I was soon wandering through my old town. I felt so much better now that I was far from Animal Crossing. I was traveling to my parents' house to rendezvous with them. It was best to stay with them for awhile.

Animal Crossing's story was a sad one...the animals living there were under Rover's control. They were never able to choose their own path. I was too distracted by him to choose anything. Innocent lives were ruined. I still wish to this very day that I could've done something about it.

Tom Nook, Pelly, Chevre, Bones, and everyone else...

I left without a word to any of them.

I finally made it to my parents' house and managed to convince them to let me stay for awhile. I missed them so much while I was gone, and my old home. I remember avoiding their questions about how Animal Crossing was...I just jumped to another subject. They never really cared much about it.

I sat in my room that night, looking at all my old stuff. I was fully relaxed there.

I then proceeded to check my pocket for the letter Bones gave me and...Oh no!

The letter I had...it was gone.

I panicked about its disappearance for quite awhile. I retraced my steps trying to find it, but it was nowhere to be found...

I was stressed out about the letter; I had nothing left of Bones or anything to help me remember Rover. The only thing that had calmed me down was telling myself that since I was out of Animal Crossing, it wouldn't effect me anymore. I was...safe.

It wasn't long until I became paranoid about it. I found myself looking for Rover in every direction. Without the letter, my memory of him was still strong.

But, once I was surrounded by all my family and old friends- it began to fade away. Rover was gone.

I didn't care anymore.

It was a mistake I shouldn't have made.

It was when the memory of Rover grew stronger than it ever was before...because I had met him...again.

Well...it's the end.
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