Vanitas was generally good with girls. They had flocked to him in elementary, they had drooled over him in middle, and now, they flirt all the time with him in high school. But Vanitas was nervous for the first time. Despite his amazing track record with women, he had actually never dated anyone. He was exceptionally good with teasing and making light fun of girls, but he had never asked one out.

So when the first few weeks of school came around, whenever he saw her, his body would shake a little, his hands would sweat a little, and he'd struggle to keep up his demeanor. They had been friends for years, but Vanitas had never considered her romantically. It wasn't until they began talking to each other in the summer that he realized that he wanted her.

One Monday afternoon he catches her kneeling on the floor, her papers strewn all over the floor. As he bends down to help her collect her things, his heart beats faster by the second. He smirks, saying, "Poor Xion. Her clumsy brain can't keep up with her own papers."

She blushes from embarrassment, and mutters for him to just shut up and help her. By the time they're finished, the rest of the students have already gone, and Xion stands up, brushing the dust from her uniform. They stand a little too close, and it's downright awkward for Xion. "Thanks, Vanitas." mumbles Xion, her nose inches away from his. Vanitas moves a step closer. "Is there something you wanna say to me?" he grins.

Xion looks at him with her playful blue eyes, and pushes him away. "See you later, Vanitas." she says, walking away."Wait up. There's something I wanna tell you." he says, his brain rushing ahead. Vanitas grabs her hand, and holds it gently. She doesn't recoil.

She's intrigued, her bright blue eyes looking into his. Vanitas catches his breath for a second, and it's the spur of the moment that the words escape his lips.

"Do you wanna go out with me?"