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After they had took Brittany and Puck to the choir room Mercedes and Santana continued searching. Santana had managed to calm down but Mercedes could still hear a sniffle every now and then.

It must be terrible losing someone you love so dearly.

Mercedes remembered how Mike sobbed into Tina's corpse and how Finn looked sick when he came into school after he had found out about Rachel.

They walked into the library to be met by Mike's body at the entrance. There was tracks of blood coming from a section of the library that ended at the corpse. Obviously the murderer/s had dragged him here.

Santana stared at Mike and then picked him up. She looked at Mercedes, motioning to Mike.

That's weird, Mercedes thought, Santana doesn't even look sad. Maybe she's just tired from crying about Brittany.

Yeah, that's it.

So Santana and Mercedes took Mike to the choir room and put him down next to Tina's corpse.

The pile was getting pretty big, the stench of death filling the room. Some corpses were unsettling to look at, like Artie with his broken neck and Mr Schue with his cut open chest. Others were better, like Puck and Sam, who's injuries hadn't been that physical.

They both walked out of the room when they saw Kurt and Blaine walking down to the choir room.

"Kurt!" Mercedes cried and ran to hug her friend, "You're alive."

"Who's died?" Kurt asked as he pulled back from Mercedes, whipping the corner of his eye with his sleeve.

"Mike, Artie, Mr Schuester, Puck, Brittany, Sam and Finn," Mercedes reeled off sadly and Kurt gasped at Finn.

"I-I can't believe it," he whispered and took Blaine's hand.

"Maybe we should change partners. Kurt, you can go with Mercedes and I'll go with Santana," Blaine said, "That way we would know the places no one has searched."

"But where's Quinn?" Mercedes asked, realizing that they weren't the only one's left.

"Oh she probably ran off," Kurt said, "I think she had a plane to catch."

"Yeah," Santana said and went over to Blaine, "Let's get going. Bye Mercedes, Kurt."

Kurt kissed Blaine's cheek swiftly and clenched his hand before linking his arm with Mercedes.


Kurt and Mercedes walked out of Figgin's office. The principal had seemingly left the school, along with the rest of the staff.

They were just about to pass the front door when Kurt halted.

"Mercedes, you should go," he said and looked at his friend, "I don't want you to die."

"But I don't want you killed too!" Mercedes stated.

"I'll leave too. I just need to get Blaine and Santana. You should get away now. I promise I'll be safe," Kurt reasoned, "Anyway, I know self-defence and so do the others. We'll be fine, okay?"

"You better live," Mercedes said and hugged him tightly, "Love you."

"Love you too. Bye," Kurt said and waved her goodbye as she opened the door and was free.


Santana and Blaine were searching the Spanish classroom.

"Hey, maybe we should go back to the choir room, Santana. Wait it out," Blaine suggested and Santana smirked darkly.

"You're just being a pussy," Santana said and rolled her eyes, "But I guess we should. This silence is giving me the creeps."

So they walked down the hallway to the choir room, Santana leading the walk.

She stopped her pace when she was in front of the shut door.

"Okay, we definitely did not close that," she pointed at the door and turned to Blaine, "Someone else has."

"Well, they wouldn't be in here. There are only the dead in there," Blaine pointed out.

Santana shook her head and turned back to the door. Taking a deep breath she turned the handle and stepped inside.

Santana's head started to pound and her palms went slick with sweat. A sudden sweep of nausea flew through her body and her throat went dry.

She stared at the sight, "It's you."

For the sight Santana was looking at was Kurt Hummel lounging on top of the piled up bodies, a bloodied knife twirling around in his hand.

Kurt smiled up at her, "You mean us."

And that was when Blaine walked from behind Santana and took a seat next to Kurt on the corpses, nodding.

"But-but why?" Santana whispered with horror.

"It's easy to see, really. I'm surprised someone didn't figure it out. But they picked more obvious people as suspects, like you and Puck. No one would expect us," Blaine said.

"You all managed to make my life shit. Every time one of you whispered "I wish he would just die" I remembered. Ever wish upon my death was remembered. Every wish upon my death was taken personally. I knew that no one would care if I died. So I remembered every wish. Every person who ever wished me unwell is lying beneath me," Kurt said.

"Kurt was so upset and depressed that I promised we'd give people their wishes, but in reverse," Blaine stated.

"When I fought for Defying Gravity Rachel mumbled it. Tina whispered it during costume making when I made a particularly difficult design. Sam grumbled it when I wouldn't let him cheat on me in Math. I heard Finn saying it after I redecorated our old bedroom. Artie muttered it when I asked him about my role in West Side Story more than once. Mr Schuester didn't say it as such but he kept prejudicing me and never stopped Karofsky from harming me. Brittany whispered it to you, Santana, when I refused to put up those offensive posters. Puck grunted it every day after he threw me in the dumpster. Quinn sneered that sentence after I HAD BEEN CROWNED PROM QUEEN!" Kurt informed her and started yelling at the end. Santana could see flames in his eyes and he looked manic, waving the knife around so splashes of red sunk into his shirt.

He had snapped.

"Mike hadn't said anything but we had to get him so we didn't look suspicious. We forced Quinn to do a littleā€¦ errand and then to forget about it. We let Mercedes leave because she was the only one that stood by Kurt through it all and cared," Blaine said, pulling a gun out of his pocket.

"And then that leaves you, Santana Lopez," Kurt said and stood up off the bodies. Santana was frozen to the spot, shaking her head, whispering "No, no, please no, no." repeatedly.

"You not only wished me ill will. You constantly made pathetic little jokes about me and Blaine. DO YOU THINK I ENJOYED BEING CALLED LADY HUMMEL?" Kurt yelled and Santana whimpered.

"So you will go like the rest of them. Goodbye Santana," Blaine said and grinned, pulling the trigger on his gun, shooting the girl right in the chest.

When her body fell to the ground, announcing her death Kurt knelt down next to her. He swiped some blood onto his fingers and proceeded to the whiteboard, adding to the previous message.

"It's such a shame for us to part."

Then the couple left the room, linking hands.

Getting away from their past demons. Going far, far away from Lima.

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