Hey! So this is just a short oneshot, inspired by the film, about why Thorin really hates the Elves...

It wasn't the fact that they'd turned up too late. It wasn't the fact that they'd refused to fight. It wasn't even the fact that they'd let his kin suffer whilst they lived in splendour.

It wasn't the fact that they'd ignored the whole dragon thing, and conveniently forgot all previous deals and alliances, unless there was any money in it for them.

It wasn't the fact that they had imprisoned him and his friends. It wasn't they way in which they'd treated the dwarves. It wasn't the way in which they spoke to him like he was an animal, and it certainly wasn't the fact that their hair was glossier than even Fili's.

No, Thorin hated the woodland elves for a much simpler reason. It had nothing to do with war, or with morals, or with old feuds.

It was nothing to do with the way the elves gave themselves airs and graces, or the way they walked so lightly when everyone else had to trudge through the mud or the snow or the boggy grass.

It wasn't that he was jealous of the elves' enchanting voices. It wasn't that he wanted to wear dresses like they did. It was something much simpler than that.

It was that Thranduil had a moose, and he didn't.

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