Chapter 11

"So, you have to tell me now, where did you send Beca and Chloe?" Jesse asked as he put his legs up on the table in front of him while settling into his brown, aged couch.

Amy settled into a non-matching blue recliner, pulling the lever to bring out the footrest. "Well, the way I figured it, Beca has issues with being self conscience and getting nervous and twitchy like a rabbit tweaking out. I helped her be a little less self conscience."

Jesse, trying to keep an eye on the tv which was showing one of the many Fast and Furious movies which Amy selected for them to watch, did a side glance over at the blonde. "I'm not even going to try to figure out how that answers where you sent them."

"I sent them to Opaque. Beca won't get all nervous with how hot Chloe is. Chloe won't see Beca blush or fidget or at the other end of the spectrum, roll her eyes. It's a win, win for Beca. And if she wants to avoid talking about herself, they will have plenty to talk about when they can't see what the hell they are eating, drinking, or doing."

After several beats, Jesse let out a thoughtful 'huh'. "You know, it actually makes sense. She's still going to want to kill you of course, but when you put it that way, it makes sense."

"Duh. I'm a genius. I use to run the best dating service in Tasmania but I had to shut it down because all the clients wanted to get with my sexy ass instead of each other," Amy replied, never taking her eyes off Vin Diesel.

Jesse chuckled to himself, especially when he heard Amy mummer something about being able to get with Vin, Paul, or Channing, no problem.

Aubrey ran to pick up the ringing phone by the couch. "Hello?"

"Oh… hey Aubrey. Is Chloe there?" Stacie asked, mentally cursing when she heard the blonde pick up the phone.

"Sorry, Stacie, she's out tonight."

Instantly interested, Stacie didn't care it was the uptight blonde on the other end of the phone. "Wait, Chloe's on a date? Is it with that hot little broody brunette? Did I miss them going to get coffee?"

Aubrey rolled her eyes. Of course Stacie found Beca's 'alternativeness' attractive as well. "No, they didn't do coffee. Beca just asked her out to dinner instead."

"Damn, straight to the point. I like this girl. I'm glad Chloe didn't freak anymore and agreed to go out. Where are they at? What are they doing?"

"I don't know yet. Beca didn't tell Chloe before they went and Chloe hasn't messaged to tell me yet. Beca just picked her up about half an hour ago though."

"A surprise date, that's kind of romantic. Something Chloe would totally love."

Aubrey could practically hear the swoon coming from the other end of the line. "Yeah, romantic. Or the perfect set up to kidnap Chloe and use her skin as lampshades."

"Ew, Posen. You need to get out more. It's romantic. Put your over protective, over active mind back down into normal person mode for a bit. Your flatmate is fine and is probably having a great time."

After a beat and noticing that Stacy wasn't as eager to get off the phone with her as usual Aubrey decided to continue the conversation. "Well, don't tell Chloe this but I was looking out from the window when she went down. I wasn't able to make out too much but Beca picked her up in a limo."

"See! Totally romantic. Chloe is probably on cloud nine right now. Douche bag Tom didn't do anything to try and impress her and this girl seems to be putting it all out there on date one. About time she found someone to woo her."

Aubrey stayed silent because deep down she didn't want to agree with Stacie even though she knew everything she was saying was true. She definitely wasn't all Team Beca yet but she could tell Stacie would be making "I ship Bechloe" shirts and "Team Beca" stickers in the near future if all kept going well. As she was about to respond, she felt her cell buzz in her pocket. She pulled it out and slid her thumb over the screen to get her message.

Aubrey's eyes took in the words typed across the screen. "Oh. My God."

Stacie got nervous hearing Aubrey's sudden change of tone. "What? What's wrong?"

"She took her to Opaque. She effing took her to Opaque!" Aubrey closed her eyes and took deep, calming breaths.

"Ah crap. And she was doing so well. I'm going to let you go, Aubrey. Let me know when Chloe gets home and I'll stop by for support or whatever she needs."

"Will do. Bye, Stacie."

During the rest of the drive the girls talked about random current events that were going on in the news.

"I can't believe he blamed oral sex! I mean, first, more than I ever wanted to know about the man and second, way to throw your wife under the bus, guy!"

Beca kept laughing as Chloe got fired up about the topic they were discussing. She loved how animated Chloe got when talking and telling stories.

Both girls got quiet when they felt the limo roll to a stop. A few seconds later they heard the driver door open and shut. Then, the door by Beca opened and Franky was there greeting them with a smile that didn't quite look natural on his hardened face. "Here we are, ladies."

Beca smiled and nodded at him slightly as she carefully slid out of the limo. She turned and offered her hand to Chloe as she stepped up onto the sidewalk. Chloe smiled broadly at the act of chivalry from the smaller girl and took the offered hand assisting her out. As soon as she was able to pull her eyes away from her date she took in her surroundings. She felt her stomach drop to her knees when she saw where they were.

"Oh goodness."

Beca looked at Chloe's face which was transfixed on the glass door a few feet ahead of them where "Opaque Dining in the Dark" was frosted onto it.

"Oh, I've seen stuff about this place. I've never been here though. Is…is everything okay? Do you want to go somewhere else? We totally don't have to eat here if you don't like it." Beca felt herself slide into damage control mode again.

Chloe sighed because no matter how much of an issue she was having with this surprise, she couldn't help but recognize how adorable Beca was when she was bordering on frantic. The girl was practically falling over herself to please Chloe in any way she could.

"No, it's fine, Beca. I just need to shoot Aubrey a quick text and let her know where we are. She may send the hounds soon if it don't." Chloe didn't wait for Beca to comment before she turned and walked away towards the end of the street. She took out her phone and found Aubrey in her contacts. Chloe tried to calm her racing heart by breathing in through her nose and out her mouth. Her text was simple. 'Just arrived at restaurant. Eating at Opaque.' Part of her knew Aubrey would freak when she read it but she shut her eyes, took a few more breaths, and turned her phone off. Chloe was a big girl. Chloe could handle herself just fine.

Beca looked on as she watched the redhead on her phone. She was facing away from Beca so she couldn't really see her face. Something was definitely up though. Even someone as oblivious as Beca could tell Chloe's reaction was less than joyous upon seeing where they were. Beca crossed her arm across her stomach to hold onto her other arm by her elbow. As she started to look around to see where else they could walk to instead of the intended restaurant, Chloe came back and stood in front of her.

"Alright, ready?"

Beca looked back at the other girl who now had a smile plastered across her face. Beca tilted her head a bit to as she took in the expression which was clearly being forced. Again, she may be oblivious sometimes but she hasn't seen this look on Chloe's face, even when just standing greeting passengers as the boarded or left the plane.

"I'm ready. I'm not so sure you are though. Are you okay? I mean, you kind looked a little freaked for a bit and now look a little Stepford. Did I miss a Chloe body swap? And really, we can go anywhere around here. This was just Amy's idea. If you're not feeling it, I'll go in and let them know and we can go wherever looks good."

Chloe's fake smile changed a bit as a real one came back through. "Here is fine, really. I just…you know what, let's go inside and we can talk about it."

The two women entered the restaurant. After finding the reservation for Mitchell, the hostess went through her whole spiel about how they would be embarking into a world of sensitivity by dining in complete darkness being guided and served by individuals who were blind or visually impaired. Beca nodded along as Chloe just smiled back at the girl. They entered another area where they perused the menu and picked their appetizers and entrees. Chloe had an idea at the last second that the girls should pick the others dessert as a surprise to end the meal. Beca loved that Chloe was starting to get into the idea of what they were going to and readily agreed, whispering to the waiter that Chloe should have the Mango Panna Cotta.

After they gave up their bags and jackets to the workers, they sat a bit waiting for their name to be called to go eat. They didn't even have time to strike up a conversation before a waiter announced their name. Steve was going to be their guide for the evening. It appeared Steve was fully blind. He asked Beca to place her hand on his shoulder as he would guide them to their table. As she did so, she felt Chloe place her hand on Beca's shoulder and step extremely close behind her, placing the other hand on her waist. Normally Beca might have really enjoyed this contact from her date but she couldn't help but notice how cold and clammy Chloe's grip was. It was also pretty tight on her. Her concern was she knew that Chloe's grip earlier wasn't ever that way before. If she wasn't certain something was up before, she knew there was now.

As Steve led the way to their table, Beca couldn't believe how incredibly dark this place was. She thought her eyes may adjust to it but there was really nothing to adjust to. Pitch black was the perfect description of the room as she tried not to fumble into anyone or anything. Steve gave them both encouraging and directive support as he guided them into this new environment. Chloe didn't get an inch further from Beca as they walked to their table. She could feel the girl's warm breath on the back of her neck, creating goose bumps in its wake. As they settled into each of the chairs Steve guided them too, Chloe scooted her chair as close to Beca as possible.

Beca could feel the tension rolling off the other girl. She tried to think how best to approach the situation without making the other girl too embarrassed. "Uh, Chloe, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but, if you want to sit on my lap, all you have to do is ask. I wouldn't mind."

Beca felt the ice around them crack just a bit.

"Haha, very funny, Mitchell. Just because they can't see us doesn't make that any more appropriate in public," Chloe joked back and tried to move her chair to give Beca some room but she felt a hand on her forearm stopping her motions. She let a squeak and tensed all over.

Beca let all jokes be set aside. "Whoah, hey, it's just me. You're fine where you are, no worries. Are you sure you're okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Chloe swallowed thickly as she willed her heart back from its current jack hammer pace. "Okay. Honestly?"

"Yeah, of course." Beca kept her hand on Chloe's arm and rubbed her thumb over Chloe's skin to try and comfort the girl without freaking her out again.

"I have issues with the dark."

Beca tried to keep her thumb going in a steady motion but she was sure it paused half of a beat when she heard Chloe's confession. "Issues. Like, you're afraid of the dark?"

Chloe let out a short laugh. "Way to make me sound like a four year old, Beca. No, not quite like that. I mean, I have issues seeing in the dark anyway. It takes my eyes longer to adjust than others would so dark places kind of freak me out more than they probably should. I wish I had some traumatic story to tell you about being locked up someplace for a long time when I was little to back my fear up but I don't, at least not that I know of. Feel free to laugh. I know how silly it sounds."

Beca shook her head and then realized of course that Chloe couldn't see her reaction. She had to use her words tonight. "If I see a clown, even a mile away, I will turn around and walk the other way."

Chloe couldn't help the giggle that escaped out of her mouth. She quickly covered her mouth to keep from repeating the action.

The tiny brunette grinned at hearing Chloe's laugh. She decided to continue. "This one time, Jesse was absolutely obsessed with going to this carnival that was going on in the town next to us and he begged me for weeks to go before it had even arrived. When it finally did I agree and there was a clown greeter at the gates, I refused to go in and stayed in the car listening to music while he called anyone he could think of that might be there to join up with their group."

Chloe could picture a little Beca doing something so stubborn as sitting in the car to avoid something she didn't like. "Oh, Beca. That's…that's kind of funny but adorable. How old were you?"


Chloe bit down on her bottom lip to keep from laughing again. Not quite the vision she had initially but this new vision was even funnier. She loved the fact Beca was putting herself out there for her. "Probably not something you share on every first date, huh?"

"Not unless you plan on taking me to Ringling Brothers, no. But really, we can leave. I have no problem going somewhere else. I don't want you to have a horrible time because of this."

Feeling for Beca's hand that was still on her arm, she took it in hers. She held it and gave it a squeeze. "I will be fine. You're here. And I promise to protect you from any clowns that may be lurking in the shadows."

Chloe felt Beca's hand tense at that thought. She heard Beca mumble something about that not being a comforting thought. She quickly brought Beca's hand up and kissed the back of it softly, then returned both hands to her lap. "We are good. We can do this."

And they did. They ate their dishes for a bit and then got adventurous as the girls took turns feeding each other food. They had to work through some difficulties finding each other's mouths but it made things pretty entertaining. At one point Beca ended up with something, she's not entirely certain what, going up her nose which made Chloe bellow with laughter and apologies. Through the meal they found a good system of talking about their actions before doing them so Chloe didn't jump the rest of the meal and both girls gave and received their own share of encouraging touches which came natural in their current environment.

When dessert came, Beca grinned proudly hearing Chloe moan after her first bite. "Oh my gosh, Beca, you have to try this. It is so good!"

"Sure. Just remember, I eat with my mouth, not my nose."

Sliding one hand across the table to find Beca's, Chloe held the fork with Panna Cotta on it. Beca stayed still as Chloe's hand traveled up her arm slowly and gently. Beca felt her pulse pick up but she was certain it had nothing to do with the upcoming dessert she was to enjoy. She felt Chloe's fingers, now warm and soft, skirt across her collar bone and up her neck. It was sweet torture for Beca as the digits made their way along Beca's jaw to the very edge of her lips, her touch leaving a searing trail behind it on Beca's skin. The thought of kissing or nibbling the fingers at her mouth ran through her mind but decided now would not be the time to scare Chloe away. A second later she felt the flaky crust of the Panna Cotta pass through her lips which she opened slightly and then felt the sweet tang of mango dance across her tongue. With her eyes closed now, Beca mirrored Chloe's earlier reaction.

Chloe beamed while she pulled the fork away slowly so Beca got all the sauce too. "I know, right? It's so good. Excellent choice, Beca."

As she finished chewing, Beca couldn't help but notice that Chloe's hand lingered along her collar bone where her dress didn't quite entirely cover her skin. All of this touching normally wouldn't have sat well with Beca but she found herself almost wanting to encourage whenever she could with Chloe. It was all very natural. Beca could only hope that was a good sign of things to come.

The girls finished their meal and thanked Steve for being a great host for the evening. After a little debate about paying the bill, Chloe relented and let Beca pay for the whole thing.

When they left the restaurant, Franky was already waiting out front with the limo door open for them. Chloe looked over at Beca with a questioning look. Beca shrugged and said, "He's either just that good or everyone really is set to a schedule tonight."

Beca let Chloe get in first and leaned over the top of the door to quietly talk to Franky. "I don't suppose you can clue me in on where we're going next? Or at least let me know we're not headed home?"

Franky's expression remained stoic as he answered with his thick European accent. "We are not going home yet, Miss Mitchell. We have one more stop that Miss Amy arranged."

"No hints, riddles, anything to go on?" Beca tried to give him what she hoped was a coy smile to try and gain some information.

The man just looked back at her but did add what she took as a slightly annoyed but probably as pleasant as she was going to get smile from the man. "I'm sorry, Miss Mitchell. Miss Amy's instructions were clear. You will be finding out soon though. We have one more stop before bringing Miss Beale home."

Beca nodded and slid in next to Chloe. The redhead quickly took Beca's hand into hers and entwined their fingers together. "That ended up being really fun, Beca. I'm happy we stuck with that place."

"Good, I was scared there for a bit and was really running through my options of what I was going to do to Amy. And while I can't say exactly where we're headed to next, I can say that the date's not over yet."

"It was never Amy's fault. Short of doing a background check, she wouldn't have known."

Chloe noticed a thoughtful look on Beca's face now.

"She didn't do a background check on me, right? She doesn't have access to do something like that, right?"

Beca let the silence hang in the air a bit more before responding carefully. "Well, let's think of it this way. If she did, no one was able to document your dislike of the dark so you won't have people using that to their advantage against you. That's pretty positive."

Chloe shook her head as she laughed. "Whatever. It worked out fine." Chloe gave Beca's hand a slight squeeze. "And I'm happy to hear the night's not over."

Beca's smile grew bigger though she fought to keep a big, stupid looking grin off her face. She failed. "You might want to be careful, Beale, saying things like that makes it seem like I'm winning you over."

Chloe sighed and looked away. "And then she opens her mouth. Moment ruined."

Beca poked at Chloe's side making her turn back towards the brunette. Neither girl had lost their smiles. Beca brought their hands up and lightly kissed the back of Chloe's hand. While the action shocked her, again, with Chloe it seemed natural, especially if it was going to cause the other girl to cuddle closer into her side the way she did this time.