Chloe took a deep breath as she checked the galley to make sure they were stocked with everything they needed for their early morning flight. Aubrey had done their briefing for the flight earlier assigning her to first class for the first time. She was finally promoted to purser which moved her from working with the economy cabin to first class for most of her flights. Aubrey, her roommate and Cabin Service Director, had helped her train and work her butt off for this for the past couple years. Bella Airlines was still relatively new in the industry but they have been up and coming with a great but still very new crew.

"Chloe, how are we on the beverage cart check? Have you seen Stacie? I need her checks on economy as well." asked Aubrey as she came through with her clipboard.

Chloe took in Aubrey, the epitome of Bella Airlines. Her navy blue uniform pressed and starched, her golden hair up tight in its bun, and her yellow, white and blue scarf tied at the perfect angle. Not a bit of her was out of place from her make up to her small gold hooped earrings.

Chloe put on her biggest smile she could manage and beamed at Aubrey.

"I think everything is going to be awesome, Aubrey. You don't need to worry. We'll have it under control," Chloe said finishing up her checks so she could help boost her friend's confidence as well as solidify her own.

Aubrey nodded and tried to match the size of Chloe's smile.

"Of course we are. I just want everything perfect on this flight. We've got a full flight this morning and some A-listers as well. Cynthia Rose will be in first class with some of her crew. They are a frequent flying company with us and we'd like to keep it that way. She's been helping produce a lot of music both in New York and Los Angeles so she needs someone to get her back and forth in style and comfort. Let's show her she picked the right airline," Aubrey said as she took a deep breath and put on that look of steely determination as she turned to check in with the flight crew.

Chloe knew her friend was nervous but she also knew that if anyone could sell the superiority of this airline it was Aubrey. The girl practically bled Bella blue from the moment they both applied after college.

"So, have you seen the pilots? Are they the hot young ones we just hired or the old guys they snagged from the other airlines cutting back?"

A tall, skinny brunette in a matching uniform came walking up the aisle dragging her hands along the back of the seats making sure they were all upright and the rows were cleared of everything.

Chloe laughed and rolled her eyes as Stacie made her way up to the first class cabin. Stacie was a great girl and was actually a lot smarter than she led everyone to believe but she didn't hide the fact that she was more a fan of the perks of their job more than the job to anyone when the plane was on the ground.

"I think you're in luck with this one. I think I did hear Luke's British accent when the boarded. I didn't see the co-pilot though," Chloe said looking the other girl over. "You know that Aubrey is going to yell at you for the amount of cleavage you have going on right now, right?"

It was Stacie's turn to roll her eyes this time. She took the responsibility of her job very seriously but the uniforms they were forced to wear did not flatter her the way her own clothes would so she worked it however she could to her advantage. If she couldn't show off her legs she would show off her…other assets.

Hearing the door open from the flight deck, she quickly adjusted the shirt as Chloe winked at her. Both knew that it was not a good move to get Aubrey worked up this early in the day since they all had the flights to and from Los Angeles and New York to work together.

"Alright, ladies, let's get this show on the road," the blonde grinned at the other women who grinned back at her.

The passengers started coming down the jet bridge with their bags rolling behind them. The Los Angeles air had made the cabin a little warm in the fall morning heat. All the window blinds were pulled down and air vents on full blast to help as much as possible but there was still a noticeable difference in the air from the terminal's cool crispness to the more humid walkway.

Chloe and Aubrey greeted the passengers as they all boarded from the front in the galley area by the flight deck. Stacey helped settle passengers in the back as some filtered their way towards her. There was a mix of business travelers, vacationers, and some who looked like they just rolled out of bed. Chloe loved seeing the different people and her smile was never faked when she welcomed them to Bella Airlines.

Beca Mitchell lugged her backpack over her shoulder as she made her way down the bridge, making sure her headphones didn't slide off her neck. She followed her new music producer, Cynthia Rose, as she led the way for them. Cynthia Rose, while not a very public image yet, was still very easy to spot with her trademark pink streaked hair, black Ray Bans on, but most of all this confident swagger where ever she went. It was earned too. She had been putting out some of the most recent nationwide hits over the radio waves and in the clubs. Beca could only hope she could pick up an ounce of confidence and finesse from this woman. Outside of her DJ booth or recording studio, the girl was lucky she didn't trip over her own feet and could string two coherent sentences together without offending someone with her trademark sarcasm. Luckily if she did, either her long time friend and manager, Jesse, or newly appointed assistant, Amy…no sorry, Fat Amy, would be there to pick her up and cover for her. While Beca was still taking time to get use to this jet setting back and forth, these two took to it like fish to water.

As Beca crossed the threshold of the plane she was greeted by the sight of an almost rigid seeming blonde Stepford wife look-a-like and then the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Beca had to blink a couple times to get her eyes to adjust to the view. That seemed to only make the blue eyes looking back at her twinkle a bit more as she smiled.

"Good morning and welcome to Bella Airlines," the redhead said to Cynthia Rose. She looked at Beca and offered the same greeting as the tiny brunette shuffled onto the plane.

As the four of them settled in the first section of the plane, Fat Amy spread out and made herself comfortable.

"Yes, now this is what I'm talking about. First class all the way, right Beca?"

Beca had to chuckle at the Aussie's antics. If nothing else she loved having Fat Amy around for entertainment. The girl had little to no filter and Beca loved that she always knew what Fat Amy was thinking or knew the girl would always give her opinion if asked. She wanted to keep those kinds of people around her as much as possible and she knew she got lucky with Fat Amy.

"Dibs on the window seat," Jesse called out from behind Beca as he tossed his bag into the compartment above their row.

"I know dork, that's why it's on your ticket. You don't actually have to call dibs on an assigned seat," Beca remarked back as she slid her iPod and tablet out of her bag before sliding it in the compartment next to Jesse's bag.

"Children, don't make me pull this plane over," Cynthia Rose chided as she settled into the back left row of first class directly behind Beca and Jesse, pulling out that morning's USA Today to take in the headlines.

Jesse grinned his boyish grin back at Cynthia Rose and slid passed Beca still standing in the aisle.

"Don't worry, Beca, sitting across from me is so much better than a stupid window seat. The view is much better over here," Fat Amy teased as she leaned into the aisle.

Beca sat down in her seat and looked down the aisle to the front of the plane, making sure not to get her head taken off by the passing passengers or errant bags which seemed to be coming from every angle as people came through. She saw now the Stepford wife and the bright eyed redhead were joined by a fit looking blonde pilot. Beca looked over to Amy who had her mouth hanging open and reached over to tap it shut for her.

"Down girl, we need him to fly the plane, not induct you into the mile high club," Beca joked back with the Aussie.

"He can take a trip down my landing str…"

"Oookay, not what I want to hear right now," Beca said making a 'yikes' face at the drooling blonde and slid her headphones on over her ears.

Beca listened to one of the Mumford and Sons songs on her iPod waiting for everyone to settle so they could take off. Her eyes kept traveling back to the front and settling on the perky flight attendant as she greeted all the passengers onto the plane. She had to agree with Fat Amy, though for different reasons, the view was much better from here for her than staring out the window would be.

Things had moved very fast for Beca Mitchell the last few months. She had spent the last couple years getting her associate's at a small local college for her dad's sake but the majority of her time was spent making mixes, working at a local radio station and djing clubs at night and on the weekends. Once she finally got her associate's and her dad off her back she was able to fully commit to her music. It was hard for her father and step mother to see that there was actually a future for her in the music industry but when labels and producers started calling near the end of her college stint, they couldn't deny it much more. With their blessing, she started returning those calls. She learned right away that while she cared a lot about her future and not getting screwed over by legal things she didn't really understand, she was going to need some help dealing with some of these people and their offers to her. Enter Jesse Swanson, her childhood friend and convenient business major graduate who had been working at a legal firm for the past few years. Who better to turn to than the boy she trusted first coming out to when he tried to kiss her at his senior prom? She knew Jesse had taken a risk taking a sophomore to the prom to start with but then an even bigger risk trying to make anything happen more than friendship between them. She owed him the truth even if she couldn't tell anyone else at that time. The fact that the boy just laughed to himself and commented that her extreme love for Buffy made so much more sense after the very bland kiss between them made her realize how great of a friend he was and would be. He proved that time and time again but so far best when he made arrangements for her musical future with Cynthia Rose. She had confidence this woman would do everything she could to get the best out of Beca creatively but protect her personally and professionally as well.

Beca felt a slight tap on her shoulder and found herself staring up into the bright blue pools of the flight attendant bent over smiling at her.

Beca straightened up quickly and stared wide eyed back at her. The redhead kept the smile on her face and she tapped her own ears and raised her eyebrows a bit motioning to Beca.

The light bulb went off in Beca's head as she quickly turned off her iPod and brought her earphones back to her neck again.

"Oh, sorry about that, I must have dazed off or something. Sorry."

"Don't worry about it. I just didn't want you to miss the announcements coming up. They are very important you know," making a motion towards the front where the blonde was grabbing the mic for the PA system. "Aubrey takes them very serious, wouldn't want you to get into trouble with her."

Beca nodded and gave a small smile back and she could have sworn she caught wink from the flight attendant. At the same time she felt her face getting warm as she looked down and made sure she was buckled in.

"Do I detect a little fire in those cheeks, Ms. Mitchell? Did the scary flight attendant embarrass the bad ass dj?" Jesse leaned against the arm rest to sit closer to Beca as he teased.

Beca didn't hesitate when she didn't look at him but knocked his arm off the armrest making his head drop a bit before he caught himself. He laughed as a smirk came across Beca's face.

Beca settled back in as she heard the PA system come to life as the blonde started to make the flight's announcements for their trip to New York.