Okay.... this story uses a duel persona storytelling style I'm trying to use effectively. Some parts of the story will be told in the persona of Rue, while in the other parts it will be told in the persona of Mint. This is the first time I'll be doing this so.... give me some time to learn!

By the way, this is a continuation to my story "Choices and Regrets" and is based on the events of that story. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUGGEST THAT YOU READ IT FIRST BEFORE READING THIS! IT'LL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THIS STORY AND THE SOMEWHAT NEW PERSONALITY OF THE CHARACTERS.

And now..... Ladies and Gentlemen.... it begins.... here....


"Hey you! C'mon, hurry up slowpoke!"

"Yeah! Yeah! *huff*huff* I'm coming."

Hahaha... I'm beat. I just had to wake up late! The ship leaves at exactly eight in the morning, and I woke up at seven! I told Mint I'd wake up in time, but look at me! My bag's all messy and I'm half dressed! She even had to pull me up from bed, then the fact that I sleep in my underwear! Ack, I'm a wreck. How would Claire react if she saw me like this! I have to shape up if i'm gonna see her again. Oh well.... I have a few days to improve myself.

"Rue! They're gonna leave without us!"

She's sssoooooo energetic. Heck, that's an understatement. I don't think she ever runs out of energy! We've only known each other for barely a month, yet we live and act like we've known each other for years. Yeah, sometimes I get this feeling in the back of my head like we've known each other for the longest time, but I knew that couldn't be. I've been in a coma for almost six years, and Mint and her sister were the ones who woke me up. For the past month they've been helping me so much. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for them. They always reassured me I'd find a way. It's because of them I'm now able to find the resolve and dignity to go on and never give up. I really can't remember anything, not even dreams, during the time I was in my coma. But I do know one thing....

Claire needs me. Six years went down the drain because I was out. She's waiting for me for so long, and I don't want her to wait any more than this. Now, my journey begins to find a [Relic], the relic of my dreams..... the relic for her life. And I know I'll succeed because....

"Rue? We're gonna find a [Relic]! I'm sure of it!"

.... because she's with me. Mint's with me. Together, we're gonna find a [Relic]. And I wouldn't want anyone else to be by my side to help me find it.


The ship's about to leave. Seems like the captain's getting impatient. After packing the rest of my stuff in my room, I sat down by the side of the deck, exhausted from all the stuff I ran with to the docks. With only an hour to finish packing and getting here, I really had to hurry. Mint was already finished by the time I crawled out of bed. She was wearing her usual clothes, and I was still in my undies. She even had to help me finish packing. It was very, very embarassing, considering I was the one who planned this! Honestly, I can't be like this. I won't be able to find a [Relic] if I'm this irresponsible and klutzy.

Well.... never mind. What's done is done. It's what I do from here on that counts.


The sea breeze really feels good on my face. Standing here on deck I could smell the saltiness of the open sea while I breathe in it's fresh air and look at the seagulls feeding by the ship's stern. This was it. It was time to go. It's been a month since Rue and I started our research on a [Relic], and now it was time to start the search.

"Umm *groan*... Mint? Are you sure you know where we're going?"

"Of course I'm sure! I've already been there once!"

Rue's such a sleepyhead! I had to drag him out of bed! I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten up if I didn't remind him what was today. If he really wants to be with Claire again, he needs to shape up. We're already on our way, and he can't afford to slip up. We've been planning this for a week, and now we finally got a ship to take us to Iriov. The trip there'll take us about 2 days at sea, so we have enough time to go through our plan.

Iriov is the second largest kingdom on the planet, ruled by an Aristocracy who happen to be good friends of my dad. We're on our way to the Fenil region of the country, a half forest, half desert region in the center on the country. The rulers of the nation let us in as a "favor" to my old man. I don't know if that's really what Gramps meant. When I mentioned that we were going to Iriov, his face turned. He looked reluctant to let us go, so it took a bit of negotiating before he finally let me go.

I lay on my bed thinking of things. Sometimes I really can't believe myself. For the past month I've been acting like we just met, but it's really so much more than that. He doesn't know the truth. He forget the truth. Because I.... erased it. Honestly, I sometimes think that erasing his memories wasn't the right way, but I had to, if just for the sake of the kingdom. I know have to tell him the truth someday. He has every right to know. It's just that.... I guess I'm scared what he might do if he knew. Still.... I have to tell him. I can't go on with this charade forever. We can't be like this, we have to be honest with each other.

That's why I decided. I'm gonna tell him when this is all over. Yet, I have this fear of that day. I'm afraid if I can muster the courage to say it, and what may happen once it's said. That day is inevitable and I know that. I can't beat around the bush. What will happen will happen. I just have to prepare for that day.


Okay, I know this chapter is rather short. It's just an intro after all. Exams are coming in a while, so don't expect an update until about 2 weeks.

This is a sequal to my previous story "Choices and Regrets", and if you read this without reading that first, you might be a little off on the events. If you haven't read it, I suggest you read it now.