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Yet another day of my fabulous life.

I don't mean to sound haughty or anything it's just, I am really happy with my life! I am one of the most popular girls in school! Why would anybody hate me? I'm perfect.

I finished ironing out my blonde bangs, perfecting my hair. I would wear makeup like Katy and Taylor, but Mom won't let me! She says I'm too young! Sometimes mom really just drives me crazy, you know? Like seriously woman, it's my life, not yours! I checked myself out in the mirror. There I was Tori Vega.. Today I decided to wear tight skinny jeans, plain white t-shirt with a super cute scarf with knit UGG boots and hoop earrings. To finish of the look I put on my black leather jacket, so cute! I took my messenger bag, throwing it over my shoulder. Gotta look sexy for the boys! Oh man do I wish that Beck guy would ask me out! He is so hot, and on the football team making him automatically popular!

I left my bedroom, biggest one of course. I convinced my mom to switch with me after Dad left. She doesn't need any bigger room than any of us considering it's just her in there. My mom says that my Dad had left because they had other "differences". Seriously mom? I'm 14 not 4, we all know that means he had sex with another woman and my mom kicked him out. He cheated on my mom? Well good riddance to that piece of scum. I went down to the kitchen where my mom sat down at the kitchen table with her coffee, writing something down on a paper. My 5 year old sister, Rose, sat chewing on bacon and drawing in her coloring book. She is such a pest!
"Good morning Tori" my mom said cheerily
"Morning, hey do we have any of that organic cereal?" I asked
"We have bacon and sausages" my mom said
"Do we have any of those healthy morning breakfast bars?" I asked
"We have bacon, and sausages" my mom repeated with a giggle! "Augghhhh! Mom you know I'm on a diet! I reminded you yesterday to pick me up my healthy cereals! Now I'll never be as skinny as Katy" I said angrily
"Sweety, you're perfect the way you are, in act I just got your doctor's overview back. You're under weight, he said you should be taking in more calories than you do now" my mom said sadly
"mom" I whined
"Tori, you're a tooth pick, stop worrying about it, we don't want this to end in anorexia, I just thought that bacon and sausages would make a nice treat" my mom said
"Why are we celebrating? What's with the treat?" I asked

My mom started to tear up, tears going down her face.

"Nothing, is it so wrong for a mother to give a treat to her daughter? I just thought it would be so great" My mom said covering her mouth, letting more tears go

"Whoa mom, I didn't mean to make you cry! I just want you to think next time mom, you never think" I told her angrily
"I'm sorry Flora...ouch!" my mom's hand immediately tore away from her cup of coffee making it crash and sending her hand to her chest.

"Mommy!" Rose squealed jumping up on her chair
"Mom? You okay?" I asked calmly crossing my arms
"yeah Sweety..." cough. "don't worry about me, go outside Taylor's mom is here for you" my mom said

"Mommy, do you want me to call grandma?" Rose asked cutely

Kiss up!I ran to the front, hearing my mom coughing more, then slammed the door behind me.
"hey girly!" Katy said from inside the window of Taylor's mom LEXUS car
"hot outfit, that'll make Beck have the hots for you for sure" Taylor said
"thanks!" I said flipping my hair back
I got in the car, crossing my legs and putting my bag on the floor.

"Hey did you remember to bring your iPod so we can blast it in the cafeteria?" Taylor asked
"shit, I forgot" I said smacking my head
"Bitch! Now we're gonna have no music to dance with, thanks a bunch" Katy said sounding annoyed
"sorry Kate" I said using her nickname
"save it, I think I brought mine" Taylor said reaching into her bag
"Yup" She said holding up her iPod touch
"Thank god! I know I can always count on Tay Tay" Katy said putting her arm around Taylor
I put my head down, turning red. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! How could you be so stupidTori,.
"So I heard Andre just broke up with Hope, making him totally available now" I told Katy nudging her playfully as we got out of the car
Katy giggled, I guess I won her back! Yes!
"I know, I heard Jade West has a crush on him, what a loser" Katy said
"Yeah, but she is kind of pretty I guess, and man is her family loaded" I said
"Are you kidding? Try blonde hair die, nose job, and contacts, her clothes are okay, and as for that money of hers, I got waaaaayyyyy more" she said
"Really?" I asked
"That's what I heard, and it's super obvious" Katy said
we walked over to our lockers which were all next to each other.
"Taylor's good with her boyfriend right?" Katy said
"Oh yeah, me and Ryder are so meant to be forever, now if only we could get Beck and Tori together" Taylor said
"I already called dibs!" Katy said
"But you called dibs on Andre and Ryan...and now that I think about it Steven too... Basically the whole football team" I said
"Get over it Biotch, dibs is dibs" she said
Here I go, yet another day of 8th grade. In only a matter of months I'll officially be in high school, so exciting! I'll finally get to experience all of those magical moments! Going on dates with the guy of your dreams(HopefullyBeck!) having sex for the first time, going to prom!
As we walked to first period I noticed the banner hanging up across the hallway.
"Hey guys, spring dance soon" I said with a giggle
"Like we didn't already know that" Taylor said
"we should go get dresses together" I said excitedly
"LookTori, you're our friend and all but you're kind of poor, you really can't afford to be shopping with us" Katy said as we parted going to separate home rooms.

Okay, ouch. That burned.
I entered the room looking around... Hmmm... Empty seat next to Beck. This could be my chance!
"Hi Beck, anyone sitting?" I asked putting on my flirty face
"Nope, feel free to sit down" he said emotionlessly flipping through the pages of some novel he was reading, looked really long, waaaaaaayyyyyy to long for my brain.
"So" I said
"So" he said back emotionlessly not taking his eyes of the book, how mysteries. He put his book down.
"Look, obviously you have something to say so just say it" he said straight out
"Okay...do you...want to go to the dance with me?" I asked batting my eyelashes a bit
"look, Tori, your pretty and all but I'm going to have to say no" he said with sympathy in his voice. Sympathy? For me!
"Can I ask why, I just don't understand why, you just called me pretty?" I said feeling a little hurt
"Because Tori, sometimes outer appearance, is not what I'm looking for" he said giving me a shrug and a small grin to try and lift my spirits

"I'm really sorry" He said getting up and moving to sit with Steven, a guy I recognized from the football team.
My mouth shot open, unable to move. This has been one of the worst days of my life!
Later that day after I changed out of my Cheerleading uniform, because I had just come back from Cheerleading practice, I was walking with Katy and Taylor ready to go home. "That was a really awesome practice today!" Taylor said happily

"I know! That triple flip I did that I ended in a slip was totally perfect" I said, gloating a bit

"Oh get over yourself, it was my cartwheel that pulled it all together" Katy snapped

Truth is, me and Taylor were really awesome gymnasts, Katy, not so much. She can barely do a cartwheel. The only reason she's on the team is because the captain, Taylor, was too afraid of her to say anything.

Suddenly, somebody slammed right into me! This so isn't my day!
I bounced straight to the ground, really hurting my arm.
"Hey! Watch where you're going fatty! You almost hurt Flora!" Taylor screamed
I saw a short girl with red curly hair, pink rounded glasses, tan skin, very round, and by round we all know I mean fat!
"My name isn't fatty, my name Cat" she said unafraid
"Cat!" called Jade, Andre and Robbie. Jade screamed running around her trying to help her
"are you okay?" Andre screamed.

"Do you need to go to the nurse!" asked Robbie

"let me help you up" said Jade.

"Yeah, take my hand" said Robbie

It looked like they all really cared about each other, and for that moment I did kind of feel a little jealous, a little!

"Tori! Get up already, it looks like we're hanging out with them! " Katy murmured under her breath
"Help me up" I said holding out my hands
"you have 2 feet, now hurry up" Taylor hissed
I quickly got up brushing myself of.
"SeriouslyCat, next time watch where your fat bounces" I said giving her the evil eye
"back off, do you find joy out of bullying people?" Andre asked me stepping up and looking very determined
"I...I... Just watch where you're going.." I said turning on my heels
"by the way Jade, UGG shoes, fake" I said pointing down at her feet
With that I left them, feeling much better about my crappy day.

Katy and Taylor started cracking up.

"Good one!" Katy said

As I left the building I turned around, looking back at the girls. I saw Beck, reaching down to help Layla up. The rest of the football team stood behind him checking out the girls. I saw some heads nod up at them, making them go red. I looked down, that should be me he's helping up.

Katy's mom dropped me off at home. When I got to the door I rung the bell. I waited, and waited, but still no answer.

"Augghhhh! Mom! You're so lazy!" I screamed taking my bobby pin out of my hair and picking the lock.

"Mom!" I screamed when I got in

No answer. This is so like her! It made me so angry that she wasn't here to open the door for me on one of the worst days I've had, in my entire life!

I threw my bag off going to the kitchen looking around for something to eat. I opened the fridge to see if we had any apples to eat. I took it out, taking a bite out of. I shut the fridge, then as I closed the door to the fridge I noticed something on the fridge with my name on it.

"Hmm…maybe it's money from my mom! Things may be looking up for me after all!" I screamed happily opening up the letter. I took the piece of paper, shaking it out….no money. Shit. Looks like the paper my mom was writing on this morning. I started reading it.

My dearestTori,

You looked so beautiful today, that's how I want to remember you forever. You see, this is the last day I will be able to see that beautiful face of yours, your long luscious hair, your crisp green eyes. The last time I will see Rose, my baby. I have been suffering from lung cancer since I was 17. I've been fighting it for way to long now. A few weeks ago the doctor told me I only had 3 weeks to live. I couldn't believe this. Today is the day of my death. I am so very sorry sweet heart" I read

I couldn't finish the letter, tears were streaming down my face. I dropped my apple, letting it roll on the floor. I held onto the fridge handle for support, getting down on my knees. I continued reading.

"I am leaving you all of the money I have been saving for when this day would come. I have 1.3 million dollars saved in my bank account, it is free for you to use so use it as you please. I will miss you and your sister so very much. Break this to Rose lightly please. I'm sorry this had to happen, goodbye.

Love, forever and always,

Your mother

I burst down in tears, not just tears but sobs. I started breathing heavily. Sobbing harder and harder and harder.

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