okay, so here's chapter 2 which will be Lyric Esmonds POV. Please R&R thanks

D1-Lyric Esmond 15

The morning of the reaping in District 1 was like every other day in the luxury district. The sun shone and birds sang outside my window. I sat up in bed and yawned, forgetting momentarily that today, eight kids would be taken from their homes and forced to fight to the death on live tv for the capitols enjoyment. I hate the thought of all those kids dying. It disgusts me. I get out of bed and pull out the braid that I did last night after a shower. My golden blonde hair hangs in waves past my shoulders and I smile at my reflection. I will admit that I'm pretty but I'm not prettier than the other girls in my district. I train my hazel eyes on the chair beside my desk where a lovely yellow dress is lying in wait. I slip it on before heading downstairs.

"Good morning Ly. How was your sleep?" My mom, Diamond, asks.

"It was good how was yours?" I reply

"It was good."

"Thats good"

My dad comes into the kitchen and plants a kiss on my moms forhead.

"Ewww" I shriek

They giggle. I roll my eyes.

"Good morning Ly" my dad says

"Morning" I say

We all eat a good breakfast, not talking about the reapings. Three years ago, my brother was killed in the games and I think it would be cruel for my parents to lose both of their children in the games. I finish up and head to the front entrance

The square is packed by the time I arrive. i check in at the front before going over to where my best friend Lia stands. She smiles at me before we turn our attention to the man at the front. He gives his usual spiel before going over to the girls reaping ball and plucking four names out of the ball.

"Lia Kioon, Lyric Esmond"