Hey everone this is just a note thanking everyone for enjoying the story you rock! :D

Also, I have made a prequel to this stoery, incase some of you missed it.

Young Justice:Under the Red Hood, to get you guys pumped up for the sequel! Where we'll see the return of an old enemy of Nightwing's, some Chalantness, and a whole lot of epicness lol.

In Under The Red Hood, we'll get to see how exactly the new recruits met Jason, and his feelings when he fisrt found out about Dick's plan.

Its in my channel, so don't miss it!

Also, after I do this series, you think I should do a Young Justice Next Gen? comment your thoughts on the sequel, prequel, and whether you'd be interested in any of these, plus a next gen.

please review or pm, your response and once again, thank you and have a nice day.