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Another Side of Draco Malfoy

Prologue: 19 Years Later


19 years later… Everything could not be better for everyone. The next generation didn't have to deal with what their parents and grandparents had dealt with; they could just live normal lives. Nobody was ungrateful for what happened in that October. They could just live peacefully, with no fighting in a war. Of course, there were the odd Death Eater for the first few years after the war trying to continue what Voldemort had started, but they were all soon captured and sent straight to Azkaban. After many times of helping in the year of the war, Kingsley Shacklebolt was finally made the Minister of Magic, much to everyone's delight. And as the war had ended, the students who were at the school in that time could move on to do what they always wanted to do freely…

Luna and Neville, for all of those years, decided to travel the world in search for exotic magical creatures and equally exotic and magical plants. They had created a large book on these plants and creatures, which Neville named 'The Wonders of our World', after convincing Luna that a name as simple as that would be fine. The book soon became a well-known seller and many copies were sold all around the wizarding world. They settled down after their long journey and were now happily married and living together in a small but cosy house in the Welsh countryside.

Remus and Severus decided to retire after the year of the war. After all they had done and all they have been through, such as Sirius' death and Severus' reveal as a spy for the light, they thought it would be nice to retire together spend the rest of their lives relaxed without the stress of their jobs at Hogwarts. Every now and then, they would leave their house they shared to come back to Hogwarts to catch up with their friends and sometimes even take over a Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions lesson. They had mostly gotten over their grief over Sirius and Lily, and became quite a lot closer than they were when they were working at Hogwarts.

Pansy still had her moments where she would burst into tears about the thought of what she and Blaise could have had the first few years after his death, but after a while she started to accept his fate and just be happy that he had died for her. She decided after accepting this that she needed to find someone else to move on completely. That someone was her friend Astoria Greengrass whom she had kept in touch with, as well as Daphne, after the war. After Pansy had confessed having a crush on her for quite a while, Astoria told her that she also fancied her for quite some time. The confessions between the two girls brought a new level into their relationship and, even though Blaise would always be in Pansy's heart, they fell in love and had never broken up since. Daphne was very fond of their relationship, and even though she had never really settled down with someone, she still had a very happy life being single and with a well-paid job at the Ministry.

As for Ron and Hermione, things could not be better between them. Ron proposed to her after thorough encouragement from Harry, Draco and Pansy at the graduation ceremony. Hermione, of course, said yes, and they had their wedding the July after. She went on to fulfil her wishes as a healer. Her grades, of course, were high enough and St Mungo's wanted her to be hired as soon as possible. She only had a year of training before getting the job, and it had been an honour for her to be working there for so many years. Ron decided against becoming an Auror in the end, and continued his passion for Quidditch by joining the English team as their chaser. The hard work of his Quidditch training while he was in his last two years at Hogwarts and also in the couple of years after his time in education paid off when he received an owl from the Quidditch team asking if he would be a part of it. Their old chaser had retired due to an injury which left him a bit wary of continuing to play on the team, but that didn't faze Ron. He couldn't have been more thrilled as he wrote his reply of him accepting the team's request. He had been on the team ever since, and travel was not a worry for him and Hermione as she travelled with him and helped out with any injuries from matches and in the area. They were always home in time for their children, Rose (who was sorted into Ravenclaw) and Hugo Weasley (who was sorted into Gryffindor), to come home for the holidays. Due to Ron's well-paid job, the Weasleys were better off than ever as he gave some of his funds to her mother, after battling through her many protests. Fred and George also helped out Molly and Arthur with their money problems as their shop in Diagon Alley became an even bigger hit and they had opened a couple more in the UK, so they soon earned a very large sum of money. Molly and Arthur were highly grateful to their children, even though they, especially Molly, felt a little guilty for taking their money.

There couldn't have been two people in the whole of the wizarding world who were more pleased and had more of a dramatic change than Draco and Harry. A few people still couldn't believe they went from the hatred between them to being a happily married couple, though some would say that there was never any hatred between them. Most believed it was just childish arguing, not pure hate for one and other, especially not for Draco. Most also couldn't believe just how Draco had coped with his life, and what he had been through. That last year of his education at Hogwarts couldn't have been more eventful for him. Pansy discovered his abuse, he became friends with Harry, who then also discovered of his abuse, mastered his Animagus form, he rode a hippogriff while having his feelings for Harry return to him, the whole wizarding world found out about him and Lucius, he got kidnapped and almost died, he discovered he had inherited powers from an ancient ancestor, rescued his mother and almost died again, killed his father and resurrected his mother in the space of a few months, where he almost died yet again. There was no possible way he could have forgotten that time.

Both him and Harry passed their exams with high marks, and decided to take different jobs than they originally thought they'd have. Draco replaced his godfather's place as the Potions Master, and also taught Care for Magical Creatures when he had a free lesson. Harry decided to take Remus' place as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Both men were equally happy with their jobs and shared a room together. As Minerva stayed on as headmistress but was getting a bit tired from being the head of Gryffindor also, she gave the title to Harry, who accepted it gratefully. Of course, Severus allowed Draco to become the head of Slytherin after he had retired.

Their wedding was in the same month as Ron and Hermione, and so there was a lot to celebrate in that month. Their wedding was in early July, while Ron and Hermione's were later in the month. After a few minutes of discussion, their surnames became Potter-Malfoy, though some students they taught liked to call them either one of the names when they were in the same room, which was often. That was for most students, anyway, except from three. For these three students, they called Harry 'dad' and Draco 'father' as not to get confused.

A few years after their wedding, Draco and Harry decided that it would be nice to raise a family. Of course, they were happy being just the two of them, but they wanted that little bit more for the two of them. So, after them both agreeing that taking a conceiving potion would be both a little bit strange for them and painful, Draco found a different potion that, as unromantic as it sounds, would grow a baby over the period of nine months. Draco and Harry just needed to add a couple of droplets of blood with a mixture of a couple of other ingredients, and then it would work. They still made up for the lack of physical contact in this method of having their baby, though. The potion worked even better than they thought, as from it, they received two male twins. They both had Draco's platinum blonde hair with Harry's emerald eyes. They were two very beautiful children, and grew up to be a pair very much like the Weasley twins, who soon took a liking to them. One was called James Sirius Potter-Malfoy, while the other was named Albus Blaise Potter-Malfoy. Both Draco and Harry thought it would be the best sort of respect for them to name their two sons after the four deceased men. As happy as they were with their twins, they decided to try the potion again a couple of months later. This time, they got just one child, and this time they were a girl. She was the opposite of her older brothers, with Harry's raven-black hair and Draco's silvery grey eyes. It was a gorgeous combination for their daughter. They named her Lily Narcissa Potter-Malfoy, after both of their mothers.

Over the years, as their children were growing up, they stayed together at Hogwarts under Minerva's permission and went back together in the holidays. Before they knew it, it was James' and Albus' first year at Hogwarts. Draco watched proudly from his seat as he watched Harry called their sons' names for them to have the sorting hat placed on their heads. All of the students cheered when they were both sorted into Slytherin as the old house rivalries were all in the past, due to Harry and Draco's relationship. Soon enough, the two boys started to play pranks and be a lot like Fred and George were, only with blonde hair rather than red. It never got too out of hand, though, and it was actually nice to have two students like Fred and George back in the school.

The next year was Lily's first year. She wasn't a huge lot like her brother's, though she could be slightly mischievous at times. She was more of a bookworm though, and was very smart, so Draco and Harry were not surprised when she was sorted into Ravenclaw. She soon became very good friends with Rose, and the two could hardly ever be separated. It was rumoured that she had started dating Rose's brother, but no one knew for sure as Lily was a very secretive witch.


Draco and Harry laid next to each other one night at Hogwarts, watching the moon and stars through the window. This was not just any night for them though, this night was exactly nineteen years after Draco had proposed to Harry in their last year. The day was very special for both of them. Harry sighed deeply and leant his head against Draco's bare chest. Draco smiled softly and gently stroked back Harry's locks. Harry chuckled as he felt a necklace, the necklace, on Draco's neck. Harry's present to Draco on that Christmas nineteen years ago were two necklaces, one for him, on for Draco. The colour turned a different colour for each emotion the other felt; yellow for happiness, blue for sadness, green for envy, red for anger and gold for lust. Harry peered at the stone and smiled at the beautiful mixture of yellow and gold. Very true. He glanced down at his own to find the same colours on his pendant.

"I think that moment when you proposed to me must have been literally one of the best moments I have ever had." He said softly. Draco grinned and stopped stroking Harry's hair to kiss him gently on his head.

"I think it was one of the best decisions of my life." Draco replied. He wrapped his arms around Harry's torso. "Sometimes, I wonder how on Earth I managed to pluck up that courage to ask you to marry me. I couldn't be more glad I did." He added.

"Neither could I. I got to marry the man of my dreams and have three amazing children." He leant up to Draco and placed a kiss on his lips, which Draco returned joyfully.

"You know what? I still remember how we came out to the school." He said. Harry chuckled and reached out to take Draco's hand.

"Who could forget? Just casually walking into the Great Hall holding hands to the Gryffindor table, as you do. Merlin, that was hilarious." Harry said.

"I'll never forget how Ron was too, at first." Draco said. Harry groaned and shook his head, but couldn't stop a smile from breaking out on his face.

"At least we weren't together before that Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. If he was that bad with us being friends before that lesson, he probably would have ended up murdering the both of us." Harry laughed.

"I was actually quite surprised when he accepted us straight away. I know we were all friends and all, but I still thought he might have… Got a bit mad, you know?" Draco said.

"Well, he has always wanted what is best for me, and I guess he could tell that I was happy being with you so he didn't mind. He saw that other side to you, anyway." Harry replied, and sat up to kiss Draco's cheek. "I'm glad I saw it too. I couldn't have been any happier when you confessed to me, Draco. I had been questioning my feelings for you for a while, but I wasn't so sure. I remember way back in sixth year that I was becoming increasingly obsessed with you, because I was the only one who suspected you as a Death Eater. Maybe it wasn't just me worried about what you were going to do, but perhaps for your safety. I do think I was worrying for you too." He added. Draco smiled at him.

"I can't believe how long I had my crush on you. It sort of fazed away out of my mind when I was fixing that vanishing cabinet, because my mind was set on that, but it never went away completely. I think by our last year, it was driving me insane." He said. Harry smiled and cuddled up to him.

"I remember one time when you were going bright red in the Great Hall, and Pansy looked as though she was laughing. Was she teasing you about your crush on me?" Harry asked with a wink. Draco laughed.

"Yup, she was. You've got to love Pansy." He said.

"How can you not?" Harry laughed. "I'm glad she has found Astoria after what happened to Blaise, though. I thought she might not have ever got over it, but she has. I'm so happy for the two of them." He added thoughtfully.

"Yeah, me too." Draco said. They were silent for a couple of minutes, both thinking about Blaise, before Draco spoke again. "Do you remember Ron's proposal?" He asked. Harry smirked and chuckled at the memory.

"How can you not? I remember how it was just after the exams, he ran up to us and we couldn't understand a word he was saying. He told us about him wanting to ask Hermione to marry him, and I don't remember understanding him after that." He said.

"I know, he was talking way too fast I couldn't keep up! I have to admit, I did find it rather funny when Hermione walked in…" Draco said. Harry laughed and shook his head.

"Come on, me, you and Pansy all found it funny, even at the time. His face was even more hilarious, though… His face was redder than his hair! But then he surprised us all by bending down on one knee and proposing confidently there and then, even with a bright red face. Andof course, she said yes." He said. Draco smiled and hugged Harry closer to him. Harry grinned and looked up into Draco's eyes. The only pairs of eyes that can make his heart melt just from the beauty and colour of them. That was only a tiny fraction of what he loved about Draco. "I can think of another moment similar that I like a lot better." He said softly.

"And what is that?" Draco whispered with a wink.

"Exactly 19 years from now, when you bloody shocked me by pulling out a ring and then asked me to marry you. Seriously, I almost had a heart attack!" Harry exclaimed. "That Christmas present topped mine by miles." He added.

"I still love yours. And you." Draco said. Harry rose up and placed his lips on Draco's. A soft moan escaped from the said man's lips. He pulled away softly and smiled slightly. "I think the only moment better than my proposal was our wedding." He said.

"I know, it was so beautiful. Those robes you were wearing… Merlin, you looked amazing. Even more amazing than all those decorations Ron, Hermione, Pansy and your mother set up. Not quite more than how you looked in just the shirt and trousers afterwards, though. That was a little bit sexier." Harry chuckled.

"I did want to look good for you. I remember how terrific you looked too, Harry. From the beginning of the night to the… Well, that wonderful end." Draco said.

"End of the night, anyway." Harry said.

"Yes, not us. That will never end. We've had three children; I can't let them down…" Draco teased.

"Oh, shush you!" Harry cried, but the grin still formed on his face. "And what gorgeous children they are. Seriously, I could never be as happy as I am with you now as I would be with Ginny." He added with a shudder.

"I am very glad it was me you are spending your life with." Draco responded.

"I am glad too. I'm also glad that you've turned out how you are… Most people after what you've been through would just give up. And you hid it so well; I never would have known you had this side to you unless you weren't how you were with me…" Harry said.

"I guess I've always had a bit of the reckless Gryffindor bravery." Draco said with a wink.

"Don't you start teasing me about Gryffindors, now! Our daughter is dating one! Probably, anyway." Harry exclaimed. Draco sighed happily and relaxed further into the bed.

"Wow, 'our daughter'. Even now, I still feel so joyful when I hear the mentions of our children. It's hard to believe sometimes." He said.

"I know, I've never been happier than I have been now I am married to you." Harry said.

"I guess that is one thing I do owe to Lucius. Without him, I might not be with you. I still think of him as a cold-hearted bastard, but that is one thing I can be grateful for." Draco whispered. Harry stayed silent, choosing instead to rest his head deeper into Draco's chest. They both looked out of their window at the bright stars in the distance, and both men were thankful for fate granting them a life of happiness.

The End.


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