes- wearing a matching sweater.

"Oh, hi." I greeted.

"What is your name?" he answered, though, not hesitating.

"Uh, Dawn. What's yours?"

"Rover." the cat smiled. "So, Dawn, is it? Nice name. I like it."

"Thank you." I grinned back.

The cat continued to look at me with the same smile as he continued speaking.

"You're planning on staying in Animal Crossing, right?" he wondered. "That's very brave, Dawn. I envy you." It was mysterious that this guy knew where I was heading to- maybe just a lucky guess?

"Y-yeah...I thought it was about time to live on my own."

"Well, that's a really nice town. Are you excited?"

"Yep!" I said happily.

"Do you know where your house is yet?" Rover questioned again.

"N-no...not yet..."

"Seriously?!" he replied, with a shocking look. What was it that made this guy so interested in what I was doing? "Hmm...that isn't a good sign." the cat frowned.

"I probably should have planned some of this stuff..." I coughed.

"Look, since you obviously haven't given any thought to where you'll live, then what about money?" Rover interrupted.

"I'll get by." I replied proudly.

"Hey, people ever call you a...dreamer?" the cat mumbled creepily, as if disappointed. I just looked at him, getting uncomfortable. "Well, that's okay! If you need any help, you could just go to Town Hall. Here's a map incase you get lost." he offered generously, handing me a map of Animal Crossing. I quickly scanned it- seeing the places of everyone's house- of every building- then I seen x's and checkmarks placed all over the map, over different houses and empty lots. But- I seen one circle over a single house, which didn't have a label attached to it. It was really strange, but I proceeded to fold it up and put it inside my pocket.

"Animal Crossing, next stop." the bus driver suddenly blurted out.

"Oh! Hey! We're about to stop at Animal Crossing!" Rover alerted, glancing at me again. "Alright then! I hope we get a chance to chat again sometime." he continued, slightly chuckling- as the bus slowly parked at the bus stop.

I proceeded to step off the bus on the driver's command, and I happened to look back at Rover who was still staring at me weirdly.

"Stop by the Town Hall before you do anything else!" he informed me, before the bus drove off again.

~Yeah, I know this is my first chapter story lol & I also know this is a short chapter, but don't worry. I'm sure the chapters will start expanding as I go on. But, anyways, I have started playing Animal Crossing City Folk again, and as I observed Rover I found him sort of suspicious- so I decided to make a fanfiction about him. Slightly a horror one, as you can probably see for yourself. I hope you enjoy it so far, and tell me how you think~