es... i know im a terible person who hasnt updated forever and this is like the 1000th A/N but im sooooooo ssrry, this is the last A/N i swear. the thing is, me and maria ( you may know her from my new story ) have gotten is such deep trouble in school :( and if they tell are parents i am sooooooooo dead, cuz my mom is really strict, so she'll probaly bann the computer, mobile , everything ! ive been so frustrated i cudnt write thse past weeks AT ALL.. the parent teacher meeting is tomorrow so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pray for me :( .. i know it doesnt mean anything to u , but plzz it wud mean a LOTT to me,. WE couldd get suspeded :( so plzzzz, pray . i swear i would update like atleast once a week with REALLY long chapters.

thnxx, nd alwayz love u guyz.