Through the fevered orange sky, a mighty dragon soared through its grand territory. Its gallant colossal wings blazed through the wind at a menacing speed. Its lizard structure whipped the unseen world, creating her own blizzard that shattered leaves out of their trees as she pass through the forest.

At her back, right above her neck, a little girl settled. Her hands secured within the rein and leashes that was strapped on the mighty creature. With an unbelievable speed, it was unknown how she can remain whole as her dragon took her at a blinding velocity. Fueled by the will to break their limits, they escalated the very peaks of the heavens. Higher and higher, their hearts pounding louder in excitement as the air grew thinner and air drop colder. Then at the end of the parabola, they slowed down and for the first time, the girl spoke:

"Now" her voice dominant in command.

And with that single word, the wind suddenly screamed in a discordant howl. Letting gravity do its job, they dived towards the ground, their physical form was lost within the screeching torpedo that they left on their wake. The frightening wail slashed the world with its nightmarish gale. All their souls has been overtaken by the frenzy, that they can think of was to satisfy their endless crave for speed.

But none of them is a fool.

On the final moment, the girl pulled her staff and with a single wave, their fall was broken. And their speed once in all its glory has taken a sharp break. When their sight has returned to normal, they realized that they were only a few inches from the ground, a very decisive move even for a veteran.

Panting from the heart stopping experience, it took the girl a few seconds to recompose herself. When she has finished she slide down her dragons scaly back and made contact to the ground. Upon landing however, her legs was unable to take her weight that she collapsed. Quickly, her dragon reached for her face and crooned in caring as if asking if she was alright.

In response, the girl placed her hand to the dragons forehead and rubbed it like a cat. This made the dragon hum an adorable giggle, proving how much she enjoys her touch. "Goodwork" she said in a deadpan voice while at the same time, hiding her shaking legs. It wasn't a bad fall that made her collapse, it was the fear that she just felt

She was trained both in body and soul never to show the smallest hint of weakness. Even just a few careless words spoken can get her killed. With such a hard life, she has learned how to throw away everything that will slowdown her progress, including emotions. While her dragon was still an infant and does not understand the sufferings that her master has been enduring, she was old enough to know when her master silently craves for the care and love that was denied of her.

Forcing to her quivering body to rise up, Tabitha bade her dragon goodbye and turned her back to Sylphid. Knowing that it is smart enough to take itself to the stables. But her walk was abruptly stopped when she heard her dragon whimpered followed by the childish words: "But Onee-chan"

This gave her a second thought



As our daily practive has always been hard, so should the rest be, It was a common mistake to underestimate the importance of a break. It was one of the many simple errors that can prove fatal for anyone. It was good thing that my master was the smartest person ive ever met.

With my masters approval, I excitedly accelerate to her room with my arms spread out like my wings in my dragon form. Inside, I nonchalantly jumped to the soft mattress of her bed.

"Another night with Onee-chan, Another night with Onee-chan," I repeatedly set my pounding heart into words. Pounding harder in anticipation, I pulled her pillow close to my nose and amassed myself in her scent. The same scent that I love.

"Ahh~" I breathed in Euphoria "Im in heaven"

Following my tail, she soon appeared in the doorway. Her eyes cold and uncaring as it had always been. But I knew better than anyone else. Deep inside that cold wall was a well of emotions that she has sealed perfectly. Except for the ones who knows how to listen.

Without any greeting, I just watched her as she entered the premise that I just invaded. She laid her staff on the wall and opened the drawer. From the assortment of their uniforms, she pulled out a long piece of white clothing and threw it to me. Before I could caught it, she said; "Clothes"

I spread its full width and inspected it. "Hey Onee-chan, why does humans love to wear skins?"

"Heat" she replied as she started to undress. Right now, I am on my human form but I cannot feel any cold. I am a fire breather so its natural for me to be resistant to cold. But isn't this a bit too thin to provide heat? Also…

"If its just for heat, then what for do you guys need those small pieces of underwear?" I asked, she has already unbuttoned her uniform and unfastened her skirt. And the moment I spoke, I am already pointing my fingers to those small pieces of mantle that she has beneath the main clothes.

It surprised me when she suddenly blushed and pulled her nightdress to immediately cover her body. Before I could ask her why, she already turned her head away and recomposed her usual deadpan voice. "Modesty"

I tilted my head to the side and a finger to the lips. "I don't get it"

She never answered me and I know why. Dragons and Humans can never have a full understanding of each other.

Immitating her, I put on the white gown. It smelled like lavender flowers which made me wonder if she has perfume in her closet or if it was the fault of the school laundry maids. Done dressing up, she turned to me and I quickly reacted by moving aside and provide her enough space so we can sleep together.

She lay down beside me and I covered ourselves under the same blanket, It was very cozy to have someone special to share the feelings of company with you. Cuddling together like this made me think that we are like siblings…and I am the older sister. I hold my laughter from such a funny thought. Me as the bigger sister? That's so funny!

She ignored my wide smile as she lay down and closed her eyes. However, before she could drift to sleep, I called her "Hey Onee-chan, can we sleep later?"


"Ehh" I whimpered "but there is something I want to show you"

"No, school" she repeated this time with a reason

"Please please please," I pleaded, "I promise you, this will be fun and will relax you"

Seems like I finally caught her attention as she opened her eyes and said. "Be quick"

"Yay!" I squeled in delight. And without further ado, I proceeded to reveal my intentions.

I slip my hand through her night gown and she suddenly flinch. When I rested my palm on her breast, she grabbed my arm and attempted to resist. "Ahh, don't fight Onee-chan." I scolded her followed by running my other hand into the grove between her legs. Upon contact, the reaction was amusing.

She squirm and twisted when I started playing with that delicate line, starting by caressing her tiny legs. Additionally, I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her sensitivity was so strong it took only second before her breasts became stiff and nipples erected and hardened. My fingers traced her fair skin from the outside and let her know my aim. When I started to touch her trench, I was surprised at how wet she already was. A warm trickle of liquid was already leaking out of her, wetting the bed lines.

"No" she managed to breath out but her body was more honest than she thinks. Soon her breathing grew ragged and her body relaxed in my touch. Her crotch that was once tightly camped by her legs shyly opened as if welcoming my ministrations. Her skin burned in so much heat that a thin layer of sweat has accumulated in her. Unable to resist, I licked her neck and tasted the sweetness of her lusts.

"No, im, im-" she panted repeatedly. A statement that was portrayed by her violent wriggling. Then with the final stroke, her whole structure stiffened and her spine bent as the electrifying climax soared through her veins. A splash of liquid flowed undisturbed from her womanhood. When the surge of orgasm faded, she settled down, her breathing was steadily deep and her eyes was so adorable it makes me wanna bully her.

"It felt good right Onee-chan? Right? Right?" I bombarded her with questions for the results "I discovered it yesterday while you were in school. My crotch was so itchy so I scratch it again and again. I don't know why but for some reason, I kept on thinking about you. Till that happened tome. I discovered something fun so I shared it to you"

"It felt good right Onee-chan? Right? Right?" I repeated the question. But when she showed me her face, a shiver run up my spine. "A-a-are you angry?"

That inclined eyebrow was enough to convey that she was not happy at all. Her eyes was focused in anger. And the only thing I could do was to avoid her glare. Then with embarrassed laugh, I said "Im sorry Onee-chan, I will never do it again. Promise"

She made her answer known by pushed me and moved on top of my chest. Her hands rested locked on my shoulder, ensuring that escape is futile. She may be lightly built but her aura was something everyone must fear. With her towering above me, I felt so small and fearful. But instead of being threatened, I felt…different.

Held captive by her piercing gaze, I never saw it coming. She leaned closer and suddenly locked her lips with mine. Her moist and tender kiss has made me surge for a desire for more. She buried her mouth deeper into mine, our tongues lashing against each other, we were like kids learning something new. With her taking the initiative has led my senses to a fury of emotions ive never felt before

I was forced to break when she unassumingly send her hand into my pelvic area. The precision of her stroke proved her knowledge and experiences. She inserted her finger inside my cavern and spread it out. I gasp in the intensity of her movement. My blood surged in pleasure. Using the same fingers, she penetrated me over and over. First was just her small finger, but soon she used a pair. She slide it to and fro with an ease lubricated by my juices that came to her assistance. Little do I realized that I was now opening my legs for her.

She took it to the next lever by moving lower and suckled on my breast. Without any second of stopping, she flicked my nipple and tickled my nerves till I was the one who was now feeling the shame that I gave her. When it was already hard, she bit it lightly but catastrophically send waves of pleasure that buckled my senses, dulling my thoughts into disarray.

I totally lost it when she began to pinch my clit. That sensitive little bean, she played with it with an outmost care. But enough carelessness to severe me in an agonizing indulgence. Writing so violently and biting my lips in ecstasy, my hand gripped the bedsheet tightly and twisted it together with me. My senses started to grow dull as I felt a surge forming within my bladder.

"I-I-Im…"My vision turned to white and I let out a deafening wail as I was sent arching when my juices boomed out in a giant spray. It was a climax that I was stronger than I could imagine. So strong that even after it was over, my whole skin was still burning and every inch of my body was shaking.

"Onee-chan…" I panted, even my soul was exhausted and I lay there completely wasted. Her skill was proven unmatched.

She was till above me but her stare was now softer as if she was secretly smiling. Her voice soon came and asked me. "Good?"

"Yeah…" I admitted

Then I closed my eyes from exhaustion, knowing that I will soon collapse. But before the final moment, I felt a soft kiss planted intomy cheeks. Then her voice whispered in a sensual tone; "I love you, Sylphid"

I love you to, Onee-chan



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