~My Inamorata~

In heavy steps, Louise climbed up the staircase. Her hair lay low and sagged. Her shoulders dropped and exhausted from the day. She struggled to lead her way up to her room just to forget he tragedies that happened today. But it was futile as before she could reach her goal, her path was blocked by the figure that she loathes so much.

Kirche, the red flame mage stood infront her with her hand on her waist to show dominance. But Louise wont submit and looked at her straight into the eye. "So ive heard that you almost burned the stables and let the stallions loose. What are you planning to destroy next?"

Louise growled but managed to hide her angry fangs well. She knows whom she is fighting and experience taught her not to be fooled by pride. Kirche has been a top ranker in class, and her fire spells are to be feared "It was not my fault that the cavalry forgot their gun powders inside."

"And I suppose that its not your fault that you cannot even chant a simple spell?" Kirche laughed. Seeing Louise so down has always been her top priority. To discriminate and bully the weak, was her own specialty. "Are you sure that you're a heir of the Francoisse family?"

That was the question that struck a chord within her. Her shoulder suddenly stiffened and her shaking fists locked so tight they turned white. She dropped her head to hide the signs of her raging wrath, then walked away without uttering a word. Kirche was amused as how she proceeded straight to her room. Satisfied with her harassments, she went her way while holding a small laughter.

Louise made sure the door behind her was locked before she quietly sat on the bed and began to cry.

"I know about it," she sob as the tears traced from her cheeks and fell onto her lap. "I know that I am a failure"

To be raised from a family aristocrat, the expectations was high and no matter how much she persevere, it all goes for naught as her spells rejects her chants. Tighter, she clasp her hand, desperate for any sign of comfort, for anyone who can just listen. But in the darkness of her room, she was her own company. Her own shadows mock her insecurities

Then out of a deranged humor, a soft laughter escaped from her lips. "Maybe its better if I could just die"

She wiped off her tears and looked out to the window. Her room was barren of any light source but the pale blue rays of the moon that illuminates through her thin curtains. From her sleeve, she pulled out a small glass vial filled with an unknown liquid

She raised it up against the shine of the stars and began to speak in tears. "What future awaits a failure like me anyway?"

Then she drank it in one gulp and her body fell instantly.


The castle garden was intricately built with the finest fauna. Every patches of roses and trinkets of bushes was carefully pruned to sculpt a beautiful alleyway and a labyrinth of fragrant flowers for the season. Birds of prey merrily chirped as they share the blessings of this afternoon. In the center of this maze, a small but lovely pavilion lies to give shelter. And in it, the images of 2 maidens can be spotted. A couple that shares their teas and cakes as they enjoy their sanctuary from the outside

"The flowers have bloomed early this year" Henrietta remarked as she sipped her tea.

"Indeed" Louise seconded "Its such a peaceful day today. I don't feel like doing anything else"

"It is rare for me to have a break. Im so glad you came to share this time with me."

"You Highness" Louise answered "It is my honor to accept your invitation."

"Highness…huh…" Henriettas voice drifted and sounded distant "I told you to remove the honorifics when we are alone"

"Oh, im sorry, Henrietta" Louise apologized "But I do not understand why"

"Because ordinary people bow to my royal name. But only a true friend will see my true me who is just as equal as anyone."

"You High- I mean, Henrietta," Louise nudged "Do I really deserve to be called your friend?"

"To me, you are more than a friend" Henrietta smiled before she came closer and held Louise by the shoulder. Slowly, she leaned closer and implanted a kiss which Louise accepted "You are my most precious person in the world"

Deeper, their kiss went. Their tongues hustled against each other as they let their intentions known. Henrietta was the one who parted first, only to take her lips out to lick her love one in the ears. Slowly, she rolled her tongue out to lick her ears and sucked on the lobes.

"It tickles" Louise squirmed but Henrietta ignored her movements and continued her lead. She descended her tastebud down to Louise neck and breathed on it. The warm sensation instantly flicked the switch. Louise struggle to hold it that she held Henrietta close. Her breathing was ragged "agh…hha…"

That reaction was a sign of the desires that Henrietta would gladly offer. Skillfully, she unbuttoned Louise shirt and slide it away before lightly pushing her backwards. Her soft skin slowly revealed. Now half naked, Louise felt cold and embarrassed at how she has nothing to be proud of her small proportions. But Henrietta could careless, in fact she thinks that Louise cannot look any better.

Shyly, Louise tried to cover her body with her hands, but her princess held them off and dived right into her bosom. Louise was never granted the breast but it was one of the things that Henrietta loves about her. The nipples was already red and swollen but not yet good enough so Henrietta licked and flicked those red buttons, till the hardness was already to her liking. Then, she lightly bit it causing Louise to instantly yelp. "Ahg!..ahh…nghn…"

The electrifying sensation caused Louise to buckle and twist, this pleased Henrietta most. Next, she descent her fingers down to her navel where she played with it. It wasn't long till Henrietta ended the four play and finally directed her hand down into Louise's secret garden. She no longer cared for the clothing that Louise still wears, she just slipped her hand through the skirt and panties, and finally, to the place where the legs meet. The heat inside was beyond her expectations.

"Ahg…your highness…ughh…" Louise sounded afraid as she felt the fingers making contact with her overflowing juices. She felt more ashamed than ever before.

"I told you to call me by my name, right?" Henrietta teasefully used her fingers to force her way inside, only to take it out just at once. She has her sadistic side and it is currently unrestrained. Her fingers rubbed the outer flesh with enough intensity to make Louise writhe in pleasure. Lustful and indicent liquids continued to leak out with every action.


"Hey Louise," Henrietta whispered in the ears of her beloved "I want to taste you"

Louise was already in the state where she cannot even manage the least of resistance, so Henrietta just grabbed her skirt and slide it away from her thighs and out to her feet. Now that she was completely naked, Henrietta cannot be any more aroused. She moved towards the place that attracts her the most. Her smile grew brighter with the sight of Louise's little flower.

Due to her careful secrecy, only those who stayed long enough in her company has known about the hidden obscenities of their princess. And the only person who has stayed that long was right in front of her. She parted Louise legs and leaned closer to lick her extracts clean. With every stroke of her tongue, Louise's breathing raced till the responses of her own body became subconscious. Henrietta's advances felt so good that Louise hips was already moving on its own as if trying to match the lewdness of her highness.

Henrietta buried her face deeper into Louise crotch, her tongue never stopped its diligent movements as if addicted to the flavor. She sink her taste buds further inside of her till she tasted the sweet tang of Louise hidden roses which felt rough yet smooth at the same time. Everytime the she tries to wriggle inside, the canal walls clamp shut as if pulling her further.

"ugh…ha…hah…akg…." Louise panted as her body twisted with the feelings raging inside her. Hearing her sensual voice was far better than the finest of singers

Next, Henrietta pulled over and inserted her fingers. Due to the natural lubricants, it took her no effort to squeeze in her forefinger, but when she tried to add her middle one inside, it suddenly became tight. At first, her fingers drive only in a gentle manner but soon, she raised up her intensity.

"…Henrietta…im…gonna…" Louise panted as her consciousness started to fade. Her heart pounding so hard it felt like it was about to burst.

"Not yet…" Henrietta breathed teasingly in reply. She wanted to give Louise the best experience so without stopping her fingers, she leaned in closer and played with the clit which instantly send waves of aftershocks throughout her body. Her poor lover thrashed around even wilder than before, obviously on the brink of her climax.

"I…I-I- cant…hold…anymore…" her frantic breath dulled her senses as the pleasure took over. She was already on her limits.

"Go…cum for me."

With the approval of her lover, all at once, Louise let out her unrestricted scream. Her back arched as high as her voice, volts of electricity rampantly surged in her every veins that instantly vanished her vision and thoughts. Her legs trashed uncontrollably, her whole body was in a spasm. She completely lost it.

When her climax ended, her body relaxed and fell down, then all that followed was silence. Louise was numbed to the core, yet all her senses was at its most sensitive state. Her ragged breathing was the only thing that breaks the stillness. Until when Henrietta giggled, her face was stained with the liquids that she loved so much.

"You came?" Henrietta playfully asked, then licked Louise once more. Louise twitched from the touch

"You highness…please…stop, its embarrassing…"she begged in her breath

"Nooo~" She sang with a mischievous grin. "I was the one who made the mess, so I am the one to clean it up"

Louise crevice was still trembling when Henrietta set her words into actions, She licked Louise over and over until all her juices was cleaned. While making sure that none of her nectar will be spilled.

"Ahh…"Henrietta moaned when she finished "This is the taste of my love. I just cant have enough of it."

"H-h-Henrietta?!" Louise flushed. Her voice finally recovered but not her body yet "That's an indicent thing to say!"

"Why? Are you not my love yet?"

Louise was reduced to silence again. Her head shyly cowered away from her gaze "Am I really worthy to be your lover?"


Slowly, Louise raised her eyes. When all her sense of reality returned, she slowly stood up from her bed and sat down. She moved her fingers close to her face and stretched it out, folded the joints and observed if it was indeed her body. When all was settled, she gave a loud sigh.

"Im still alive, huh?" she giggled. "Of course im alive, it was just an experimental potion for increasing my mana"

It was a humor that was cut short when she finally rose to a stand and looked outside her window. It was still night time and the evening stars was her sole audience. Softly, she spoke: "Hey, do you hear me?"

"I am such a fool to try and give up. I never realized that my goal was to be worthy of you."

She raised her wand proudly "Do not worry, tomorrow, I shall summon a familiar so powerful, you will no longer be ashamed that I am your lover"

With a newfound courage, she made her way back to bed.


Authors Notes:

Hi everyone, I just finished the request for a Henrietta x Louise. Please tell me your thoughts. Positive and negative feedbacks are highly appreciatedCurrently accepting requests. I am planning an Agnes x Henrietta. But a female Saito doesn't seem so bad. I suck at humors, though. So don't expect jokes

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