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Bad day. Just bad.

Now I'm on the run from one of the only people I could trust.

I thought Jessica's death was the worst to get over... but at least she just left. She didn't turn into this.

"Jeez!" yells Xander, dodging a fireball as we open the doors to the next hallway.

"Keep going!" I yell, ducking from another one. I take a look behind me. Dracula is standing just where he was, admiring Nicole running after us.

"I don't know if I can!" he screams.

"Keep trying then!" I yell. I grab my stake from my pocket, and throw it behind me, hoping to slow her down, but it stops right as it's about to hit her in the face when she literally sticks her hand up. She motions throwing something to me and the stake comes flinging at me. Right at the back of my knee.

I collapse, grasping my knee, trying to see how much pain I'm in.

"Crystal!" he yells, and he takes the stake, rips it out, picks me up, and runs with me in his arms.

"Sorry..." I whisper. My knee is in so much pain I can barely speak. For someone who could barely run he sure is going now.

After what feels like an hour he finally stops at the door to outside the school, and sets me down gently. He rubs something in his hands, it's circular, and has weird little symbols on it. He tosses it toward Nicole, and it explodes, and I see me and Xander running down another hallway.

"There, it projects smell, sound, sight, and if she bites us, taste. It won't be long before she figures out it isn't us! We HAVE TO GO!" He yells.

"I think I can walk." I say getting up. My leg feels better, either that or adrenaline is really taking the sting away. I run out the door and make a mad dash for Xander's house with him behind.

"Thinks she can walk?" he asks himself, trying to catch up with me.

Once we get there I check around inside.

"Does Nicole know we're here?" he asks, as I check the drawers of his desk. Luckily he hasn't got the lock replaced from when I broke it last time.

"No, she doesn't even know where I live. Even if she did she can't get in here. Invitational problems, the usual." he jokes, but he doesn't even laugh.

"Is there any known vampire cures, or vampires cured in history?

"There was a few but most aren't true. One that seemed true but was never tested, at least not in the last two centuries. A Mohra demon's blood. Apparently it cured the victim completely."

"Well where do we find a Mohra demon. Doesn't matter how many cures are out there, if we can't find one we're screwed." I say, rummaging through his desk once again.

"Maybe a summoning spell! We could summon up a Mohra!" yells Xander clapping his hand, "Yeah!"

"Again, not to rain on your parade but how exactly are we going to raise a Mohra demon. The only spell we successfully followed through on was re-ensouling Ellie and that's because we had someone else doing it. What makes you think we can pull this off?" I say colder than I meant it to.

"Here's a book I kept just in case!" he says walking to his nightstand and grabbing out a pink book with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.

"What, is it how to summon up Hello Kitty from the depths of a Rainbow Hell or something?"

"No, it's just that my drawer that is usually locked but since I didn't have space for it I put a book jacket on it and some stickers so no one would touch it. You know... if I had teacher friends at school."

"Oh, well can you find this Mohra summoner spell?" I ask, stepping beside him, eager watching him flip through the pages. Then when I see a picture labed Mohra, I jump for joy, then see the "ingredients," list and my smile turns into a frown.

"Well, let's say we get all these items, what do we do with the Mohra?"

"We slice it until it bleeds, collect as much blood as we can from it, then slice the jewel in his head and watch him die, then get Nicole and Dracula, slit their wrists, and put in a few droplets. It's sort of like how vampires sire humans, except opposite."

"And totally different. Look, I'm worried about Nicole. I bet she could kill me," I admit shyly, "And if she does... nothing will stop her from making Dracula's army... he'll take this town and with his Slayer army he'll be unstoppable."

"Shh..." he says, putting his hands on my arms, "You'll be alright, I trust you. You're on the best Slayers I've known, and I've only known four... there's Buffy, who's nice. Kendra, who was nice before she got killed, and Faith, who was nice before she took my virginity then almost raped me, then there's... then there's you – well actually like the ones that lived with us before the spell, but you know what I mean, then you."

"You suck at pep talks, but thanks. Oh and you need to tell me about Faith. Who was she?" I ask, taking a seat on his desk and he sits on his bed.

"Don't we have to get the ingredients?"

"Here, in the morning we'll go to a magic shop. At night we're sitting ducks. Now tell me." I scream at me.

"Okay, well let's just say it was a weird night, which started when the gang didn't want me helping them with an apocalypse. Basically I pretty much went to the Bronze all upset, and then get a knife pulled on me by Jack, this creepy guy. He makes me "Wheel Man," since I have a car. Then he goes to a graveyard and raises his friends as zombies, then tells me we're going to go bake a cake and get supplies, so I drive them and realize they're actually getting supplies to make a bomb, and then they suggest killing me and making me into one of them. I manage to get away in my car and see Faith who's fighting a demon and I save her, and then I drive her to her place, and we run inside. She then starts playing around with my shirt and... well..."

"You go right into bed with her?" I laugh.

"Yeah, and then she pretty much pushes me out naked, hands me my clothes and tells me she has to shower. So I quickly redress behind a bush and go to Sunnydale High to diffuse the bomb. Then I find out Jack too is a zombie, big shocker, and after heartfelt talks, he diffuses the bomb with about a second left. Then right as he is about to leave Oz, who's a werewolf attacks him... and ate him."

"So your first time was just a commercial to Xander and Friends: Xander Saves the School? Wow."

"Have you ever?" he asks.

"No... not really. Though that's of my own choice. I've had tons of boyfriends, though most just wanted my body out it. One boyfriend of mine actually loved me. Nicholas. Nick... was very nice to me... then he moved and I never saw him again. We used to text all the time, but then I got a new phone and texted him, and he answered and we chatted for about a month... but then it stopped... I think he dropped his phone and he didn't memorize my new number... so we never really spoke again. We broke up before he left."

"Well at least your love life went better than mine. Mine consisted of rejection, someone I hated, someone who loved me all along who I madeout with while dating said hated person. Then I met this ex-demon and then weddings went wrong... then she died. It's been a hard love life for me." he says.

"Well, cheers to being forever alone." I say.

"Ditto." he replies.

"Let's just wait until it's daytime and then we'll get the supplies." Xander proposes.

"Sounds like a plain." I agree...

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