Another Side of Draco Malfoy

Chapter One

Why is it, that just because of my family name, I must be treated like vermin? Why is it that I have to pretend to be someone I'm not, only to prevent my own father beating me further? All of my 'friends' are only 'nice' to me because I am a Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince, and some of their parents must keep an eye on me whilst I am not in my father's judging glare. Yes, that's right, I must be like him, the mighty Malfoy heir who shall marry a beautiful woman and with her shall bare the next heir. My future has naturally been decided for me without any input on what I want to do with my life. To tell him this is something might as well be a death wish, as I have already figured out. Ever since… For as long as I can remember actually, my father has abused me. Nobody suspects a thing, no one ever thinks of ME, and what actually happens inside the dreaded walls of Malfoy Manor. Everyone expects that I lead a great life with high wealth. Yes, the wealth is true, but certainly not the 'great life'. How can my life be great when I am forced to be a horrible person? I feel dreadful for everything I have done. I have NOTHING against muggle-borns, I feel terribly guilty for insulting that Hippogriff back in third year too. In actual fact, I snuck out that very evening and went searching for it. I found it, and I risked my life just to apologise to the beautiful creature. To my absolute pleasure, it saw my sympathy and accepted my apology. It was an amazing shock, but one I took advantage of, as I actually adore pretty much every magical creature, though of course no one knows of course. If my father knew about this… Well, I don't want to think of that. Luckily, when he questioned why I took Care for Magical Creatures, I used the excuse that I wanted to get into as many classes as possible. Anyway, the thing I am most guilty for is the way I treat Harry… Or, should I say, POTTER. That's right. Of course, as I am a Malfoy, I must pretend I despise him. I have never wanted to be a bully, or even slightly mean for that matter, but I have no choice. Luckily, I'm a good actor. Though, as soon as I get behind these walls, it's hard to conceal my emotions, A LOT harder than it is to conceal my scars. That is why I get beaten almost every day I am here. But yesterday… Yesterday was the worst ever. And I mean it. He almost killed me.

I can't believe I did it… We were arguing about how I was too 'cowardly' to kill Dumbledore that horrible night. That bitch aunt of mine, Bellatrix, told my father, didn't she? Luckily, she is not insane enough to not be convinced by my father to tell Voldemort this. But father… He was so mad. He yelled at me about how could I be pathetic enough not to kill him after disarming him. I am a death eater now, shouldn't I be stronger than that? As soon as he said that… I went ballistic. I yelled back to him about how we both know that I never wanted to be a death eater, I was forced into it, and I wish I didn't have the disgrace of being a Malfoy on my shoulders. I yelled and yelled at him until he couldn't stand any of it and started his long, painful punishment. Normally, he'd just use physical attacks on me, usually with his beloved cane, but this time he was so furious that he used magic as well, including the cruciatus curse. The beating lasted for a whole hour before he finally stopped, but he wasn't done yet. He dragged a sobbing me by my collar into an awaiting room deep in our dungeons, which had been enchanted and made in the most cruel way imaginable. He had used this room as a threat for many years before this day. The room had mirrors covering every inch of the walls, forever showing me my bloody and beaten state. In the middle of this room was a deep green illusion of the death eater mark, the only light source in the room. The room was enchanted to pause all human needs and if someone was hurt in the room itself, they cannot die as long as they are healed of the death-threatening problem itself before leaving the room, which he took advantage of, of course. He snarled at the look at my tear stained face, and using my knotted and blood-stained hair he pulled it towards him and whispered in my ear.

"You call yourself my son? Look at yourself, you're a pathetic excuse for a pure-blooded wizard!"

He threw me onto the concrete floor, making me wince in further pain. But that wasn't the last of it to come.


I scream in agony as the unforgivable curse hits me once again. He keeps me like that for a whole minute or so (which seemed like hours) before finally stopping it. I sob silently into my bruised arms, not daring to look up at his evil face.

"I heard of Potter hitting you with sectumzembra... By accident of course, he hasn't the courage to do something like that to you properly. Me? I do. And remember, Draco… It's not possible of you to die from the blood loss here."

"No… Please…" I whisper through my sobs. He simply grins at this.


I am thrown from my position to right under the mark illusion, blood dripping from all over my body. This combined with all my other beatings is unbearable, and I can't even move from the pain.

"Night, Draco…"

He left me trembling in the dark. Everywhere I looked, I could see a boy I didn't recognise, and the dreaded mark.

This is the next day. He finally let me out this morning, healing my deadly wounds but keeping the bruises and cuts, as a reminder. I would have healed them myself, but he threatened me of a beating even worse if I did so I haven't dared. Instead, I am attempting to ignore the pain and I have used a concealing charm which should last until very early next morning, when I can redo it before anyone wakes.

"Draco? Come on, the train is leaving in an hour!"

"Coming, mother…."

Great. Another year at Hogwarts, where I am feared and hated. Just great.

Regular POV:

All of the students hurried onto the Hogwarts Express, each excitingly chatting about the year to come. Harry, Ron and Hermonie hop aboard and search the busy train for seats, also discussing about what this year had to offer.

"So, how many classes did you take again, Hermonie?" Says an amused Ron.

"Uh… 10? 11? Something like that?"

"Bloody hell!"

Harry laughs at his two best friends, before his face darkens into an unfriendly scowl at a certain Slytherin down the corridor.

"Harry? What's wrong?" says a concerned Hermonie, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"THAT'S what's wrong." said Ron, pointing down at the blonde wizard.

"Oh, great, what a wonderful person to see! Still, we need seats, we must bear him." says a displeased Hermonie.

"Come on, let's just get this over with." Harry mutters.

The three friends walk down towards him to get to the next carriage. To their surprise, the Slytherin simply looks up from the book he was reading, before carrying on again.

"What's your problem, Malfoy?" said Ron.

"Huh?" he says, looking up again.

"You heard me."

"What did I even do?" he mutters, carrying on with his reading.

"You're just standing there plotting, aren't you? I bet that's a dark arts boo right there, isn't it?" he replies, making a grab for the book. Draco quickly puts it in his pocket. There was no way that they would find out he was reading a book on History of Magical Creatures.

"That is just ridiculous, Weasley. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I am expected to meet someone." Draco says, starting to walk off. He didn't want anything to do with these three this year, nothing at all. Ron grabs his arm to stop him, making him cry out in pain.

"Ron, let go, you're hurting him, stop it." Harry says to him.

"Come on, I was barely touching him!" he says, but still lets go all the same. Draco gently rubs the affected spot, nodding slightly towards Harry in a small sign of gratitude. He simply blinks, and observes him a little.

"Malfoy, just out of curiosity, how did you get that bruise on your hand?" Harry says, nodding at his right hand.

Shit. He curses to himself. Missed a spot.

Harry starts to get out his wand and grabs Draco's wrist, making him wince. Harry raises an eyebrow at this.

"Harry, what are you doing?" Hermonie says as he points his wand towards the bruise. Ron nods to show his confusion too, and Draco simply looks puzzled.

"I am going to heal it, of course." He says matter-of-factly.


"No, DON'T!" Draco shouts.

Harry drops his wrist, and the three look at him in confusion.

"Malfoy? What the hell?" said Harry.

"Just… Just stay away from me! Do what everyone else does!" he whispers, before walking away, holding back his tears.

"What's gotten into HIM?" Ron says in confusion.

"I… I don't know, Ron, I really don't." Harry replies to him. Looks like he is going to finally have to figure out just what is going through that head of his.

"Draco? Are you alright?"

Draco looks away from the window to his only true friend, Pansy, and sighs deeply.

"No, not really."

"Do you… Do you want to talk about it?"

He shakes his head and looks back out of the window he was once staring out of.

"Alright, that's fine with me. Just… Just remember that you can talk to me about anything, right?"

He winces, but then nods at her. She sighs once he looks back outside. She knows something is wrong. He has always seemed to have something wrong with him, but never has he seemed this bad. It hurt her slightly that her best friend wouldn't talk to her about it, but she still tries her best to be there for him, hoping that one day, he might perhaps confess to what is bothering him. She knew it was something to do with his new Mark, and his father. She had a little idea about what went on behind those Manor walls, but it's not something she knew in detail, which she couldn't exactly ask him about. She would just have to wait and see if he finds the courage to tell her himself.

Soon enough, the Hogwarts Express arrives at Hogsmede. The students scampered off, all chatting about the school year ahead of them. The trio exit their carriage after most of the others, taking their time as to not get caught in the crowds. Unfortunately for Draco, he planned to do the same with Pansy, and ended up bumping in to them again.

Great. He thought to himself. Just what I need. Like I haven't got enough on my mind already…

"Look who it is, AGAIN! Wow, seriously, where is our luck this year?" Ron exclaimed to Harry and Hermonie. She just shook her head, trying to hide her upcoming grin. Harry, on the other hand, didn't really see why Ron had to start on Malfoy.

"Just leave it, Ron…" Says an annoyed Harry.

"What? You're taking his side? I'm sure he is following us on purpose, plotting something against us like normal!"

"That is just ridiculous, Weasley…" Draco says, sighing.

"Just leave him be, will you? He has enough on his mind as it is, he doesn't really need you butting into his life as well!" Pansy said angrily.

Draco smiled at her weakly, looking grateful. Naturally, as Ron had a huge grudge against him, didn't let it go that easily.

"Oh yeah, of COURSE he has a lot of things on his mind! Things on how he could please the Dark Lord and his loving father, and how to suck up to them further! Seriously, Azcaban is where you'll be heading, mark my words, you rotten ferret! Is that why you are all nervous and scared most of the time? Because you know of your fate? A fate that even your pathetic father isn't pleased of? It's not like I care about it, you can rot in there and the dememtors can ruin you inside and out for all I fucking care!" Ron shouted at him.

"RON! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Harry yelled at him, getting a look of confusion from Ron. Even Hermonie looked shocked at Ron's outburst. The four of them, including Pansy who looked incredibly pissed off, all looked over at Draco wondering how many hexes he would cast. It turned out to be zero, to all of their surprise.

"You couldn't be more wrong about me, Weasley. You mark my words, I want nothing to do with Voldemort, nor my father. He is not loving. The only thing you got right is that I am scared. Not of Azcaban, though. Before you try to insult me like that, you should try and learn what I cope with. You know that I don't want the mark, but that is less than half of what goes through my mind, though of course it is still a big deal. Just stay out of my life, I don't want it ruined anymore." Draco said in a quiet voice which was barely above a whisper. His eyes glistening with tears, but he didn't allow them to spill. Instead, he simply turned around and walked off, nodding slightly at Pansy to show he still doesn't mind her being there. She nodded back, but didn't go because, being Draco's best friend, she had to naturally get her own words in there.

"Listen, you three, especially you, Weasley. I haven't much knowledge on what is troubling Draco, but I am certain of the basics. Trust me, if my theories are correct, the last thing he wants is for you to start bothering him even more. I know he has been a git to you, but he has changed, and doesn't want anything like that with you again. So just leave him be, okay?" She quickly caught up with Draco before any reply was made.

"Bloody hell, what is up with them?" Ron exclaimed.

"To be fair Ron, you did accuse Malfoy of wanting to be a death eater and all…" Harry said quietly.

"What, you're taking HIS side?" He said in an angry tone.

"No, I'm just stating the truth…" Harry sighed.

"But, it's Malfoy! He's-"

"RON, just leave it! Harry has a point, they did have a reason to be annoyed! I dislike them both, but Malfoy did nothing to you then and you had no reason to start, alright?" Hermonie said in an annoyed tone. Harry nodded in agreement.

"You're… You're taking Malfoy's side too? After everything he has called you? I can't BELIEVE you two!" He shouted at them before storming off to Dean's and Sheamus' carriage.

They both sighed deeply and made their own way to a carriage.

"I don't see what's his problem… There was no need for that, was there?" Hermonie says.

"No, there wasn't… Malfoy has been a git in the past, but I wouldn't use something that was forced upon him against him." Harry replies.

"It's not right. Oh well, he'll soon come to his senses and come out of his childish strop." She grinned.

"Ha, yeah." Harry says.

They got onto a carriage which Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom were already in.

"Hey Nevelle, hey Luna." Hermonie says smiling. Harry nods at them both of them.

"Hey guys." Said Neville.

"Hi!" Luna says happily.

They settle down in the carriage. Harry sighs quietly and starts thinking about what Draco and Pansy had said. What did they mean about Draco? They mentioned his hate for the mark, but there was something else… And Harry was going to find out what.