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"Goooooooooood morning, Seaford! Today is Monday, September 1st, and it is currently 6:15 am in the morning! Even though it's September, the weather is at a high of 92 degrees, so don't pull out those coats and scarves just yet! In your general news, a woman was caught sav-" I hit my alarm clock/radio to turn it off. I got up from my bed and stretched. My name is Kim. Kim Crawford. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I am the oldest child. I have a brother and sister who are twins, and they are 10 years old. I am 16. We had just moved here to Seaford from Tennessee because our dad got a job transfer to the military base around here. Yes, I am an army brat. Well, I'm not an actual BRAT, that's just what they call the kids whose parents are in the military full time and who live near the base. I'm actually more of the responsible, friendly type, or at least that's what everyone tells me. Today is going to be my first day at my new school. Since school starts at eight, I wanted to wake up extra early to get ready.

After I finished stretching, I put my slippers on and headed downstairs. I was heading to the kitchen to get something to eat, but I somehow ended up walking into my younger siblings' room. This house is so big and I still get lost in it because we just moved in here like a week ago. Oh well, I had to wake them up for school anyways. My parents usually do, but I thought it would be nice for them to sleep in, so I told them I would drop off my brother and sister at school today.

"Emily, wake up", I said to my little sister. She rose sleepily and rubbed her eyes.

"Is it time to get up?", she asked.

"Yep, it time for school," I stated. Emily's eyes widened.

"Yay, school!" she shrieked. Emily loves going to new schools and LOVES making new friends. She was always so happy and it takes a lot to make her the tiniest bit sad. Emily always smiles and loves making people laugh. She also likes to prank people and just have fun. She gets some of that stuff from me, because I do like to have fun and play pranks(responsibly, of course), but the other stuff like pranking people(and I mean some SERIOUS pranking) comes from my brother.

"Kim, could I wake up Leo?" she asked. Leo was my younger brother and Emily's twin. They both have blonde hair and hazel eyes, like me, but Leo has freckles all over his cheeks. That is the only difference between them besides that Leo's a boy and Emily's a girl. He likes having fun, pranking people, and doing normal boy stuff (video games, hating school, skateboarding, etc.)

"Sure, I'm gonna go back to my room and take a shower." As I turned around, I heard a big thump from behind me, followed by "Emily, I'm gonna get you for knocking me off my bed!"

The next thing I saw was two blonde kids running by me into the hall, knocking me over in the process. I landed on Emily's bed, and just started too laugh while repeating to myself "they're your siblings and you love them, they're you're siblings and you love them."

I got up and walked back to my room, closing the door behind me. I took a quick shower and put on the clothes I laid out last night. There isn't a dress code at this school I'm now attending, which is kinda cool. After putting on my pink and white striped long sleeve and my black skirt, (which flows down to my knees, don't want to make a bad impression!) I put on my black uggs and headed back into the bathroom to dry my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, so after I dried it I decided to just wear it down. I went downstairs to make something to eat for myself, Emily, and Leo when I saw Leo chasing Emily all around the house.

"I'm gonna get you!" Leo screamed.

"Kim, help me!" Emily squealed while laughing. She ran toward me and hid behind my back. Leo ran straight into me and knocked me down.

"Sorry Kim!" Leo said. Emily turned around and started to run, but not fast enough. Leo caught her and they started wrestling. I got up, pulled them apart, and flipped them both.

"NOT COOL KIM!" Leo and Emily said in unison on the ground. They got up and took their stances, and grinned evilly. I smiled cockily and took mine as well. (I forgot to mention that I'm a 2nd degree black belt in karate and they are both red belts.) Anyways, we took our stances and started circling around the big living room. Leo made the first move, shouting, "Twin tornadoes attack!"

He tried to kick me, but I blocked the kick easily. Emily tried to punch me, but that didn't work out as she had planned. I didn't expect them to work together though, so when Leo tried tripping me, which I jumped to avoid, Emily kicked me in the stomach. I stumbled backward and fell onto the couch. The next thing I knew, I was being tickled by Leo and Emily.

"Stop, stop! I can't breath! Not fair, two against one! Two against one!" I tried to say in between laughing fits. I hate that they know that I'm ticklish, but they are ticklish too. I had to create a distraction. "Ow, ow, you guys just sat on my foot!"

Leo and Emily looked concerned. "Sorry Kim!" They looked at my foot to see if it was ok, and I took this opportunity to make my move. I got up really quick, knocking Leo and Emily onto the couch, and started tickling them.

"Haha! Do you guys like that? Huh?" I kept tickling them. Leo and Emily were trying to say something, but I couldn't understand them because they were laughing too hard. Once I got tired, I plopped down on the couch between them, bring them into a hug. They just laughed and hugged me back. My siblings and I have a cool relationship. Yeah, we drive each other nuts sometimes, but we usually have fun together, mostly because I actually like my siblings, unlike most teenagers, and they are actually pretty cool (don't tell them that I said that) . "Jeez, you guys can be tiring!" I said.

"I'm just awesome like that," Leo cockily smiled while nodding his head.

"Yeah, me too!" Emily said happily.

"Well, why don't you two be awesome and get dressed for school!" I said.

"Ughhh, do I have to?" Leo whined.

"Sorry buddy, but you kinda do," I said smiling while ruffling his hair.

"I don't wanna go!" Leo said.

"Well, if you do I'll pack each of you something special in your lunches," I simply stated.

I knew that would hook'em. Emily and Leo ran upstairs so fast I only saw two blonde blurs pass by. I got up from the couch and started to make breakfast. I made some omelets with spinach, turkey bacon (I think it's alright but Leo and Emily love it), and toast. I ate my omelet and drank the protein shake that I made (got stay healthy!) and I poured some orange juice into two glasses and set them on the table. After packing their lunches, I went upstairs and told Leo and Emily that breakfast was ready. When they came downstairs and started to eat, Emily asked, "Kim, could you do my hair?"

"Sure Em," I said. I asked her what type of hairstyle she wanted, and I ended up putting her hair in pigtails with one bow tied on each. She looked so cute! When they finished washing their dishes, we all grabbed our book bags and headed into my car (the car's a top of the line, hasn't been released yet red convertible...gotta love being rich sometimes!). I made sure they were both buckled in the back, and I got into the drivers seat. When I got in, I saw a note on the steering wheel.

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