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Kim's POV

There all of us stood, standing in the dojo in an awkward silence. The gang stood across from us, either annoyed glances or menacing looks on their faces. Most were directed at Jack, but some were directed at me.

Probably because he's right next to me.

Jerry was gone, probably still annoying Grace, so only Jack was next to me. He was shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot while looking around the dojo, suddenly taking an interest in our Bobby Wasabi movie posters. I was looking down at the trophy still in my hands. I subconsciously started to polish the trophy with my sleeve when I heard someone ask, "So what is HE doing here again?"

I looked up to see it was Jason who spoke. He was glaring at Jack, who was still staring at the posters. Jason folded his arms. "Grace just told us to meet her here, but she didn't say why."

I was about to speak, but just then Rudy came bursting through the doors, an annoyed Grace and smiling Jerry behind him.

"Jeez, you think Joan would have let me go with a warning!" Rudy rambled, speeding towards his office. Jack and I moved at the last second as Rudy went right in between us, almost knocking us to the floor. "You think since she knew me she would let me off," Rudy jiggled the doorknob to his office but it wouldn't budge. He grabbed a set of keys out of his pocket, "but NOOO, she said it's payback for drinking her soda!" Rudy shook his head impatiently as he went through each key, trying to find the right one. "And it wasn't even her soda!" He put a key in the hole, but seeing that it didn't work immediately took it out and went on to the next key. "She drank her soda already, then had MINE! But no, when I tried to tell her, she said I'm just saying it to 'get out of jail' Pft!" Rudy made air quotes around 'get out of jail' as he went to the next key, "so I was stuck in there this whole time! Can you believe that? Aha!" Rudy exclaimed, holding up the correct key in victory. "It was my soda damn it," he mumbled, finally opening the door, "if anyone should hold a grudge it should be me, I demand justice for my right to have a drink that can cause me to spontaneously burp." The door slammed behind Rudy as he continued to ramble on in his office. Jack turned to me, an odd expression on his face.

"Is he okay?" He jerked his thumb towards Rudy's office.

I sighed. "Surprisingly, this is normal."

"Really?" Jack asked, his voice mixed with wonder and disbelief.

"Really." Jerry came next to Jack and began to laugh.

"Dude, you sensei is FUNNY." he said, emphasizing funny. Jack and I both looked at him, and he stopped laughing immediately. "What?" he asked confused. Just then, Rudy's door opened. His head peeked out of the door, looking directly at Jack and Jerry.

"Who are you guys?" Rudy asked, just now remembering he saw a new face when he first stormed into the dojo. Jack and Jerry walked towards Rudy.

"I'm Jack and this is Je-"

"Are you guys thinking of joining?!" Rudy asked excitedly, cutting Jack off mid-sentence. You could see Rudy jumping slightly from excitement.

"Well, ye-Woah!"

Before Jack could finish his sentence, Rudy grabbed both Jack's and Jerry's arm and pulled them into his office, shutting the door behind them. After the door shut, I shook my head and turned back toward the gang. Most of them by the looks of it were still mad.

"Heeeeey guys," I said, my voice an octave higher. "How ya'll doin?"

"They want to join the dojo?!" asked Eddie.

"So I'll take that as a 'not so good'?" I asked. No one answered, so I sighed. "Yes, they want to join the dojo."

"Why would you let them?" asked Lacy.

"Why would you think of even letting them?" asked Macy.

"What if they're spies?" asked Milton.

"You knew about this too, didn't you?" Jason asked Grace. She rolled her eyes.

"Well duh! Why do you think I called all of you over here?" she asked.

The two began to bicker, and eventually the whole group joined in. I rolled my eyes as I tried to break up the group. Seeing that breaking them up physically won't do much with the bickering, I resulted with screaming.

"GUYS CUT IT OUT!" I yelled. They all froze mid-sentence and turned towards me.

Very effective Kim, very effective.

"I know what you guys are thinking, but honestly you have it all wrong," I said.

"I don't care if we have it wrong or not," Jason said, "they're Black Dragons, end of story."

"I bet Rudy won't let them in anyways," Melissa said.

"Rudy's gonna be mad when he finds out," said Kayla as she crossed her arms.

I waved my hand dismissively. "Oh please, he's not gonna be m-"

"KIIIIIIIIIIIM!" I jumped slightly as I heard Rudy yell from his office, "GET IN HERE NOW!"

I winced slightly as I looked at the gang, who had knowing smirks on their faces.

"Maybe he saw a rat?" I smiled sheepishly as my voice rose in pitch.

"Maybe he saw two!" Jason said cheerfully, nodding his head with a fake smile on his face. "And maybe it's the two you let walk into the dojo in the first place."

I huffed as I rolled my eyes. "Whatever Jason," I said as I turned towards Rudy's office. I started to walk to it, and once I was in front of the door I stopped.

Come on Kim, you can do this. Nothing to worry about...right?

I turned back around quickly.

"I bet it's nothing," I shrugged as I waved my hand, trying to convince myself more than them. "I bet it's ju- WOAH!"

I was interrupted from my sentence when Rudy opened the door quickly behind me and grabbed my shirt, jerking me backwards into his office. I stumbled backwards as he quickly shut the door behind me. I stumbled into his desk as Rudy turned around to face me.

"They're Black Dragons?!" Rudy yelled.

"You don't have to yell you know, I'm right here!" I screamed, rubbing my ears. I lower my voice. "Yes, they're Black Dragons."

"Correction," Jack said, holding up his pointer finger, "former Black Dragons."

"Former?" Rudy asked, eyebrows raised.

"Former," Jack stated.

Rudy's anger changed to curiosity as he asked, "And you want to come here?"

"Yes," Jack said, glancing at me every now and then.

"Here as in here here?" Rudy asked, pointing to the ground.

"Yes?" Jack said, confused.

"How can I trust you guys though?" Rudy asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

That's when I spoke up. "How about a test?"

Everyone looked at me. Rudy began to speak, but Jerry interrupted.

"A test?" he groaned, "I suck at tests!"

I rolled my eyes, "Not that kind of test, Jerry. The kind of test where we give you a task, and if you complete it you're in."

"Oh...ok!" Jerry said.

"You know, that's not a bad idea," Rudy said, shaking his finger as he went to the other side of his desk. "We'll give you a task, and if you guys complete it correctly you can join."

"That sounds fair," Jack said.

"But what if you still can't be trusted?" Rudy asked, eyes narrowing slightly.

"I'll vouch for them," I said before I could even process what I was saying.

"What?" Rudy and Jack asked, shocked.

Why'd I say that?!

"I said I'll vouch for them," I said, confidence coursing through me. "I'll give you my word that they're to be trusted, and if they do something stupid, I'll be blamed."

"Really?" Jack asked quietly. I looked at him to see a smile coming onto his face, his eyes soft.

"Really," I said, smiling back.

"Well," Rudy said, clapping his hands together, making us jump and divert our attention to him. "With that said, let the games begin."

This should be fun.

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