I don't own twilight or anyone of the characters. This story is inspired from Warm Bodies, a zombie film. Plz review and tell me what you think.

My name is Bella Swan.

What was I doing? Where was I going? I looked horrible, well different to all the others, I tried to look as...alive as I could. But that was proving to be a difficulty when your...well dead. I'm dead, everyone's dead, that woman in the corners dead, that man standing there is defiantly dead. These guys look awful.

I was walking towards the exit of the airport. I didn't know why. I had only been here a few hours since the plane crashed in seattle airport. But that had been closed down as soon as us dead started getting up again. Charlie. Well I knew he would have been waiting for me. Renée. The woman would have melted when she heard. I wanted to get out, tell them I was here. But I found that I could hardly speak, only grunt but I hoped I could get better.

My walking was shuffled, my left leg must have had an injury when it crashed because I walked just as bad as the others, dragging my left leg more, my back hunched forwards slightly as I walked. I passed though the security system, the zombie guard waving a metal detectors that made a loud noise but he didn't stop me. Why should he? He was like all of us.

I stopped where I was standing. Of course, we were the only zombies now. A bullet to the brain would kill us fully. I kinda hoped that would happen, I didn't want to live like this. From what the TVs in the air port suggested that they hardly knew of us. That I was happy about. They didn't need to know our horrors. Looked around, I tried to imagine what this place looked like before but all the people who was like me stayed here. No one dared ventured out. But I hated it here. Was I the only one who though that?

I carried one shuffling, stopping when I reached my zombie friend. E. She like me died in that crash but couldn't remember her name but she knew it began with and E so we called her E, We got along fine, grunting at each other was the only way we could communicate.

"Guh" I grunted to her, as I stopped next to her. E turned to look at me with dead but seeing eyes. But we all had the dead cold skin, shadows on out faces, bits rotting, blue veins on out neck, no heartbeat. Our clothes dirty, some with more injuries, like me who had a large gash across my chest and my arm, the blood staining my clothes, E had one down her face, her caramel brown hair with dried blood from the cut that was on her face. We couldn't heal. We couldn't feel pain. I wanted to.

"Hummm" She replied. It was on my tip of my dead tongue. Words. I so wanted to say but I couldn't express them.

"Hm" Interesting. She seemed to want to move like me. I focused on the few word I wanted to say and tried to push them out.

"C..City...no..." That wasn't it. Home. I wanted home. "for...for..forrkkks" I suddenly felt better (well not physically). Home. That's where I should have been. E looked like she could have smiled.

"Forr...forr..eesssttt" She said, just as slowly as me, taking as much breath to say this as I did. Gosh how did talking be so difficult.

"uss...go...nooowww" I said, forcing this out.

"Hu" She grunted, deciding talking was too difficult. We both started shuffling towards the doors. Passing the Bonies. Large fleshy skeletons. They didn't bother us. There were hardly around. but they'll eat anything with a heart beat. But from what I had seen, we would all become them someday. I watched as a dead gaunt looking teenager reached up and began pulling away his right side of his face.

Oh man, that's gross, stop, stop picking at it, your making it worse. Too late. That was what I had to look forwards too, Great. I guess we all give up eventually. I felt E shove me in the arm, making me stumble. We needed to keep walking, but we were slow walking. I haven't tried running. When I was alive I was very clumsy, I was very surprised when I didn't trip lately. Well that was a bonus for being dead.

I could feel the stares from the Bonies as we walking out into the air. The debris of the plane was scattered all over the place, belongings thrown from the cargo holder. I stopped when I saw a familiar bag. My own.

"b...bbaaa...bbaaag" I rasped, shuffling over quickly. Then stifly bent and picked it up. It was almost empty. My diary was still there, my mobile but that was in piece so I threw that over my shoulder, them my favorite books, Withering heights was there, the pages crumpled and slightly charred. Then my eyes caught a photo. It was of me and Charlie. Both of us smiling. I was fourteen in that picture.

I couldn't belive how well I use to look. Now I look scary. I haven't seem myself since I was like this. I didn't pass anything reflective to see a reflection. I stuffed the photo into my back pocket then put the bag on my back and began shuffling away from the airport with E. I hated being dead. I wanted to be alive. I could have been with Charlie then. I would have wanted that.

I didn't know how long we were walking for. But now it was night. But of course, the dead don't sleep. There was no need I guess. I was expecting tiredness to take me but it never came. Somehow we ended up walking though back streets of Port Angeles. I recognised it easily but we never came across any people.

Behind me and E I heard a round of booming laughter. I stopped and spun slowly on the spot to see three men walking towards us. Drunks. I could tell but something about them was very appetising. I tried to pinpoint it.

"Look" One of them called out, pointing to us. But the shadows of the building was covering us but I could tell they could see our female figures. They were standing in the light, looking to us.

"Guh" I grunted to E who was also looking at them with the same confusion yet hungary expression.

"huuh" She rasped, in turn we stayed to shuffle towards them at a slow pace.

"Look Johnny, their making it a lot easier" One of the called, but none one of them could see us fully. But then I found what I was looking for. I was hungry. What did zombies eat...Brains. Ew..Gross, but that did not seem bad. Well it couldn't hut to take these monsters from the world. I couldn't imagine what they were planning to do with alive girls.

I watched in satisfaction as their jeers and smiles faltered as we stepped out into the light. Then turned to repulse

"Hu...huun...hungggrrry" I rasped, speeding up more but it looked more clumsyish. They recoiled , their eyes widened.

"Zombies" The youngest screeched, then shot off. I felt E shoot past me, I started to run too E caught the two men and slammed them into the wall, I shot off after the other. Behind me I could hear their screams that cut off. "HELP HELP" he screamed before I snatched his wrist and bit down on it. He screamed, dropping to the floor but he shot round, a knife being planted into my chest, not that it cared. Now my mouth wet with fresh blood, but I knew if I didn't kill him properly then he would become like me. I dragged him back into the shadow and threw him next to the other two. One of them with their head smashed open, blood, pooling the concrete floor.

E feeding away on his brain. What the hell, what was the worse that could happen. Grabbing the man I began to smash away at his head.(AN/ You can imaging in your own gorey content if you want) As soon as his brain was free of the skull I ripped it out and tore into it, shoveling some into my mouth.

Images swum around my head. It took me a moment to realise it wasn't my memory's but of the man's. It tasted oddly nice and rubbery, but also squishy at the same time. Next to me, I felt the other man come round. He screamed as soon as he saw me, put I shoved my fist into his head, knocking him out without turning to look at him.

After I devoured that brain, the other man's didn't seem as appealing anymore. I had taken my fill. E seemed to think that too, well I think anyway.

"c...c...crru..sshh" She said, then together we cracked the guys head open, he was dead now so there was not witnesses.

"co...ommmee" I rasped, getting up. Thankfully the blood was only on my hand and face. But the knife was still in my chest. Oh well. I didn't bother moving it. It didn't hurt.

E continued to groan quietly to herself, running her bloody hands on the wall. I grunted back, both of us shuffling back though the shadows. I may had not been here often but I knew which direction we should be going in.

We shuffled though the night, talking the hidden path aways next to the roads as soon as we got out of Port Angeles. Some car lights would flash though the woods as cars passed. When this happened E would get excited and garble and groan more and louder.

Almost at forks sign, still hidden from trees when E let out a loud groan, just as a car was coming by. I stopped clumsily as I heard the breaks.

No no no. Stupid E. Not be seen. I turned and started to shove her into the bushes. but what surprised me that the bushes concealed a river. With twos splashes we tumbled in, the Knife in my chest had fallen out and way lying on the side of the river, covered in my blood.

I felt the waters tug us down stream. I couldn't tell if it was warm or cold. Then, as we got further away I saw the bushes move as a figure slid down the side of the bank, his feet hitting the water, He had collar length blond hair, pale as a sheet, he looked better than any living person I had seen. But as I disappeared he met my eyes. Golden eyes before I was gone.