Sailor Moon: A Call to Arms

Part Two: Lines In the Sand

Chapter One

A Time and a Season

"Damn it," one of the med techs cried. Admiral Dah'lha cya Cagerino slowly sat back down in her chair while Emperor Klavish shook his head and exited the bridge, followed by Warlord Vlarokh. The med tech looked over at Jihanna Melvi and shook his head. "He's too far from the transport site to get him out."

Jihanna looked with eager eyes at the display on the battle bridge of the Goddess Sword. The vitals for Jorvist had spiked and started falling. A killing blow. Let him suffer. "He's already ran away once. That should've invalidated further participation, but now he pays for his crimes." The vitals ebbed away and suddenly cut off.

"That can't be. How is he in two... oh Goddess..."

Heggith Cloik's jaw dropped. "That's... barbaric..."

Jihanna smiled. "It's better than he deserved." A satellite image showed a blurry image. The blurred body of Jorvist was missing a blurred spot where a head should have been. "He isn't suffering any more." She looked over at the neutral expression on Telleschya nel Ikyuri. "We'll get him back."

"He is dead to me," she replied evenly. "He is dead to us all. After everything I did for him..."

You always were a horrible liar. "Regardless, there are already too few Aschothiylis left. We owe it to their race as a whole to take him alive."

"Just..." she shook her head as she retied her long dark hair in a ponytail. "Don't let it make you fail. Although he bailed on his end of the deal, I'm still Godmother to your firstborn. And in order to have a firstborn..."

"We will strike before he can recover enough to come to their aid. Our target is Sailor Moon. We will draw her and her allies out and finish them off. They will not stand long against our teamwork." She winked at Heggith, who merely nodded back at her, still put off by her satisfaction of Jorvist's grim demise.

"It is now up to us," he said softly.

Jihanna took Heggith's hand in hers. "Come with me. Hurry!"

Heggith followed as she quickly lead him through the loud, metallic corridors of the Goddess Sword. "Where are we going?"

"Jorvist never reclaimed Igrosh's body. They will call upon us, and very soon."

"Then what is the hurry?"

"This is something I've wanted for a very long time."

They hurried the rest of the way in silence, finishing their journey at the entrance to her room. "Come inside," she said as she entered her password, opening the thick metal door. Heggith obediently followed her as the door shut and audibly latched itself behind him. "I won't be but a moment."

Jihanna scurried into the bathroom and shut the door. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was average height for a Cardheyan, which meant she was short by Klijargan standards, which were eerily similar to Earth and Aschothiyl. Twenty-four of what they called hours, and slightly more than three hundred and sixty-five days for the planet to orbit the sun. All three planets even had a forty-five degree tilt for seasons. But that had nothing to do with nothing!

She unzipped her red blazer and tossed it to the floor. Her red slacks put up a bit more resistance as she forgot to take off her boots first. Her undergarments followed suit. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she hated the idea of rushing into things, but she had waited over two years. By officially adopting Klijargan customs in addition to the faith when she joined the military, she had subjected herself to the laws and standards of Klijargan marriage. A marriage was only an engagement until a child was born. And in addition to that snare, she and Heggith had abstained due to the war with Hyuito and their acceptance into the Holy Guard.

"It won't matter after tomorrow..." She looked at her body, knowing full well she would be looking at a different Jihanna Melvi when she woke up in a matter of hours to retrieve two bodies. She breathed a deep, calming breath, opened the door, and walked out.

Heggith's eyes widened as she looked at her for a moment before turning away. "J-Jihanna... what..."

She closed the distance and turned his eyes to hers. "Heggith," she whispered. "For the past four years, you have been my ally, my partner, my intended, and my best friend. But tonight..." She began unzipping his blazer with one hand and fiddling with his trousers with the other. "Tonight, I want you to be my lover."


Author's notes...

Yeah, it's short. It was supposed to be a quick little prologue. Actually, it was the epilogue way back in the day, and it was about three or four paragraphs. The next chapter's gonna be a good bit longer and the dream world starts up its stuff again.

Um... depending in the time zone, I SORTA made my deadline and didn't miss it by five minutes... Also, I am not doing prologues and epilogues. It's an thing, but I'll gladly take it any day of the year over the HTML nightmare that is deviantArt.

I should have chapters 1 and 2 up this weekend as well, hopefully...