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Somewhere between Rivendel and the Misty Mountains...

The fellowship was taking a rest. Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir and Gimli were sitting by a tree, Gandalf was sitting on a near rock, and the hobbits were talking about food. Legolas and Gimli were arguing over who was the best, the elves or the dwarves, Aragorn was smoking and Boromir was thinking about the hobbits, there were so much things he didn't understand about them, but he didn't want to be impolite and asked all the questions at the same time, so he decided to began to talk to them.

"Merry," Boromir began "didn't you said that you and Pippin were cousins?"

"Yes," Merry replied "Pippin, Frodo and me are cousins"

"How?" Boromir asked "Isn't Frodo a Baggins, Pippin a Took and you a Brandybuck?"

Now all the fellowship, except Gandalf who already knew, were interested, even Legolas and Gimli had stopped their argument, they were all curious, and now they were hearing the conversation.

"Yes we are," Frodo explained "Merry and Pippin are first cousins, sharing a common grandfather, Adalgrim Took, also Merry's great-grandmother, Mirabella Brandybuck, is Pippin's and Merry's great-great aunt and, on Merry's father's side, Merry and Pippin are also third cousins sharing the OldTook as a great-great-grandfather".

"And, with Frodo and Pippin," Merry said "Frodo and Pippin share a common ancestor in the OldTook, who is one of Frodo's maternal great-grandfathers. This makes Frodo and uncle Paladin second-cousins; so Pippin is Frodo's second cousin, once removed"

"And with Frodo and Merry" Pippin said "Frodo and Merry share a common ancestor in Gorbadoc Brandybuck, who is Frodo's maternal grandfather. Frodo then is the first cousin of uncle Saradoc, making Frodo and Merry first cousins once removed, and Frodo is also connected to Merry on the side of Frodo's maternal grandmother, Mirabella Brandybuck nee Took. Frodo and Merry share a common ancestor in the OldTook and since Merry and I are first-cousins sharing a Took grandfather, Merry is also Frodo's second cousin once removed"

"Also," Sam added "Rosa Baggins, first cousin of Fosco, mister Frodo's Baggins grandfather, married Hildigrim Took, so mister Frodo is third cousin, once removed of mister Merry and mister Pippin".

At the end of the explanation the rest of the fellowship, except Gandalf, were confused. How can they learn it? and, what? all of them tought. Gandalf laugh and said "Trust a hobbit to say, practically, all their family tree with only one question".