So I decided to write something for the holiday season. It's cliché and dorky and yeah anyway I hope you like it.


Snow was falling heavily outside into a white winter wonderland that stretched for miles all around the bare wilderness. Through the trees and over snow banks there is a log cabin with a beautifully lit tree within it, the heavenly glow illuminating the snow outside into a sparkling powder. In the cabin were two figures sitting side by side near the warm fire. The fire casting shadows over their peaceful faces.

Ever since their, now long, friendship began Ivan and Mathias would always spend Christmas together. From bumbling children, awkward teenagers, and then finally into full grown adults, no matter what, they'd always spend this wondrous time of year together. Is that not what the holiday season was about? Spending time with the ones you loved?

"Ivan" the smaller of the two whispered with a sleep filled voice.

"It's getting late, I should really get home." Mathias said tiredness dissipating a bit.

"I would not advise that Mathias, we're in the middle of no where and it is very cold outside." Ivan said matter-of-factly.

"You should stay for the night." Ivan added

"No, its okay really, I'd hate to be a bother." He'd really hate to impose on the person he considered his closest friend. He got up from his spot on the floor and headed towards the coat rack to collect his things when his arm was grabbed. Mathias' face flushed with warmth when he was pulled into a broad chest.

"Really I insist." Ivan said earnestly. Mathias pulled out of Ivans' grip and turned around to face him.

"Why are you being so persistent about this?" Mathias inquired, quirking his head to the side.

"Look outside at that storm, it's simply atrocious. The snow is up to your knees." Ivan pointed out.

"Well yeah, but . . ." Mathias started.

"I'd hate it if you caught pneumonia and died." Ivan said in a worried tone a serious look on his face. Mathias burst out laughing.

"Stop looking so serious." Mathias gasped out between giggles.

"Look if you're so adamant on me staying the night, I will." Mathias gave him a small smile.

"Good because vozlyublennyy, eto kholodno na ulitse." Ivan smiled and placed a gentle kiss on Mathias' forehead.

"I know, Jeg elsker dig, min elskede." Mathias gave him a small smile.

"YA tozhe tebya lyublyu, Daniya, YA tozhe tebya lyublyu"


That escalated rather quickly. I wanted this to be a bit cornier but it ended up more funny. Eh. I still think it's cute.



Vozlyublennyy = Beloved

eto kholodno na ulitse = it's cold outside

YA tozhe tebya lyublyu = I love you too

Daniya = Denmark


Jeg elsker dig = I love you

min elskede = my beloved