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Chapter 14: A Long Wait (For Some)


We had finally made it Sootopolis City. As soon as we got into the Pokemon Center, we immediately headed towards a PC, "I sure hope this works," I spoke as I logged in and got on the internet, "Davis, Ken? Do you guys know what to do?" Ken nodded as he moved towards the screen with his D3, but nothing happened at first. That is until a weird window popped up, "Is that it?"

The two men shook their heads, "No, this one seems different," Davis spoke as the familiar silhouette of Parallelmon appeared.

"Eheheheh…" the evil Digimon chuckled, "Thought you could escape me that easily then try to contact one of your friends at the Digital World, did you?" I gritted my teeth as the demon chuckled some more, "Well that's too bad, because I've got bugs planted everywhere, and every time you try to contact the Digital World, I'll know it," he paused for a second, "And I'll find you, now good bye."

Seconds later we heard an explosion outside as everyone rushed out to see a Megaseadramon and Waruseadramon destroying the city, "Damn it! Parallelmon wasn't kidding, okay Ken! It's time to DNA Digivolve!" Davis exclaimed as his partner nodded and the two raised their D3's as Veemon and Wormmon then Digivolved into the blue dragon and green humanoid insect, Exveemon and Stingmon. The two then combined into a dragon warrior that seemed as a cross between the two with a red helmet and machine guns attached to his hips.

"Woah! He's amazing!" Scarlet and I exclaimed together as the dragon charged the two sea monsters. He wasn't doing too good and didn't seem to be making much of an impact on the two.

At one point could I couldn't take it any more as my Digivice shined brightly along with Elecmon, "Drake, I feel it! I feel your power!" my partner cheered as he started to change shape, "Elecmon Digivolve to…" the small red mammal then changed shape into a lion warrior, "Leomon!"


It had been another two days before Gennai could some how find a connection to the Pokemon world. I contacted Izzy, Matt, and Mimi, they were here as soon as they could, "Okay Tai, we're all here," Matt told me as I nodded then turned to Gennai on the computer screen. The old man nodded as Dante and Chloe pointed their Digivices at the screen and we were all transported to the Digital World.

"Okay," Gennai began, "I've developed a way to the Pokemon world, but there's a catch," he stopped to let the last part sink in, "Once you get there, I can't bring you back until you've defeated Parallelmon, he's laced every computer there with viruses that'll detect you as soon as you connect, but once you beat him, I'll get you back quicker than Xfinity," we nodded at his explanation as he smiled, "Good, now step on the transporter I developed, it'll send you to where you need to go.

As we stepped on we felt a surge of energy go through all of us as we woke up seconds later on the ground in the middle of a path near a volcano, "Where are we?" I asked as we all got up.

"This is, Mount Chimney," Latios responded as we got ourselves oriented with the location, "There's a town nearby where we can regain our bearings," we all nodded and allowed Latios to lead us towards the town.

As we made it in, Dante pulled out his Digivice as it started beeping slightly, "Sweet!" he exclaimed as he started walking towards a hot spring, "Guys! I'm picking up Digivice signals over here!" We followed him and saw two familiar faces, "Guys!" Dante cheered.

The two noticed us and waved in surprise as they got out and dressed, "Where'd you guys go?! You've been gone for months!"

"Months!?" the returning group shouted in surprise. The two nodded at their question.

"Yeah, we've both had birthdays during your absence," Drake grinned, "That means I'm older than you now, Ms. Stuck Up," the boy grinned at Chloe who blushed with annoyance.

We then heard a door close from over by the Pokemon Center as two men came out with their Digimon partners, "It's Davis and Ken!" I shouted in joy as the two noticed and waved with grins on their faces, "Guys, we're so glad to see you!" I said with fake joy as I came to a realization that this guarantees Kari's capture by Parallelmon.

The two finally made it over as Davis stared at me with a solemn expression, "Tai, I'm sorry man, I really tried, but he got her…" he said as I put an assuring hand on the younger gogglehead's shoulder.

"It's okay, Davis, you tried your best…" I replied he nodded as we both took deep breaths in and I then turned around to the two latest Digidestined, "Okay, if we've been gone for months, how well have you progressed?"

Drake grinned as Elecmon and the now Lopmon appeared by their respective partners, "Well, Lopmon can Digivolve to Champion now and Elecmon can reach Ultimate," I nodded in approval, this'll be a great asset to us, "Also," the boy spoke up, "Our teams have progressed fairly well."

"Good, we'll need all the help we can get," Joe replied as we grouped up. The four then proceeded to tell us that Team Aqua was reported to be doing something suspicious near Dewford Town and they were just about to head that way.

"There's a very real possibility that Parallelmon is pulling their strings like Team Magma," I nodded and took this into consideration, they could very well be right, and helping out this world is one of the reasons we're still here, so I decided to take them up on their offer and we all started our way towards the island town.


It's been months since we've heard word about Dante and the other's resurfacing, that is until we got a spike near Mount Chimney. I grinned at the prospect of showing him how much my skills have improved since we last met, Parallelmon had kept his end of the bargain and I was stronger than ever, "Jack," I turned to Parallelmon, "You're to spy on the Digidestined until they reach the location of Team Aqua, we're already set up for their arrival there, and once they get sprung by Team Aqua, you get to have some fun," I nodded with a grin and turned to exit with Ryudamon by my side.

"Ready Ryudamon? Let's show them how far we've progressed," my Digimon simply nodded with calm confidence. We were both sure that we've got the strength we need to take the others down, and then we take parallelmon down, I know that crazy bastard was planning my downfall from the minute I proposed this team up. I can't fault him though; I was planning to betray him anyways. As we made it to the Digidestine's location, they were already about to take a boat to Dewford, so I decided to slip in with them when they weren't looking.

As the boat made it into port the group deparched and started investigating. I on the other hand, knew where Team Aqua was so I decided to set up near the where the group was waiting. Once the Digidestined walked through the cave entrance where we were hiding, several Pokemon and Digimon ambushed them along with Team Aqua, "What the Hell!? They were waiting for us!"

I then personally walked out clapping nonchalantly as they turned towards me, "Well done Digidestined, you successfully walked into an obvious trap," Dante then growled at me in anger, "Calm down Dante, I mean you act like I wouldn't do something like this," I chuckled once more as his temper seemed to flare even higher.

"Guys," he spoke to the rest of his group, "Take care of everyone else in here, I have a score to settle with Jack," the others nodded at him understandingly as their Digimon fully Digivolved. Dante and Dorumon then charged us as the boy's partner Digivolved into Dorugreymon.

"Ah, now seems like a good as time as any to reveal what's up my sleeve, Ryudamon!" the dragon nodded as he glowed in a harsh light.

"Ryudamon Warp Digivolve to…" the dinosaur chanted as everyone's eyes widened at his transformation, "Owryumon!" he roared as the giant bladed dragon took shape and barely fitted into the cave, "Let's take this outside, shall we?" my partner growled as the both of us rushed towards the exit with Dante and Dorugreymon in hot pursuit. This was finally the time to prove my superiority.


We flew as fast as we could towards Jack, we knew that Owryumon was a level ahead of us, but that didn't change the fact that he needed to be beaten, "Here I go, Bloody Tower!" the red dragon roared as he charged Owryumon who simply flew out of the way with a chuckle, "You think that was funny? Well here's the punch line! Metal Meteor!" Dorugreymon roared fiercely as a giant meteor fell from the sky at a blazing speed.

"That won't work, Golden Armor!" Owryumon then charges straight through the attack and rams into Dorugreymon with massve force that nearly sends us falling, "I'm not done yet, Eiseiryuoujin!" an attack is then fired off at us that Dorugreymon barely dodges, but not before being slammed once more by another Golden Armor. We were falling, and every second Dorugreymon wasted was another few feet closer to the ground.

"Dorugreymon! You've got to wake up, if you don't we're going to be flattened like pancakes!" I shouted in desperation, but it did nothing, I then noticed Jack laughing as he stood triumphantly on Owryumon. This got my rage going more than anything, "Dorugreymon!" I commanded, "I order you to wake up and Digivolve!" I shouted with anger as my partner's eyes opened and his form began to change. We were only a few feet away from the ground, closer and closer we got until, BOOM! Jack looked from the skies above as the dust cloud that was created revealed me sprawled on the sand in pain with a new creature standing where Dorugreymon landed. The beast was a giant gray and purple behemoth with a blade tipped tale, the beast was Dorugoramon.

Dorugoramon looked up towards our opponents with a malevolent look on it's face as it uttered a blood curdling roar, "ROOOOAAARRRGH!" this made the two shudder in fear as I regained my senses just in time to see him take off, this couldn't be my doing, could it?

Chapter End

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