Maura gulped and smiled as she looked down at her hand - that Jane had just slipped her own into the grasp of. It shouldn't mean anything, really. They'd held hands before - pulling each other from rooms and dragging them places they didn't want to be - but this felt so incredibly, substantially different from other times. They'd worked together - with minimal bickering - to save Jane's family and co-worker.

She looked up at her best friend with a curious smile.

"Jane!" Angela called out from behind the police tape, interrupting their moment (nothing different there). They turned and, without their hands disconnecting, made their way over to her.

"What ma, is Tommy okay? The baby?" The tall brunette asked worriedly.

"Everything's fine. Everyone's fine, I'm just warning you that if you're not there for family dinner tonight then you'll be in big trouble, missy. You too, Maura."

The detective rolled her eyes. "C'mon, ma! I can't just leave these guys to clean up all by themselves!"

"Actually, Jane, the entire Boston fire department are here, and they'll be calling in a demolition crew to take the whole structure down." Maura smiled.

"See?! I wanna drive a bulldozer!"

"You're not licensed to drive a bulldozer!" The blonde argued back, earning them both a smirk from Angela.

"That's besides the point." She spoke up. "I don't care if you drive a bulldozer there, I expect the both of you for dinner by six. Maura-"

"Of course you can use my kitchen and dining table. When have I ever said no?" The doctor smiled.

After Angela finally left, the crime-solving pair strolled leisurely towards their hurriedly-parked cars - joint hands swinging between them.

"Can't wait to get back and have a long, hot shower. Get rid of all this concrete and dirt." Jane smiled.

"Me too. And by the way, if you show up for dinner in jeans, I'm kicking you out until you've changed into something nicer."

"Aw, come on, Maur! I just wanna be comfortable!" The taller whined.

"And you can be comfortable after dinner, in your pyjamas."

For someone who felt giddily awkward at the hand-holding, Maura couldn't help but notice that the banter and meaningless arguing was as simple and easy as it ever was.

For a few long moments, the two just stared at each other, both wearing soft smiles. Jane's thumb rubbed softly on the back of Maura's hand as they stood in comfortable silence. They were completely unawares of the stares they were getting, or of Korsak's knowing smirk.

Eventually, the need to speak got the best of Maura, who broke the gaze to look down at bland tarmac. "Jane, I need to say something."she said, voice quiet and hesitant.

The detective's face fell but she put on a brave smile. "Anything, Maur."

"We're... we're friends, right?"

"What are you talking about? Of course we are."

"Cause I... I think I feel things that friends shouldn't feel." She mumbled.

"Like what?" Jane asked, concerned, and took Maura's other hand in both of hers.

"Like... you know... feelings. R-romantic ones."

There was a pregnant pause as the taller woman let this sink in and the blonde waited awkwardly for a response.

"Y-you too...?" Finally came the quiet reply.

The doctor's head shot up with wide eyes, hopeful. "You..." Jane just nodded in response, that same hopeful gleam in dark eyes.

There was, yet another (anyone would think this was foreshadowing) pregnant pause before Korsak butted in with a shout of "Will you two just kiss already so we can all get on with our lives?!" Which was met with a cheer of agreement from the crowd of workers.

"I don't want to kiss you here." Maura said quietly. "I want it to be just us two. No one watching."

"So do I." Her 'best friend' replied. "I don't want to jump into things either. I'll see you at your place at six for family dinner. Once everyone has left and ma's gone to bed, we'll talk and stuff."
Maura nodded in agreement and, regrettably, they dropped their hands for Jane to open the drivers door of the other woman's Prius.