Breaking Free


Chapter One: Assiduous


"Run, my child!" Kathiá's voice was shrill as she pushed at her daughter's back. She stumbled over a fallen branch, falling onto her knees and palms. She ignored the pain and looked around fiercely.

"Mother!" Kathiá's gaze shot back to the sound of the voice, spotting her daughter six feet away. "NO!" She screamed, watching as one of the attacking rogue's was holding her, knife to her throat.

"Please! Let my daughter go!" Kathiá begged, her voice hoarse. She searched the ground again, her eyes quickly darting to her fallen husband, Minilrîk, who had dried caked blood on his head. She desperately turned back to her daughter, eyes pleading. "Please," She begged, letting a shocked cry out as someone yanked her hair from behind.

"Emílynn!" Kathiá cried, her hand reaching forward as she groped open air. "Please!" She sobbed, the tears streaming down her bruised face. She swung her arms blindly, trying to hit her captor, but with no luck.

"Shut up!" The man sneered, raising his fist in the air before hitting the side of her temple. Kathiá went quiet, and fell limp in his grasp.

The man leered down at her, ripping his other hand from her tangled hair, shoving her to the ground. "Let's be done with this and take the children with us!" He called, his follower's all nodding in agreement as they continued to wreck havoc upon one of the small villages of Anfalas.

"Mother!" Emílynn screeched, struggling in the man's hold.

"Not so fast, sweetie, you're coming with us." The man laughed, heaving the young girl in his thick arms, and carried her away.

"No! Father, Mother! Help me!" Emílynn thrashed about in his iron-grip, tears pouring from her shocked blue orbs. She turned her head in the direction her mother. She let a choked sob out, a man kneeling over her mother as he thrust his hips forward, continuing to desecrate her.

She screamed for her mother and father until she fell silent, her throat raw and in pain. She gave up her struggle, and let her limbs hang limply as the man blindfolded her and shoved her in with the many other cries of the children.


Seven Years Later


I do not know how many weeks it has been. But I do know that we will soon be passing Fangorn Forest, and heading to Dunland.

That is where I am to be traded. Off to foul men who are hostile to the Rohirrim. From her small cage, she listened intently to the men conversing.

They picked up lost children here and there, but this transporters usually held the job of transporting, leaving the kidnapping and other 'fun stuff' to the main men.

"You know, a long time ago, Dwarves used to live there," Emílynn paused, cocking her head to hear better. She leaned against the cage's firm iron bars, cold to her heated skin.

"It was after the attack of that Dragon, and they fled to Dunland."
"I heard that, too. But, they didn't stay, right?"

"Yeah, they relocated to the Blue Mountains after some War that few returned from." He whispered, his voice hitching in a menacing way meant to be spooky.

The two continued to converse, telling each other stories of dwarves, elves, and orcs, and they're wars. From inside her cage, Emílynn listened, the darkness making her doze off every so often.

She woke as they carelessly wheeled the cage over a few bumps before coming to a stop, making her become alert. She was quiet, listening, waiting.

A few moments later, the pulling resumed, and it turns out that they were only fixing the furs atop her cage.

Emílynn sighed and leaned back against the bars, gently folding her hands across her lap. There was nothing much she could do but eavesdrop and sleep. It was rare that she was allowed to see the sunlight, but even more rare where she was allowed a day to herself. She longed for those days, but recently Tuledái, the Boss of the whole organization, was being more harsh.

He wasn't as reasonable as he used to be five or six years ago.

'Maybe because I'm growing up.' Emílynn mused in her thoughts, her lips parted. Her tongue darted out to moisten her dry cracked lips, and started biting her lower lip. Sure, as the years passed, he had become more unforgiving and more angered and easily annoyed with her, but she hadn't thought much of it. (Other than him being a bastard.)

They small cart that pulled her cage along went over a rather large rocks, making her head bang onto the iron bars. She hissed quietly, reaching back to ease the pain away.

A few loud bangs came from the outside, the fur muffling the noise a tad. "Hey! You okay in there!" She heard one of the guys ask in a hurried yell.

Biting her lip, she sucked in some air, before answering. "I am fine..." She replied, swallowing the lump down her throat as she tensed.

"Good." She never heard them speak for quiet a while, which she was fine with. She hated conversing with the transporters, actually she hated talking to basically anyone.

After all, there were very few people she actually trusted. It was none of the men that worked it, but some of the children and older girls that were close to her age.

Her ties would always get cut off from them, if they were sold away, or even slaughtered for attempted escape. It hurt her, pained her, seeing those she cared about die or get carried away to a new 'Master'.

It carved a deep wound in her heart even more when those she trusted also began to sell her out, or worse, try to kill her. It was usually the older girls. Think of it as a competition. The winners get free days; If they killed or even badly wounded another, they would always get three or four days of freedom.

But then they were put back behind the bars, and sold off to some sick perverted man. Not all of them were sick and perverted, some were nice, but that was rare.

It was usually the 'dirty' men that heard of this 'business' from others.

About an hour had passed, before they started to set camp for the night. Of course, Emílynn had to stay in her neat little cage. At least it was warm, with all the furs and stuff.

A good thirty minutes passed before they moved part of the furs away from the door, in order to open it.

Emílynn tensed, her eyes intently trained on the man. He looked young, maybe only a few years older than she. He unlocked the cage, swinging the door open. The wind flew into her cage, fresh and cool against her warm skin.

He handed her a bowl without saying anything, although he had a small smile on his face. Emílynn tensed further at that, squishing herself against the bars to be as far as him as possible.

"Here. You're hungry, right? I'm not gonna hurt you." He said, waving the bowl at her. The soup inside sloshed, splashing from the sides. She knew he had an accent, but couldn't tell what it was. Maybe he was from far north.

"You can trust me."

Emílynn resisted the urge to start laughing. She reached for the bowl, snatching it away from his hands. He did nothing, but smile sadly.

The struck a nerve within her, and she frowned at him. "Don't feel sorry for me." She advised strongly, taking the spoon in her hand to push around the broth, her eyes still intently watching his every move.

He stared at her a moment more, Emílynn having a hard time seeing his emotions, and he gave a simple nod before he turned away from her cage, closing and locking it again. She was surprised that he let the fur stay open, allowing her fresh air for the time being.

Emílynn finished her soup, and slowly moved herself close to the door of her cage. Her breath hitched as she peaked up at the stars. Many, many stars littered the sky, all twinkling and sparkling around the big pale moon.

The cold bit at her skin but that didn't stop her from making herself comfortable against the corner by the door. She curled herself under one of the furs, her head tilted so she could still see the outside World.

For awhile longer, she watched the tree's sway in the wind, and the stars burn bright in the sky. She watched the fire flicker as her eyes soon became heavy.


Emílynn didn't even realize she had fallen asleep, tell she heard a loud cry. Her eyes snapped open as she flung herself back, suddenly feeling exposed. Her limbs got tangled with the fur, making her fall onto her back, smacking her head right against the hard metal off her cage.

She opened her eyes, vision blurry as her head spun. Once she could focus again, her eyes frantically searched the area.

The men were at battle. While she was asleep, the others must have caught up in the middle of the night, joining the other two.

Emílynn strained her eyes, it wasn't just men, but also Elves. She cringed when she heard cries and screams, blood and limbs flying everywhere, swords and arrows cutting through the wind.

Not even ten minutes later, the battle was over and done with. Bodies littered the field, blood stains covered the grass and trees, the fire crackled brightly as bodies were thrown into it. A horrid stench began to fill the air of burning flesh, twisting in with the metallic scent of blood.

Emílynn shuddered, frightened. She froze when one of the elves came up to her cage, inspecting it.

Another one ran up, the key in his hand. She frowned once they started talking in their language, sneaking glances at her every few seconds. The first one nodded, and took the key from the second, gracefully undoing the lock.

He held his hand out in offering, although he did not have a smile. His lips were pursed, and he looked rather annoyed by the whole ordeal. The elf curled his fingers, beckoning her forward.

Emílynn's thoughts raced but she couldn't put a single thought together as to why she slowly reached for the offered hand, grasping it tightly in hers.


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