Imagine a prisoner as he waits in his cell. A dark dank lonely place. Where the cockroaches scurry over the damp rotting hay. A floor made of broken stone slabs as its bricks and dirt as its mortar. The forlorn rays of the sun sneaks past the cold iron bar, lighting this treacherous place. A dusty bench for a bed and a plank of wood for a pillow. A chamber pot that has been forgotten to be emptied one too many times. It's stench diffusing in the bleak air. Lines carved into the stone wall serve as a grim reminder of time spent in this desolate place. For what could be worse than spending an eternity here? Spending an eternity in the mind. Waiting. Waiting for punishment to grim for words. To horrible to speak of. Waiting for, not death, but living hell.

Return to a castle manor gloriously lit but the sun. The windows with their heavy velvet draperies tied to the side, allowing the beams of light to illuminate the halls. Magnificent are the long hallways. Where footsteps echos in the emptiness. Knights' armor and weaponry wrought from the finest metals by the finest hands. On the walls hang magnificent paintings of kings and queens of ancient lore. Ornate door embedded with jewels wrapped in an intricate design. Splendor unmatched. And here five men briskly passed through the halls in hurried steps. A silence unbrok-

"What are we going to do!? Akashicchi is going to kill us!" A well-dressed blonde clutched at his handsome face. "I didn't even know he had a lover until today!?" Golden eyes frantically dart back and forth to his er... companions.

"Shut up Kise!" A dark tanned man beside the golden-eye noble returned. "How did it turn out like this." He pulled at his dark-blue hair. "It's all my fault. That damned carriage ride. UGH!"

"Shin-chan! I walked in on them!" A smaller man tailing another frantically cried. "I walked in on them!" His fingers tugging on the taller man's robe. "He'll kill me!"

A rose in his right hand. The taped fingers of his left kneaded his throbbing temple. A headache. The green-haired man let out a frustrated groan. His acolyte. The scrolls. Akashi's lover. Problems Problems Problems. Who knows what God will deal? Afterall, He proposed to take the brown-haired boy under care when pleaded by the idiot prince and the lord's attendant. He has proposed and God has disposed. What should he have done? Maybe hiding the boy was the wrong option? Of course, he should have notified Akashi the moment he met the boy. The bishop continued to ponder over the courses of actions.

A shadow stalked along with the men. Silent. Saying nothing. No peculiar actions save for the blankness of his eyes. A void as if he had lost something important. No longer living but a shadow of his former disposition.





What has he done? Kuroko knew very well Akashi's thoughts about his flower yet he panicked and kept him a secret. To lose the trust that was so hard to gain. Years and years of service, starting from their childhood when Kuroko was abandoned. Akashi gave Kuroko an oportunity. A thread of hope. And kuroko took hold and climbed up. Because of Akashi, he was able to survive in this cruel world. Yet in return, Kuroko betrayed the very person that has given him the chance.

What will he do now?


The condition of Akashi's flower, that Akashi had long cared for and nurtured, to be nearly killed in the carriage collision. Ashamed at his negligence, Kuroko looked down at his feet. Even the shoes he was wearing where of fine leather quality. Everything he had, Akashi had given him. This fortunate life rather than a dark life in the slums and poorhouses. He should have paid more attention when he knew who held Akashi's affections.


Kuroko blankly stared at the sun-lit hallways. A decadence that seemed so luxurious now seemed to trap him. He should've been only a shadow. Only to submit to his master's wishes. To Akashi-kun. Akashi Seijuurou. What will happen to him now? Now that he has lost Akashi's deep trust. It cut him. To lose such a deep trusting relationship with his lord.


Kuroko sighed. No matter his fate, he will submit to it. No matter what Akashi sentences, he will execute it.


Kuroko's head snapped up. The others have stopped walking and formed a ring around him.


"Oi Tetsu, are you alright. Don't worry, I'll take the blame for everything."

"Man proposes God disposes," recited Midorima as he handed Kuroko the rose he was holding onto.

Kuroko took it in his hand and twirled it gently. A flower from Akashi's garden. A beautiful rose. A beautiful flower.



"I'm sorry, Shin-chan!

Midorima huffed, "I have my business to attend to." Midroima shifted the spectacles,looked at the others, and treaded down a different hallway.

"Shin-chan!" the acolyte quickly turned to follow suite, "Wait for me!"

Kuroko chuckled. His mind turned away from his earlier thoughts.

"Hooray! Kurokocchi chuckled!" Kise rejoiced.

Kuroko turned his head towards Aomine.

Aomine sighed and placed both his hands on Kuroko's shoulders.

"Testu, don't worry,it's my fault to bear. You won't be punished. I'll make sure of it..."

"Ao-" Kuroko turned his eyes to Aomine's. He didn't want these pressured affections.

*GLOMP* Kise had flung himself on Aomine's back. "Don't worry Kurokocchi! I won't let Akashicchi do anything to you. We'll run away!"

Before Kuroko could answer... a cold voice.

"Running away?"

3 sets of eyes stared into heterochromia eyes.