Vanitas's house was a mess. There were spills of apple juice, orange juice, water, beer, vodka and other questionable liquids all over the kitchen floor. The drawers were ransacked, with several plates missing or broken on the ground, silverware scattered through the floor. Outside of the kitchen, there were pizza boxes and empty fried chicken buckets along with greasy, dirty wrappers and napkins scattered all over the floor. A toppled Christmas tree had crushed several presents, while the decorations had fallen off, namely most of the ornaments. Luckily, he had made it quite clear that upstairs was off limits. But by confining them to a small area, they had wreaked the maximum amount of havoc in a small area.

In the corner, there were two bodies, cuddled closely together in a thin blanket.

"Mmmm." groaned Xion, stretching out of the cocoon of warmth and blankets and Vanitas. "Go back to sleep. I'm tired and you're being too annoying right now." muttered Vanitas, hugging her closely, pressing his lips to her neck, as she began to sit up. She gasped.

"No. Your house is a mess. Come look. Everyone else ditched I think."

Vanitas cracked an eyelid open, and closed it tightly shut. "This is a fucking dream, right?" he complained, hugging Xion ever tighter. "No. Now get up, because we have some serious cleaning to do."



After only a surprisingly short feeling two hours of cleaning up spills, broken dishes and decorations, Xion and Vanitas finally sat back down on the relatively clean and nice-smelling sofa, and collapsed into one big puddle of warmth. "That was exhausting." sighed Xion, leaning on Vanitas's shoulder. "I know. Who do you think poured all that soda into the toilet?" he responded, kissing her cheek.

"I don't know. Hayner, maybe?" she suggested. "Also, that was not soda. And be quiet. I'm tired now."

"Want some breakfast before a nap?" he asked, threading his hand into hers. "No. I wanna go back to sleep." she said softly, closing her eyes.

With a rather loud yawn, Vanitas leaned his head on hers and closed his own eyes too.




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