I quickly sit at the vanity table my mother got me for Christmas, along with the new makeup, most likely the best part of Christmas aside from the iPad I didn't ask for but was so pleased to get. I put a bit of blush on, a small touch of lipstick, and a light eyeliner so I look better than usual. Wouldn't want to disappoint on the first day of high school.

"Crystal? Can you hurry up? You're going to miss the bus!" my mother calls from downstairs.

"In a minute mom!" I yell, spraying on my perfume, taking one last look at my hair, and once I declare it good I run downstairs. I plop myself down at the dining table, scooping up a bite of cereal, taking a shot of milk, and run out the door.

"Honey! I love... you." she says realizing I'm already gone.

Once I get to the bus stop I check through my schoolbag, making sure I have my essentials, iPhone, iPad, lipgloss, gym clothes, oh and school books, of course...

Eventually the bus comes. I step up the stairs, and say a quick hi to the bus driver.

"Just sit down." he says.

"Okay." I say proceeding to my seat.

I sit down in the first seat I find, hoping that the bus driver with ashen black hair doesn't decide to write me up. I was once written up for asking my bus driver to get off at an earlier stop to walk, since I was the only one to live in that neighborhood, and he has to go around the back way to drop off more kids, the circle back around – it's a long story, but really it would've been convenient for the both of us. Anyway this is my first year at this school. I'm a junior, the stupid county redistricted me, along with a few other people including my friend Jessica. It's the first day of the school year, and also the first day at this school. Hopefully the people already here will like me.

After awhile another guy gets on and sits next to me because the bus is crowded. He looks nice, he has blond hair, cut short and spiked up.

"Hey, sorry for-"

"Oh it's fine. Not many seats and here's Crystal sitting here without anyone..." I say.

"You're hot." Oh god no.

"Well thanks, you're cool yourself, but I'm kind of getting used to this school I'm not ready for a boyfriend here... too complicated on my first day." I quickly spit out.

"Ooh, so have you had-"

"Ahh ooh, no no no!" I stammer, "I'm sorry but no thanks, but seriously, if you want a girl like that try Alissa Van Choison. She's a senior coming here. I know she sounds like a nerd but once you hear about her reputation you'll easily forget about her name."

"Already been with her. Times were fun."

"Sooo didn't need to know that." I say turning to the window, praying this guy doesn't talk again.

He doesn't and when we arrive at school I wait for awhile until he's off the bus to get up. Once I get inside I get to my locker, and I put in the combination found on my little paper, and put in my books and locker decorations, and make sure to put my lipgloss in my bag. New school. Perfect.

At lunch I sit next to my friend Jessica. She's going on when they turn the tv on in the cafeteria to turn on the news. The principal gets on a megaphone.

"Do not be alarmed students. There have been reports of Sunnydale being mysteriously empty and due to our close proximity to Sunnydale we have been told to keep a good eye on the news by police." he says.

"That's weird?" says Jessica turning around once the Cafeteria gets loud again.

I'm just putting a chicken nugget into my mouth when I feel a strange sensation that knocks me off my chair and to the ground. I feel weird.

"Are you okay?" Jessica asks.

"Yeah, fine." I say getting back into my chair, but I feel like I didn't have to use a muscle to get up. I didn't just lose my balance... that was just weird.

"Are you getting anything from Holister?" I ask.

"No." she says.

"Well why are you going?"

"All those pictures of shirtless guys... oh my god... I wish I could live there." says Jessica.

"Oh my god, you need a boyfriend."

"I do don't I?"

"Badly. Badder than Cecelia when she carried her books in a Holister Ba-" but a sight on the tv changes my expression. I stand up.

The rest of Cafeteria joins me to catch a glimpse of the tv.

The overhead sky-team on Sunnydale are showing us live footage. The whole town is collapsing into a sinkhole that started from the school, and a bus is going faster than a lightning bolt trying to get away. Half of us don't know whether this bus is full of good people or people who started this, however this could've been done. Everyone in the cafeteria screams except for me, because I'm too shocked by the fact I fell down ten minutes before this happened. Sky-team 12 focuses in on a few girls looking at the wreckage as the sign goes down, and suddenly a red-head lifts her hand up, her hand looks like it has fire in it, and she throws the fire up, and they are engulfed by a the fire when it fades they're gone.

"So fake." someone says.

"I bet that was just a joke by the reporters." another says.

"So real." I mutter under my breath.

That's when I go to histroy. A young guy with brown hair is sitting at the desk.

"I'm Mr. Harris kids and I'm teaching...?"

"History?" everyone says.

"Ooh! That sounds boring." he says pointing to China on the map that is on the chalkboard. "What's this?"

"A country!" someone yells.

"China?" someone else screams.

"It's a map! Seriously? Do you have any idea what this is?" he says pointing to chalk.

"Who are you?" I ask astounded by how not teacherish he sounds.

"I'm Alexander Lavelle Harris? You?"