Okay, so I'm gonna start posting some of the characters that I have recieved from various people. I'll start in D1 and work my way to D12. There are still a whole bunch of spots open, I just wanted to get started on this because I'm eager to write this out. It's gonna be interesting. If you wish to still submit a tribute, you can find the form on my profile.

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D1 Lia Kioon-15

I'm up early the morning of the reapings. Today is the day I find out if I'm going into the games. Today also happens to be the day when four girls and four guys will be chosen from each district for the games. Thats four times the number of tributes there normally are. I feel like playing a prank on my little brother, Perry. No one really understands how we are possibly siblings. He's calm, cool and collected, me, I'm the opposite of him.

Padding into his room I jump onto his bed, giggling hysterically.

"Hey, Lia, get off me" He groans, I giggle

"Come on little brother, get up" I say

"Okay, get off me you're hurting me"

"I am not"

I scramble off him and laugh at him, not really taking note of the fact that I could have hurt him. So what? It's not like it affects me.

I take a quick shower before padding back into my room. My mom's laid out a pretty blue dress that match my icy eyes perfectly. I slide it on and head downstairs to where my mom is making breakfast.

"Good morning, Lia, how was your sleep?" She asks

"It was good" I reply, sitting at the table.

You see, I'm a career, trained in the art of fighting and handling most weapons but I'm not sadistic, I don't like to kill, I just do it because it's necessary. Anyways, my mom dumps a plate full of food in front of me and I gobble it down, feeling famished.

"Slow down, you're gonna choke"

"Don't worry I won't"


When we arrive at the district square, it's packed. I check in and find my spot with the other careers my age. One of my friends, Lyric, smiles at me.

"Hey, Lia, you ready for the games?" She asks, smiling.

I nod before turning back to the man at the front. His name is Nate Carson and he has been the escort of District one for a few years now. I wait patiently as he delivers his spiel, its the same one every year, before he goes over to the reaping ball.

"As per usual, ladies first" He says, plucking out four slips of paper for the quarter quell.

My stomach drops as he unfolds the paper and says our names.

"Lia Kioon, Lyric Esmond"