"My Lord N…" A subtle knock on the door jamb signaled the arrival of someone. N looked up what he was doing to see Anthea, pink hair spread out behind her.

"Yes? What is it?" N asked politely, cleverly tucking his project away underneath a pillow from her prying eyes. She didn't appear to notice and continued with her message.

"Lord Ghetsis wishes to speak with you," she stated flatly.

"What about?"

Anthea adjusted her shawl. "I do not know, only that he wanted to see you immediately."

N sighed and stood up. "I see. I will go talk with him right away." He gingerly stepped over the toys littering the floor and exited the room. He didn't get more than a few paces away when Anthea called him again.

"My Lord N…," she said. "If you'll pardon me, but lately you seem…different."

N looked back at her over his shoulder. "Different?"

Anthea nervously toyed with one of her bangs, unsure if she should continue. But N's inquisitive stare led her to comply. "Well yes, different. Like…how shall I put this? You seem…happier, like you've found something special."

"….is it that obvious?" N asked cautiously. He thought he'd been careful enough…

"But my Lord! Being happy is not something to be ashamed of!" Anthea protested. She blushed, suddenly remembering her place. She averted her eyes, picking at her hair again. "I mean…well…it's so nice…being able to see you happy again…"

She rocked on her heels, avoiding N's eye. "It makes me happy to see my Lord N happy, because you've been sad for far too long. Please…don't lose sight of what's important to you. You are young and full of life, my Lord. Even if you can't create the world you so long to see, remember those little things that bring you joy."

N smiled at her and she blushed again. It was rare for N to show that kind of emotion, especially in the castle or when Ghetsis was calling for him. His smile though was merely a cover for the pain stirring in his heart. Even though Anthea meant well, her words were cutting. He nodded at her, still smiling.

"Thank you, Anthea. I'll do well to remember that."


The looming spires of the museum tower over me as I stand before a trainer, one I have faced only once before. This trainer, this Touya, fights with the fires of compassion and fervor. His eyes are full of determination and yet are gentle and kind. Touya's Pokemon are fighting hard and I am troubled by what I am witnessing. Though they get hurt, their voices tell me that they are happy to fight for this trainer, the one whom they love so much. A pang of doubt strikes at my heart as I begin to feel a change inside me. His ideals are set, he knows his path. But do I really know mine?


N was not listening to Ghetsis as he rambled on and on in the castle's audience chamber. He'd heard his shpeal over and over again and frankly, he was a bit tired of it. He stared at the older man with blank eyes and an emotionless face. The words were just washing over him as he stood there taking the brunt of it.

His mind wandered back to that memory. Why had he suddenly remembered that particular moment? He thought on it for a bit. That was when…when he began to question things. He had never met Pokemon that likes humans, let alone love them. What made Touya different, he had wondered. What did he possess that his Pokemon would love him so much? N still hadn't figured it out exactly, but he had come to understand the world a bit better because of Touya. And now they were…

"N! Are you even listening to me?!" Ghetsis snapped. The older man had quit his pacing to give N a glare.

"Yes, I'm listening," N said. He knew Ghetsis' speeches by heart by now. "The grunts have begun to set up things in Opelucid City and in Icirrus City, you said."

Ghetsis nodded, appeased. "Yes, they're preparing for our next step. Have any of the other sages ever mentioned the legends of the origins of the Unova region?"

N had to stop himself from sighing. "Yes, many times over. There was a great hero who created Unova in the image of his truths and ideals using legendary dragons. I don't see why this is important right now. It hardly has anything to do with creating a world where Pokemon never have to be hurt by humans again."

Ghetsis stroked his chin, scoffing at N. "On the contrary, it has everything to do with your goal. We of Team Plasma have dedicated our efforts to finding ways for you to accomplish your dream. And from the information I have received, your dream may not be far off from becoming a reality."

N looked at Ghetsis with a scrutinizing eye. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that our scouts have found a way for you to realize your ideal world. Through great sacrifice, we have finally discovered what became of those legendary dragons."

Ghetsis suddenly reached out and put his hands on N's shoulders. The look in his eye was one of grave seriousness. "N! You must become the new hero of Unova and revive one of the legendary dragons! Then and only then will your, no, our dream come to fruition!"

"Become…a hero? But I don't know anything about-,"

"N, this is your destiny. This is what we of the Seven Sages have trained you for. You will become the new hero and lead Unova into a new age of prosperity and peace. But only if you accept your destiny will your dream become reality. Natural…my son, who bears our name of Harmonia…"

N found himself speechless at this revelation. Him…a hero? Is this why he could understand the Pokemon? Why he could see into their hearts and feel the pain they felt? N furrowed his brow, mind racing as he contemplated.

"If I…if I really become the hero…then the Pokemon will never suffer again, right?" N asked. His voice betrayed his innocence, his desire for the well being of all Pokemon.

Ghetsis nodded. "Yes. Become the hero and no one, Pokemon or humans alike will ever suffer again."

"Pokemon will be happy…if I become the hero? Even those who belong to trainers?"

"Pokemon are enslaved by trainers. They are abused and eventually abandoned. We are saving the Pokemon by taking them away from trainers. Pokemon will only be happy if they can live separated from humans. Don't tell me you've forgotten all those poor Pokemon that you grew up with?"

N shook his head. How could he forget? Their pain was so great they had sworn to never trust humans again. They had been abandoned, as Ghetsis said. N clenched his teeth. He'd made up his mind.

"I'll do it. For the Pokemon's sake."

Ghetsis smiled at him and released his grip. "You make me proud to hear you say that."


I have thought long and hard about my dreams, ever since meeting Touya. And here I am, facing him yet again with that same doubt in my heart. Why, I wonder? Why do I feel so strongly about him, why can I not stop thinking about him? The looks he gives me as he sits across from me on this ferris wheel are…unsettling. Every time our eyes meet, my heart begins to race. My face flushes when he gives a smile. I am his enemy…yet he treats me like a friend. So why?

Does he feel the same? Does he wonder like I do? Does he get scared when he experiences things he doesn't understand? I don't know…but deep down in my heart…I want him to. I want him…to feel what I feel. To understand me, just as I want to understand him. But will he? Will he merely brush me off as a passing thought or will he accept me? I'm scared to find out.

The gondola creaks as it slowly rotates on its iron hinges. Words escape my lips but I don't know what they say. His face becomes surprised and then worried. But then he smiles and tells me that it's ok. He doesn't care who I am…only what I will do. His smile makes my heart skip. What is this feeling…?


N returned to his room after speaking with Ghetsis, feeling tired and emotionally drained. Asleep on a pile of pillows was a Zoura and a Darmantian. He looked at them and smiled. They were happy with him, they had said so many times over. But N could not be happy, as long as they were tied to him.

N sat down near the pillows and retrieved his little project. Ghetsis' request had been unsettling to say the least. How on earth was he supposed to be a hero of truths when he himself doubted those truths? N shook his head. No, he couldn't think like that! If he did then he would never be able to create his world. His thoughts wandered to Touya, who he was to be meeting in the next few days. His heart hurt just to think about him. He clenched his hand to his chest, eyes sad.

"Touya…" he whispered. Oh his poor poor Touya. What was to become of them, now when they had finally begun to understand each other and move towards achieving each other's dreams together?

N looked down at his project. It was a doll he was sewing, about the size of a small teddy bear in Touya's likeness. He suddenly got an idea and realization spread across his face.

"Yes…that's it…that's it!" N started sewing again, stitching up the Touya doll's body. "We can still realize our dreams…together…Touya…"