Do you know the worst thing about a war?

You can ask just about anyone and they will give you a nice, long list of answers. Some will say it's the killing. Others will say it's the emotional toll. Others that it's amoral. There are so many reasons that people will give, but I don't agree with any of them.

Not really.

To me, the worst thing about a war is that no one believes they are wrong.

When I was little I thought it was so simple. Good guys fought for my side and bad guys fought for the other. Everything was so easy, so black and white. It wasn't until I got older that I started to understand.

No one believes they are evil in a war. There is no mad mastermind sitting behind a table, cackling to his henchmen about the horror he is about to unleash. Instead it's a person. A person just like you or me. A person who is making decisions that they know will cost the lives of those they command.

It's terrifying.


No one believes they are wrong in a war.

My mother and father certainly didn't. I would hear the stories, when they talked late at night. They thought I was asleep but I would sneak out to listen. Stories of meister and weapons, coming to find us. Hunting us down like animals. It didn't matter who we were, or how we acted. All that mattered was that we existed. They hated us.

Now I live with my nightmares. The terrors I had been brought up to fear and hate. They are my friends. The people I love. They are the people I care about more than anything. And I hate knowing that I can never let them see who I really am. I can never show them this side of me. Because they would not understand.

My name, is Kim Diehl.

I am a Lamp Meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy.

And I am a Witch.