The hunger continues. Random drabbles about hunger games.

6 months after Katniss and Peeta won the hunger games; Peeta is starts having trauma over the experience. But after a few weeks, it seems to be contagious, as Haymitch is also having trouble. Katniss who is stuck in the middle starts to get worried, and notices little things that may be causing the traumatic nightmares. Peace keepers have been travelling to the district 13, and are locking up protestors. Katniss also discovers that shipments of supplies have been directed to the very same district. Days later president Snow declares in emergency that the people of the Capitol must move to the district of 13. Of course, lots of the citizens are reluctant to leave, but the president makes it clear that this is an emergency evacuation. Effective immediately. This of course isn't helping Peeta and Haymitch. In fact it seems to be worsening their condition. Katniss investigates and breaks into the house of president snow. There, she confronts him, and orders him to tell her what is happening. He describes it as a "virus". Not of the medical kind. Katniss isn't convinced that she has enough information to understand. So once she gets back to her home district, she sets out again on foot (since the trains have stopped), to the Capitol. But her own friend, Gale, is not letting her go alone. Since Peeta is unable, same with Haymitch, it seems she has no choice.

As they travel around the districts, they notice scattered crowds of peacekeepers and people of the Capitol ravaging at the local recourses. The original district people think they are helping them for letting them stay in their homes, but it seems that they have a different look in the eyes.

In district 11, the fruit and vegetables are all plucked from the ground and stored in crates. In district 10, whatever live stock is there, a large percentage is butchered, and the other percentage, fattened up.

In district 9, the grain has been harvested and dried, and the textiles in district 8 are ready to ship.

Anything else available from the other districts is also packaged, shipped and transported/sent to district 13. Perhaps a recovery plan? But as Katniss and gale near the capitol, it seems more likely that they are not creating a city, or trying to recover one- neither do the people lend a hand. Paths of the virus trail viciously the closer they get to their goal location. Villages, factories, forests slashed and vandalized. City and town in ruins. Screams the only sound, not even the birds' make a sound. Fires and protests outbreaks, and shortages or electricity and water. The capitol itself is practically buried. Scurries of large pack animals howl in the streets and rule over the abandoned arenas. When Katniss and gale finally find the control center, they discover that the "virus" is actually a fritz in the hunger games computer. And uncontrollable amount of monsters and muttations are unleashed, and seems that there is no way to stop it. Unless somewhere in the history books there is a glimpse of the past, a past where such a thing may have been reversed. But all the books and manuscripts have been shipped to the other corner of Panem. Unless, they can find a source or power strong enough to overrule the virus, they can't stop the muttations from taking over Panem, but not only Panem, but everything-everyone.

All of everything they have learnt has been thrown out the window. Even the most trained struggle as wave after wave of fury is unleashed upon them. But is there something president snow is hiding? While gale is looking for clues, he finds a bolted door in his office. What is behind the door? Can it help them? Or could it make things worse? Only one way to find out…