Chloe set up dinner as she waited to her Aubrey's alarm clock go off. The girls agreed to be back around the apartment and up around 7 p.m. for their roomie night in. Chloe picked up some Italian for them, Aubrey's favorite when she let herself indulge in carbs, which was sitting in the oven keeping warm. A bottle of red wine was out on the counter breathing. She surveyed the mini table the two girls had arranged between the kitchen and the living room where they could have "formal" meals. She had gone so far as to straighten up all the common areas in the apartment while Aubrey slept. It wasn't that Chloe was a slob it was just Aubrey was a bit of a neat freak. Any piles of random mail that lay about or recycling that was waiting to go out had been removed from sight. All the blankets and pillows out had either been put up or arranged just how Aubrey liked them presented. She even lit Aubrey's favorite candle hoping it wouldn't mix weirdly with the smell of the food. She was feeling confident about the evening. Now she just had to wait for Aubrey to wake and make her appearance.

Chloe grabbed her laptop and checked her email while lounging on the couch. She got caught up on all her social networking and recent news. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw she still had about half an hour before Aubrey would wake. On a whim, while seeing an article about Justin Bieber's latest incident on TMZ, she put the name 'Beca Mitchell' into the search function. There she saw a few articles pop up. Chloe's eyebrows rose up in shock. Clearly the other girl was bigger than she actually thought. Quickly scanning the article headlines she pieced together she had mostly DJed some big parties but there were also articles concerning her showing up at performances with people like Cher Lloyd, Ellie Goulding, Andy Grammer, and Christina Perri. The list seemed to go on and covered various music genres. One article in particular caught her eye though. It had the headline "Ronson Replaces LiLo." She clicked for the full article and saw a picture of both Samantha Ronson and Beca leaving a club together. There wasn't too much more to the article only saying that the two girls had met previously at a gig and Samantha asked Beca to join for this party. It didn't say anything further about Beca other than she was a fellow DJ in her own rite and could give Lohan a run for her money with her ex. Chloe shook her head at how the situation was probably blown out of proportion. The two girls weren't even touching or looking at each other in the picture. They were just exiting together. She clicked back and then saw there was a video with Beca looking up at the camera under her dark lashes as the screen shot. Chloe couldn't help but click play on the video. There she saw Beca heading out of some other club flanked by Jesse. The camera guy was asking for a comment about her upcoming album and working with some guy she hadn't heard of. Clearly she needed to brush up on her music more than she thought. Beca looked up at the guy as she continued to walk by slowly and smirked at him. She tossed him some comment about how she was hoping the album would be out in a few months and that things were going better than she could expect so far. As for working with the guy, she said he was a complete professional and that he saved is dramatic outbursts and fights for camera guys such as himself and televised award shows. The camera guy laughed, thanked her for her time and wished her a good night. From there Chloe saw the shot end with Beca giving him a small salute and Jesse leading her away. Everything else she found was pretty vague. It seemed the DJ, though gaining more popularity, stayed away from the limelight as much as possible. Chloe liked the sound of that. She hoped that meant Beca was as laid back and grounded as she seemed on the plane, other than when she was stammering to ask her out.

In the back of the apartment she heard the buzzing of Aubrey's alarm sounding. She closed her laptop and got up to get the food plated for them both, carbonara for Aubrey and lasagna for herself. She took out the breadsticks the restaurant gave her and put them in a bowl with a towel over them to keep them soft. She also got salads bowled and poured the wine.

When Aubrey came in rubbing her eyes, still in her pajamas she took one look at her flatmate smiling brightly back at her behind the table in full dinner display and turned back around to go to her bedroom.

Chloe furrowed her eyebrows. "Aubrey? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong. I am just figuring this is a meal that I should actually have pants on for. I clearly missed the memo. I thought we might have pizza on the couch or something but you have the table all set up and I can already tell you cleaned. I will be right back, fully clothed and then we eat and we talk."

Chloe laughed as she watched her retreating flatmate go back into her room, realizing now that Aubrey was wearing her super short sleep shorts which only Chloe got the privilege to see her in. No one else would even believe they existed in the uptight blonde's wardrobe.

Coming back in wearing jeans and a blue and white striped top, Aubrey sat down at her usual place taking in the full set up. "Wow, Chloe. Is this a practice run for the date tomorrow? Are you that nervous you need to practice on me? I would like to remind you I don't kiss on the first date no matter how nice this spread is. You may have to talk to Stacie if you're looking for the full experience." The blonde placed her napkin across her lap and mixed up her salad, spreading the dressing more.

Chloe smiled back at her grabbing her wine glass and leaning forward to bring the glass to the middle. Aubrey brought hers up to the middle as well. "To the best flatmate I could have asked for. To safe and painless flights in the future and more good times," Chloe toasted.

"To no extra reports, no rude passengers, no crazy kids who won't stay buckled no matter what you tell them or bribe them with, and to a crazy roommate who I wouldn't ever trade," Aubrey toasted back.

The girls clicked their glasses together and drank the wine. Aubrey put her glass down and began to get some pasta on her fork. "So, before we get to the juicy stuff, how have you been? Have the rest of your flights been okay?"

Chloe swallowed her first bit of lasagna. "Yeah, they were fine. I had one with Lily that was a bit scary but only because of her."

"You know, we have to do something about her. She's just creepy! I don't know how she has lasted this long." Aubrey grabbed for the basket of bread offering Chloe a piece first and then taking one for herself.

"I think she's good enough. She's kind of funny if you can actually have a conversation with her. She seems to just get in these moods where she mumbles to herself but she snaps out of it to handle the flight."

"Whatever you say, I just think one day we will have a risk on the plan and it won't be from terrorist threats it will be because she finally lit something on fire somehow."

The girls continued their conversation through the meal about their flights, the other FAs, some of the flight deck guys and girls. Finally when Chloe was sopping up her left over pasta sauce with a piece of her breadstick, Aubrey finally got to the topic she had been anticipating.

"So. Beca?" Aubrey leaned back in her chair watching Chloe's actions. She had wanted to wait to have this conversation when she could watch Chloe's reactions to her questions. Chloe was a horrible liar even though she thought otherwise. Her body language always gave her away but Aubrey had always kept Chloe's tells to herself just simply calling the redhead out on her lies when she felt she needed to. It wasn't that Chloe tried to lie to her often but when she did it was almost humorous to Aubrey more than anything else.

Chloe finished chewing her bite and looked up at Aubrey who was resting back in her chair with her wine glass idly resting in her hand while she looked back at her. "Well, you remember the New York flight, right? And that group up in business class?"

Aubrey tilted her head to the side a bit as she remembered the group Chloe was referring to. "The group with Cynthia Rose? Yeah, what about them?"

"Beca was actually part of that group."

The blonde thought back to that flight. She remembered only two younger girls in front aside from Cynthia Rose. There was the loud blonde and the quiet alt girl sitting across the aisle from her. Aubrey connected with those blue eyes across the table from her. "Tell me you are talking about the blonde."

"Actually,…" but before Chloe could get any further she heard her phone go off. "Hold that thought. Beca was suppose to get a hold of me about tomorrow before she got on her flight."

Aubrey watched and the redhead ran off to her room and drank the rest of her wine and reached to fill her glass up again. She had the feeling she was going to need this next glass and maybe the one that followed it.

Chloe reached her phone and hit the answer button. "Hey, Beca!"

"Hey, you! Sorry, we were running late to the airport so I'm actually boarding soon. I can't talk too long. I wanted to see if tomorrow night around seven would work for you. You said you had a flight the next afternoon so I didn't want to keep you out too late."

"Yeah, that will work great but you make me sound like I'm going to turn into a pumpkin if I stay out too late or something."

"Well, I do picture you as the Disney princess type. Maybe I don't want to have to wander around town with a glass slipper looking for you. People's feet kind of gross me out."

Chloe chuckled into the phone. "No, it's fine and very thoughtful. I won't really be able to drink though. I hope that's okay?"

"So you're telling me I can't get you drunk and have my way with you? Maybe we should postpone this little get together then."

Chloe loved how deadpanned the girl could sound when she already knew the girl was completely joking. She bet the girl was even a shade of red while she tried to flirt. She sighed into the phone. "Well, if that is how you feel I understand. Maybe I can check if Aubrey is available then. I don't think she has a flight."

"Your blonde plane nazi? No thank you. I think I can survive a night with a sober you just fine. So I'll pick you up around seven?"

Chloe figured she would save divulging the fact that Aubrey was her flatmate for a later conversation. "That sounds good. What should I wear? What are we doing?"

At this Chloe heard a bit of a pause and what sounded like Beca covering up the phone and talking to someone. Then she heard Beca get back on the line. "Well, I'm sure whatever you wear will be fine but maybe a little dressy would be best? And don't eat beforehand."

"Alright. I'll text you my address in a bit then," Chloe said as she could hear boarding announcements in the background. "Have a good flight. Mind your flight attendants. I don't want to hear about you and your friends from a friend of mine."

"Wow, I didn't realize it before but you basically have spies watching me now. Kind of creepy…hey, I know this is kind of random but I have to ask because I feel silly not knowing. What's your last name?"

Chloe smiled at the question. She needed to get use to how cute the other girl seemed to her if she was going to keep things from being awkward tomorrow. "Beale. My name is Chloe Beale."

"Beale. Chloe Beale. I like it. Compliment your parents for me."

At this the redhead shook her head and chuckled again. "You are kind of strange, Beca Mitchell. Cute, but strange. Now get on your flight and don't forget to turn off your phone. I will see you tomorrow."

"Looking forward to it, Chloe Beale. Have a good night."

Chloe hung up the phone but brought it down and tapped it on her chin as she bit her bottom lip. She hugged her other arm across her stomach. She stood that way for a bit replaying her conversations with Beca to date seeing how much she had already gotten more comfortable with the idea of Beca and her before she could hear Aubrey calling from the table. When she came back into the room she saw Aubrey had started clearing the table.

Once they finished clearing off the table and put the dishes away, Aubrey sat back in her chair with her wine. "So, you were saying?"

Chloe settled in her chair as well, leaning forward on the table bringing her hands together rubbing her thumbs together. "Beca is actually the other girl with Cynthia Rose. The dark haired girl."

"The tiny, dark haried, alternative girl. The one with more make up on her eyes that day than you usually wear in a month. That girl?"

Chloe had expected such a reaction. Beca was definitely not the type of person Aubrey would be caught dead associating with. One of the reasons Aubrey made such a great FA is that she didn't have to work hard on that persona. She believed in looking pristine and oozing manners and charm all the time. She considered classic beauty the only real type of beauty out there. It wasn't that she would be outwardly mean to anyone during a flight but she wasn't totally above judging solely on looks at first glance. Her upbringing definitely made her kind of a snob but Chloe liked to think she had been slowly loosening the girl up.

"That would be Beca. Like I said, she's really nice, Aubrey. She's in the music scene here and working with Cynthia Rose so she has to be pretty good at it. And she was even thoughtful about the time of the date tomorrow because I have a flight Sunday." Chloe defended the other girl but making sure her voice was still upbeat letting Aubrey know she didn't feel attacked yet.

Aubrey looked back at the girl across from her. She could tell Chloe was nervous about what she would say as she played with her fingers. Thinking back on the flight she tried to remember more about the girl that Chloe somehow got tangled up with. There was nothing else that really stood out about her. Her friends were loud but she just seemed to blend in the background. Aside from her rough looks there didn't seem to be anything special about her. She definitely didn't seem like the kind of girl Chloe would go out with though.

"How did this even happen? She didn't really scream approachable on the plane. And she isn't someone who I would picture you with at all. You two are like complete opposites. You're all sunshine and rainbows. She's all thunder clouds and rain. Does she even smile?"

Chloe couldn't help and think about one of her favorite quotes as Aubrey pointed out how different the two girls were from each other, as if she didn't already know. "'A fish and a bird may indeed fall in love, but where shall they live?'"

"Wait, falling in love? I thought you said this was just a date? Where are you two going anywhere, some rave?"

"You know what I mean Aubrey and you know where that's from. It is just a date. And we talked during the flight and then she gave me her number and asked if I wouldn't mind hanging out. It was sweet. I don't know what we're doing yet but I'm pretty sure a rave is not in the plans though I wouldn't mind some fun with glowsticks." Chloe looked her friend dead in the eye when she responded. She wasn't going to let Aubrey talk her out of this or make her doubt her decision to see this through. The more she talked with Beca the more confident she became in her decision and everyone who knew Chloe knew that when she set her mind on something, she saw it through until the end.

Aubrey sighed and took another drank. She looked over at the still calm redhead, her gaze not wavering from Aubrey. She knew that look from Chloe. It didn't matter what she said at this point, the date was going to happen. "Okay, it's just a date. Just. Be safe, you know? Don't let her get you into any trouble. And you are to let me know where you are at all times. I don't want you getting hurt again and this girl screams 'pain and angst' all over, like a flashing neon sign."

Chloe smiled, stood up and came around to Aubrey's side, bending down to sidle up behind the girl's chair and wrapping her arms around her and giving her a hug. With her cheek pressed against Aubrey's she said, "I know you worry, Bree. It will be fine. You'll see. In the mean time, how about we watch something on tv? Your pick, though I have to tell you Dancing With the Stars wasn't all that great. Your dancer fe…"

Aubrey broke free from the embrace. "Chloe! Spoilers much?!"

Chloe smiled as the blonde girl wandered over to the couch. She grabbed her glass of wine and joined her as they settled in their usual positions on the opposing sides of the couch with their feet mingling in the middle. Chloe knew they were fine and bet in an hour or so she could spring a cuddle attack without too much fuss.

Beca hung up her phone and slid it into her backpack's front pocket.

"How did it go?" Jesse asked as he approached the girl. She had made him leave to make the phone call initially but saw she had to grab Amy near the end of it.

"It was fine. It would have been a lot better if I didn't look like an idiot when she asked what she should wear. I had to ask Amy first. I can't believe she won't even tell me what the plan is. What am I suppose to say tomorrow when Chloe asks me where were going after I pick her up?"

"Just tell her it is a surprise. Just leave out the part that it will be a surprise to you as well. Maybe we can keep trying to get Amy to spill during the flight." The two started to make their way to the ground crew's podium, tickets in hand.

"You heard her. She is not telling anything until it is absolutely needed. I can't think of anything else to do try to get her to tell. I even threatened to fire her and she said to go ahead because if I did then I definitely wouldn't find out." Beca handed her ticket to the smiling guy collecting them and smiled back quickly as he thanked her. She suddenly felt like she had to be super nice to anyone with a Bella logo on them.

"Well, just approach it as an adventure then. Once you survive I'm sure you'll have a great story to share." Jesse dodged Beca's swatting hand as he laughed walking through the bridge.

While on the bridge Beca smiled and said "Chloe Beale."

Jesse nodded and repeated the name to himself. "It's nice. And now you're almost past one night stand level. Congratulations."

Cynthia Rose watched as the two got into a challenge of kicking the other in the butt by crossing their far leg behind the other and swinging the foot upward. "You two never stop, do you?"

Jesse smiled his boyish smile back at her. "All part of the charming package you signed up for, CR." The boy came up and wrapped his arm around the other woman but not before landing a kick against Beca's butt before boarding.