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A New Life

Chapter 1

Friday February 22nd 2013

Bella looks at her screen as she reads 'Ask Izzy' emails that need to be answered. Her column in the LA Times is blooming. The degree in English got all on her own has opened doors she didn't think possible. She also didn't think that an advice columnist was something she wanted to do with her life. But she loves the freedom and 'something new' each day. She doesn't have to be a bows and ribbons type woman to offer sound advice. She isn't bows and ribbons.

"Dear Izzy"

Bella smiles and shuts her eyes. "Hey"

"Lunch is ready" He kisses her cheek before pulling back.

Bella turns in her swivel chair and looks up at him. His tanned skin, and deep brown eyes that match her own make her feel safe.

His eyes scan over the screen. "What is going on with this one?"

"He wants to break it to her easy she is too clingy, pretty much he wants her out"

Jacob nods. "I see, come, food" He winks then turns and heads from her home make shift office to the kitchen.

Bella powers down and pads out of the room, not having to work in an office is also something that is completely appealing. Her work follows her.

Watching him move around the kitchen she climbs onto the stool and watches at him. "Tofu?" She says before thinking…'again?' She should be happy her body is healthy which means her mind is healthy. It has taken a long time for that to happen. Taken a long time for her to feel good and get to that place, a place where she can just be happy.

"Yup" Jacob grins his toothy white grin.

Bella forces a smile. She grew up eating meat. Jacob feels that meat is a killer, all the chemicals they put in it but, fish is on the table, though not too much. He doesn't like the over fishing in the oceans.

"With some stir fry" He makes the sound of 'mmm hm'. His body is in amazing shape and he knows it is due to what he puts into it. You get out what you put in, that is his life's motto.

"Sounds great" She watches Jacob mix the food, no doubt making it warmer for the two of them to sit down. She stares at him; they have been together for 8 years now. She met him when she left behind her old life in Forks. She was happy to finish school, then university. She put herself through university in Seattle and at 32 she has finally finished paying off her student loans. She is settled, she is. Everything is perfect.

The weather in LA is perfect, her job is wonderful, and Jacob is all she needs.

"Get that will you" He calls over his shoulder. "And make it quick" Jacob smiles. "It is ready"

Jacob's vegan ways have rubbed off on her fully…besides of course when she wants a big juicy steak. But her life has adapted to his and she is happy.


"What, why?" He stops and turns out the fire.

"It is my mother or sister" Bella says staring at the number on caller ID, the area code…Forks is tipping her off. She hates the distance between herself and her sister. It has been years since they have spoken, really spoken. Years since she and her mother have spoken. It is not the distance between her mother and her but the space between herself and her sister, it still aches. They used to be so close.

Jacob has made that better, meeting him, moving forward. Jessica was at a standstill and Bella just couldn't be there anymore. She made the effort to get away from Forks away from their mother. Renee has always been toxic. Charlie moved forward but he left she and Jessica behind. Maybe it was better that way. She just isn't sure whom it was better for.

But she did get out in the end; unfortunately Jessica was left twice, once by Charlie and once by her. But to keep her sanity she had to go.

Jacob wraps his arms around her middle and rests his chin on her shoulder. "Answer it" He urges. They don't talk about her past much. He doesn't ask her, she doesn't offer. It is how it has always been between them. "You will be wondering all night what they wanted" He offers, his hands rubbing her stomach lightly.

Jacob was interested in the history of her life when they first met, but it took a long time for Bella to open up and even let him in a little. She keeps her life before guarded, under a lock and key. He doesn't push her and she is happy about that. They work.

"Hello?" Bella sighs softly after just waiting for the blow that is about to come.


"Hello Mother" Bella looks at Jacob who has stepped away now.

"You need to come here right now"

"Huh?" Bella frowns still looking to Jacob for support.

"And fix this, I have a life, this is not it, I paid my dues with you two ungrateful girls"

"What are you talking about?" She is picking up every other screeching word her mother is saying but not enough to follow. Her university degree has still not afforded her the pleasure of following her nutcase of a mother.

"Jessica, I bet she is on drugs, not my side of the family, she left this mess and honestly Bella I am not dealing with it, I'm not"

"What mess?"

"Well the mess here at the house, you need to come and fix this, are you even listening to me?"

"Yes, but what am I fixing mother?" It is no use getting ratty because Renee gets even rattier. Calm and cool is the best way to deal with her.

"Jessica's mess, her mistake, I knew that girl would amount to nothing" Renee mutters. "She was always in the wind, making up stories and such"

Bella licks her lips and shakes her head. Leave it to her mother to throw that bit in a moment into a conversation. "The stories as you so call them are true" Bella says calmly through gritted teeth. She is losing her patience right now.

"Whatever Bella, just come home and sort this out"

"I am home mother"

"Here, my home, Forks"

"I'm not coming to Forks"

"Oh yes you are, I have plans this weekend you girls are no longer going to spoil anymore of my plans, had enough of that while you two were growing up" She mutters.

"What is the mess?"

Jacob scoffs and starts serving up their lunch.

Bella rubs her forehead and waits.

"Well this baby of course"

Her eyes shoot open and her head shoots up. "Baby, whose baby?"

"Jessica's, Jesus Christ Bella aren't you listening at all, you girls" Renee mutters, she can't believe how unlucky she was. Two girls both a pain in her entire life. And her good for nothing husband…ex. One blessing, he left and never came back. She can't say the same for these two girls. He should have taken them with him. But right now she actually needs one, she needs Bella to get rid of this baby, and now.

"Jessica had a baby, what, when?"

"I don't know, but the thing is here and you need to remove it"

Bella stands shocked. "I'll get the next flight out"

"Hurry up" Renee barks into the phone before hanging up.

Jacob comes to face her shell shocked girlfriend.

"My sister had a baby…has a baby" Bella mutters staring off, looking right through Jacob.

"Bella do you really think it is wise to involved yourself in this?" He doesn't want her falling into a cycle with her mother and sister. She has worked damn hard to get to a normal place. To feel like her life is turning the way it should.

"Wh-what, I have to, a baby with my mother, that is cruel" Bella pulls away and argues.

"Fine go, but"

She looks over her shoulder as she pulls the luggage from the closet to start packing. "But what?" She almost whispers. Both have agreed, no children. Sex between them is a timed, usually preplanned activity. It is like sex with the secret service around. She is Area 51 and you must be outfitted with the best, top notch security before entering.

He moves to her and hands her a glass. "Drink this" He smiles warmly offering her a glass of liquid.

Bella stares up at him, she feels something missing between them but she loves him. He makes her feel safe and protected. It is what she should have felt growing up and she didn't. Bella didn't notice the glass in his hand. She downs the liquid.

He smiles as she reacts to the burn of the liquid.

"I needed that" She coughs and laughs.

Jacob nods and rubs her back lightly. "So your sister had a baby"

"I can't believe it" She moves to sit on the bed. "Jessica with a baby…but she is not with the baby" Her mother didn't say this but she is guessing Jessica is not there as her mother called her. When she gets to Forks she will find out more information.


"I have to save the baby from my mother"

Jacob nods. "Do what you need to do" He won't stop her, but a baby won't work between them. He can see her mind working overtime now even with the vodka in her system.

"But…" She can feel the words on his lips, she looks up at him.

Jacob stares at her. "You can't" He stops and clears his throat. "Do you want me to go with you?"

"You have the shop to run" She says shaking her head. He is so busy and has a lot going on. His mechanic eco friendly shop needs his attention. He can't just up and go like she can, her laptop is her work.

"Don't get stuck with this kid…how are you not going to get stuck with this kid?" He questions her.

"Maybe I could, I don't know" She just shrugs knowing she needs to get to Forks and get the baby away from her hair brained, uncaring mother. "Maybe bring…"

"No babies Bella, no" He shakes his head. He loves her but she is not bringing a baby here, he can see the outcome already. Her life changing, getting saddled down with the headache of the life she has gotten away from. Bella's inability to save herself from the claws of her family is going to cause her to fall back into doing too much for them. She has her own life and is not the keeper of them.

"Jacob" She sighs. "What if it were a wolf, or a baby panda"

"Then bring I back, I love endangered species"

Bella sighs. "My mother is going to cause that baby to become endangered"

He sinks to the floor between her thighs. Kissing her nose he looks at her. "Go and do what you need to do, find your sister, but Bella, you can't bring that baby here"

"I know" She whispers, she knows in the end this is true. A baby would never work in his life, their life.

"Go to Forks sort it out, I know" He touches her cheek. "It is something you have to and will do, but come back alone; I'll be here waiting for you…okay?"

Bella nods. "Okay"

Bella packs alone and Jacob makes the calls so that she can fly out tonight for Seattle.

"I got you a car, you can pick it up at the airport and drive to Forks" He hasn't been to Forks, just Seattle to pick up some parts for his shop. He has a dealer there. He knows it is a bit of a drive from Seattle to Forks though.

"Thanks" She zips her case shut, they stare at each other. "Tell me it's going to be okay" She needs him now.

Jacob comes to her and cups her face. "It is going to all work out as it should" He offers.

Bella bites her lip and nods.

"You need to eat…the stir fry is still waiting"

Bella pulls away and shakes her head. "I'm no longer hungry"

"The moment you get to the airport you will be at a burger joint" He laughs.

Laughing she tips her head to the side. "You think I would cheat on you Jacob?"

"With a man, no, with meat chances are pretty high"

Bella laughs and is pulled into the kitchen with him, she has a few hours before her red eye to Seattle.