Title: Guess Who?

Author: SergeantGullible12

Rating: M for mentions of murder

Characters/Pairings: The entire Glee Club.

Word Count: 369

Summary: They all share animosity for each other. They all have secrets. They all have something to hide. But which two have just had enough?

Warnings/Spoilers: Implications of murder

Disclaimer: I am by no means associated with Glee, Fox, Ryan Murphy or anything from the Glee world.


"He is such a jerk!" she thought angrily as she stormed down the corridors.

"Hello," she heard a familiar voice say, "I'm sick and tired of your attitude. I guess you have to go."

The girl ran down the deserted high school corridor, cool air harsh on her sore throat. Tears silently fell from her eyes as she ran away from the danger. But she didn't know that there were two of them.

She reached an empty classroom and rushed in, locking the door and barricading it with the closest chair. She thought that would keep the danger from her when actually she had locked herself in with it.

The girl was too busy trying to catch her breath, gasping and shaking with fear, that she didn't see the killer raise their axe.

No one heard her shrill screech or the sound of her limp corpse being dragged into the supply closet.


"It was a big shock to the high school when a faculty member found the body of seventeen year old Rachel Berry in a classroom's supply closet, dead with a large gash in her back. The police have taken DNA tests on her clothes and the classroom but so far they have been unsuccessful. We ask that you call the Lima Police if you suspect anything."

The television was switched off and Mr Schuester turned to his class who all looked shocked or mournful.

"I know that we are all very upset about Rachel's sudden murder but that can't stop us from moving forward. It's what she would've wanted. This week's lesson will be-"

He was interrupted by the sound of the xylophone over the PA.

"Attention staff and students that are still here this afternoon. The suspects that killed Rachel Berry have been proved to be students here at McKinley and are currently in the building. You are not permitted to leave the school until they are found and removed. Teachers please keep your students calm. That is all," Principal Figgins announced in a small voice.

Everybody sat in scared silence.

"But not everybody is here yet," Mike began, "Tina is getting a coffee-"and then they heard a loud scream from the direction of the cafeteria.

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