Breaking Free


Chapter Three: Contingency


It may have taken awhile, but Galadriel and Emílynn had made it safely to Rivendell. Elrond and his daughter Arwen (who happened to be Galadriel's granddaughter), gave them a warm welcome.

"You are early, but still welcome, Galadriel." Elrond bowed his head, a small smile on his face as he gestured for his mother-in-law to follow him up the small flight of stairs and across a small walkway.

Arwen smiled quite shyly, ducking her head down at Galadriel as she hurried off after her father.

"And who is this?" Emílynn froze, before turning to look at the ruler of Rivendell. She bowed respectively, her hands neatly folded behind her back.

"This is Emílynn Arandür." Galadriel introduced her, running her fingers through the human's hair.

"Is she yours?" Elrond raised an eyebrow, a small smirk on his face.

Emílynn flushed as Galadriel's soft laugh flooded her ears, as she settled for shaking her head.

"Not exactly, but Celeborn had saved her from a group of Men who sold children into slavery." She pursed her lips, falling into step beside the Lord of Rivendell.

"Ah, I am Elrond, and this is my daughter Arwen." Elrond turned, nodding his head at Emílynn. Emílynn only nodded, giving another polite bow as she hurried after Galadriel.


"Uhm, may I ask what you are early for, My Lady?" Emílynn asked, blinking in minor confusion as she followed Galadriel to her room.

Galadriel laughed warmly again, with that sweet caring smile she always had on, "A council meeting, young one. I have been summoned along with Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, and Lord Elrond of Rivendell."

Emílynn's enticing blue orbs shined with wonder. "Wizards?" She had heard of Gandalf the Grey few times from Galadriel, and she has read a thing or two about wizards. She knows that her Lady trusts him, so he must he a good man. That she could be sure of.

"Is something wrong?" Emílynn asked quietly, opening the door for Galadriel. The room was very nice and had large open balcony, with a fantastic view of Rivendell in all it's beauty.

Galadriel's eyes closed briefly, before she sat in a soft cushioned chair just outside the balcony. "Nothing yet." She whispered, her eyes cast to the outside world.

Emílynn nodded slowly. "I shall be on my way." She bowed and turned on her heel, making her way to her own room.

The sun had vanished to welcome the moon, which shone bright in the sky as it does everyday.

Emílynn watched the peaceful midsummer air rustle the trees, allowing the rushing water of the waterfalls lull her to sleep.


It had been a day since Galadriel and Emílynn had arrived to Rivendell. And nearly an hour since Elrond had left with others. Word had reached about orcs lurking near Rivendell, so he and a group had went to take care of them.

Emílynn was shocked in the least, never having seen an Orc before, only hearing stories about them. So, as curious as she was, she had only started talking to Lindir about the whole ordeal.

They had first started talking about orcs, then it had drifted to music and hair, then somehow about weaponry.

Sure, Emílynn knew how to 'work' a sword, because part of her daily lessons with Celeborn was training. He had taught her how to defend and protect herself, and if needed; Galadriel. Which she was thankful for. (Although she already knew her Lady was a skilled and trained warrior.)

From the beautiful outdoors, an Elf hurried over, whispering something into Lindir's ear, before giving a small bow and turning away.

"Ahh, it appears he is here." Lindir smiled, bowing his head at Emílynn. "I must excuse myself, my lady." He said before taking off towards a flight of stairs.

Emílynn nodded, about to turn away before she saw him step down the stairs, heading to where two guards were located. Out of curiousity, she took a few steps closer so she could peak from the small gazebo area.

Her eyes widened, seeing many short men she recognized as Dwarves, all standing looking rather cautious. Her fingers gripped the rail, spotting the one known as Gandalf. Also noticing that there was another who did not belong to dwarves, but maybe Hobbits?

She barely heard the Grey Wizard lightly conversing with Lindir as she intended to further study the strange race, thinking it was slightly cute how they were so small but strangely handsome in their own (brutish) way.

Feeling a sharp gaze on her, her eyes immediately darted to the one staring curiously at her. Startled, she blinked at the fair-haired dwarf, before nearly jumping out of her skin when a horn blared, signaling that Elrond had returned with his hunting party.

Emílynn hastily turned away, feeling as if she was intruding on the new arrivals and instead she quickly returned to her room, ready to settle down for the evening.


Emílynn hadn't even realized she had fallen into a dark sleep, until she heard a soft voice gently lull her from sleep.

She groaned quietly and opened her eyes, staring up at Galadriel. She shot out of her bed, shocked.

"What time is it? Did I miss anything? I'm sorry!" She apologized hastily, bowing her head in shame.

Galadriel only smiled, smoothing out the lines on her dress that was as pale as the moon, as she sat on the edge of bed gently caressing Emílynn's soft blond locks.

"My dear," Galadriel started, her eyes searching Emílynn's face. The human woman locked eyes with Galadriel, curious.

"It is time that you leave me. I need you to be somewhere else." Galadriel whispered softly, her eyes deep with emotion.

"What?" Emílynn choked out, tensing as she stared up at Galadriel with despair. "Leave you! Leave where?" Emílynn cried out, suddenly feeling stressed.

Galadriel bit the inside of her cheek, rubbing soothing circles on Emílynn's back comfortingly. "It would only be for a little while, and then you shall come back to me."

"For a little while? Where am I suppose to go?" Emílynn sighed, her fingers playing with the edge of her sleeves.
"With them." Galadriel smiled, gazing longingly in the direction of the door. "You need to play your part in there story. You must help them with their task."

"Who? Which task?" Emílynn felt awkward for asking so many questions, but she needed answers. She was not about to leave Galadriel to follow some mysterious people she didn't even know or trust.

"Thorin Oakenshield, and his company. Along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey." Galadriel eased Emílynn up, her hand on her pale cheek. "They are going on a dangerous journey, and I have asked Gandalf to look out for you. To keep you safe, so you may return to me one day." She could barely keep the small frown from appearing as Emílynn stared up at her with watery eyes.

"Do you promise?" Emílynn's voice was barely above a whisper, as she turned her teary gaze to the open balcony to stare at the rising sun, surrounding by glittering stars that were still visible in the sky.

"I do, I promise." Galadriel replied, standing from the bed. She let Emílynn quickly pack her things, and follow her out the door.

Not even a couple minutes later, they were met by Gandalf the Grey.

"Mithrandir," Galadriel smiled in greeting, her hand still held tightly onto Emílynn's shoulder with gentle care. The wizard smiled back, also nodding his head at the human.

Emílynn bowed in turn, awkwardly wandering what she should do or say.

"You must take her with you when you depart." Galadriel nodded, again looking off in the direction that the dwarves were preparing to leave in.

"The Misty Mountains are dangerous, and I would like her to be with you, at all times if possible." She murmured with a glazed expression. Her eyes met his, and he nodded. "Thank you, Mithrandir." Galadriel whispered, before turning to face Emílynn.

"Goodbye, Emílynn Arandür. I will see you again." Galadriel laughed softly, cupping the woman's face before gently placing a small kiss on her pale forehead.

"You are in good hands, for fate is with you."


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