Carlisle's POV

I picked up the DNA Sample results and sat down at my Swan sitting in front of my desk waiting. My eyes zoomed to the finger prints. My own finger prints had not shown up. I didn't expect them to. It was a vampire thing.

"The finger prints match the older male from the dead group. The ring leader I presume." I said, but frowned at the blood test. It came up with one match but she was dead, wasn't she?

"And the blood?" Chief prodded. I read over the print again. hoping it was a misprint. I opened my mouth for a reply them my phone vibrated.

"Excuse me" I said, opening the phone

"Carlisle get home now"

"Alice what's Wrong? Why are you crying" I asked. She never called unless it was an emergency. She had never cried on the phone to me before

"Its Esme" I felt my face become bone white.

"What happened to her" My voice coming out faint. possibility of what could happen shot though my mind. My hands shaking slightly. Chief Swan straightened up, sensing something was wrong.

"She's gone. I can't see her. Something happened at the house. I sent Edward after her as soon as her phone cut off. Someones there" I shot out my seat. Shooting out the office but well aware Chief was following me. I knew I wouldn't be able to shake him off.

"What about Edward?" I asked pushing though the humans. Chief also.

"He's gone too" My face paler. If I was human then I would have fainted. Two from my family gone.

"Are you at the house? I'm going there" I said. Hoping my wife wasn't burning, or my son.

"Yes. Cheif will follow you. Rose, Em and Jazz are with me." She hung up.

I shot into my car and reversed before hitting into drive, going above the speed limit, weaving though the traffic. I didn't care if I got tickets by the following cop car Chief was in.

Then I turned suddenly into my drive, going faster then hit the brakes, the back of my car spinning but I was out the car.

Emmett was hugging Rose, Jasper with Alice, all of them on kneeling on the ground.

"No" I whispered. The front of the door had been smashed down, the panels on the side of the door shattered and cracked , but I knew they weren't here. I felt my knees his the ground but I couldn't turn from my house.

Esme had always stayed at th house while I worked and the children were at school, She shouldn't have stayed here. I heard Chief Swan pull up and jump out the car, talking into his radio but I didn't hear his words.

Edwards POV

I held tightly to Esme as we were dragged to the unknown. Esme was terrified. Because she didn't know where we were going, why we were going, who or what these girls were and because they were stronger than us with was quite a feat and the last was because she didn't know what was going to happen when we stopped.

She was glad I was here, though she didn't like it. She wanted me safe.

"It's okay" I whispered to my mother figure. She was close to dry sobbing. She wanted Carlisle. At least she had someone. I didn't.

"I'm so worried."She breathed, looking at the three dead but walking girls

"We'll be fine, as long we were figure out what's going on" I whispered back. She nodded, squeezing my hand.

I looked back to the dead girl. I had seem many bodies in my bloody past. None of them were like this. The whole town was looking forwards to meeting Isabella Swan, the boys in particular. Shock had crossed though town when everyone heard she ha died in a plane crash. I took in the details of this dead Bella.

She looked a mess. Her hair was tangled, her clothes were tattered and dirty, and stained in blood. Her skin was pale as a sheet, hint of blue. dark veins stood out on her neck, deep bruise like shadows under her eyes and cheek bones, though once warm brown eyes were now brown but had a void look in them. Her pupils didn't dilate in the light either, nor a heart beat, but what was clear was the dark gash across her chest, probably the cause of death, but her walk was a lot more limped to the other two girls, suggesting she had suffered more injury to her leg before death too.

What she must have gone through before she died, I almost shuddered. She had a bag on her shoulders but it looked nearly empty. But I could see on the label it had Bella Swan on it.

Esme was saddened at the cause of her death before this, even though she had never met her before. She could see how she died, just like me. She was also shocked at the other woman. I was too. She looked just like Esme but the major differences in species. Also she was saddened that children had died, just looking at the dead little girl. So young she had thought.

I tried to think to what these girls were now. Bella had said she had woken up from death, but how? I knew she didn't know.

But then we broke though trees, Esme gasped, so did I.

Seattle Airport.

I knew they closed it down. but I never thought...


Oh we were in trouble.

We stood out side the airport metal fence. There were a few planes in tact but one was not. It lay the right way up, the left and right wings completely demolished, suggesting it had hit the left-wing first, destroying that. Deep gravels in the ground screamed that it had not just hit the wing but also rolled over. No one could survive cockpit was still intact though. But the windows of the screen were long gone.

But what shocked me the most was that people-dead people-were walking about, a slow shuffled walk, like these girls. Must be a zombie thing.

Bella, dragging me forwards pointed over the fence. Looking at the zombie people first. I looked to Esme, letting go of her hand, I climbed up easily and jumped down, Bella following, suprising me that she could do it in the first place. She didn't land on her feet though, rather clumsily onto her hip. She didn't look bothered, but slowly got up, though it was painful to watch because she didn't get the balance right on her left leg. But as soon as she was standing she latched onto my wrist.

"Now what?" My voice coming out hard. But her hand shot to my mouth. Her other hand going over her purplish lip.

"shuushhhh" She rasped. It looked difficult for her to talk too. Probably was. Though I suspected blood was in her lungs, making it difficult to draw breath to speak. "Bo...niee...sss." My eyes shot about, remembering the creatures that attacked the house. But then my eyes passed though the lumbering forms of zombies, Three...Bonies? Was that what they were called? Standing, sniffing, but then began to approach us.

"" the other zombie said, then reached out towards Esme making her shrink back, but the zombie smeared brownish-red blood down the side of her face. I looked to see Bella reaching up to my face, trailing her bloody hand down my face, leaving a trail. The Bonies stopped, still sniffing.

"They're masking our scent" I suddenly realised, whispering it to Esme. She looked disgusted at the blood on her face but was confused.

"Why" she whispered.

"I...think they think we're human" I said as we were being dragged again. It was the only plausible thing I could come up with at the moment.

"be...dea..d" Bella rasped, as we came closer. We were walking too normally. I looked to Esme before I changed my walking. Dragging my right leg more and hunched myself forwards. I felt silly doing this but we had to blend in. Esme mimicked my actions, understanding that too.

It took me a second to realise we were hiding in plain sight. Those Bonies were after us- or was it Bella and her two zombie friends. They must have though we would get caught but why? This confused me. Why did they come back? Why did Bella go to forks? Why were we following though with this? It didn't make sense.

Then we headed up to the remains of the plane, passing the bonies and other zombies. Who took a sniff but did nothing. Bella kicked open the door the pulled me though. I hoped we would find away out soon. But I had a feeling Bonies could do a lot of damage to a vampire.