United Nations Building, New York 12:00am

The atmosphere in the conference room of the UN Security Council, also known as the Norwegian Room ,was tense and on edge. Around the polished oak wood table the fifteen representatives of the council sat in silence, along with the national leaders of each country, all attempting to make room for everyone at the table. No one spoke; they all knew the grave seriousness of the situation at the moment. They had all seen the ring of steel thrown up around the building they sat in, the platoons of US Marines patrolling the grounds, the armoured vehicles and tanks at every street corner within in a two mile radius and the Blackhawk helicopters in the skies above, packed with international special forces teams ready at a moment's notice to be dropped in. Outside the conference room, and throughout the corridors of the huge building, Delta Force commandoes, SAS soldiers and Russian Spetnatz combing every inch of it alongside black bereted South Korean 707th Battalion soldiers and even Moroccan Navy Marines.

Each man and woman around the table had a million questions to be asked, but all of them sensed that now was not the time, and that soon their questions would be answered. Some of the international leaders had only just arrived, some from halfway around the world, but the message they had all received, handwritten by the Secretary-General himself, was too crazy, so completely out of the blue and ridiculous, that it had to be true. A few had laughed at first, others had been silent, but all had reacted to those four simple words in the Secretary-General's looping handwriting.

Humanity is under threat.

Still, they had come, and now, as the doors at the back opened, every person at the table turned, eyes wide and ready for anything, as the Secretary- General walked into the room, and took a seat at the table.

For a second, the small Asian man closed his eyes, as if about to disclose some terrible secret, took a deep breath and then finally spoke, his voice soft but with undisputed authority behind it.

"My friends." He began slowly, looking around the table. I have called this meeting together to address a simple fact. We are at war."

Silence. Nobody batted an eyelid. Everyone was on the edge of their seat, waiting for the Secretary-General to speak again.

"This council's role has always been to protect humanity and to preserve international peace, but now it appears there is a new threat that we must now fight. We must break the peace we have tried so long to defend, and declare total war upon this threat to our species. I am not talking rogue states, terrorists or genocidal dictators here, I am talking about something that is outside the human race, and, if we do not act, has the capacity to destroy it."

As he said this, the Secretary-General noticed the frowns and looks of confusion etched on every face in the room, and yet ignored them as an image was projected onto the wall opposite him, and these faces all turned to watch as a grainy video began to play.

"This is a video taken from a UN refugee camp in Central Africa approximately ten hours ago. After watching it, the local UN ambassador had it sent straight to my office. As you will soon see, the contents are…disturbing."

As he finished speaking, the video began to play, showing the main gate of the camp, three UN soldiers in blue combat helmets patrolling up and down by it. Then there was a sudden blur of white at the top of the screen, and a figure appeared, a local tribesman judging by his traditional clothing, but there seemed something wrong with him, the way he moved toward the men, like a predatory animal, casually strolling straight toward the gate.

One of the soldiers went to stop him, one hand on his assault rifle as he raised the other in a gesture to stop. The man kept going, his eyes seeming to glow red before he lunged forward and fell upon the soldier. A collective intake of breath followed it, but then these were released in cries and screams of horror.

The tribesman seemed to be biting into the helpless soldier's neck, and the two others raised their weapons and fired. Yet the bullets had no effect, and the man was soon upon them, with the next minute just the attacker appearing to drink the blood of the collapsed soldiers. And, as the video cut began to degenerate into static, the man waved at the camera, then was lost in a blur of white again. Instantly the room was filled with shocked shouts and screams, people around the table just sitting with their mouths open, or pointing desperately at the screen, whispering to them the horror of what they had just seen.

"My friends." The Secretary-General began, as quiet descend again, and licked his dry lips before saying softly. "Vampires walk amongst us."

The room degenerate into uproar. Every man and woman around the table was shouting, at one another or at the Secretary General, their protests echoing around the room until the South Korean President stood up, his voice shouting out over all the others, until finally they were silenced.

"Vampires? How do you know? How do you know this is not just some crazed, drug addled tribesman from the plains? Why do you assume that old legends are the instant explanation for this? Explain me that, my friend…"

Looking pleased with himself, he sat down, and every eye in the room was once again on the elderly Secretary General, who calmly replied.

"Of course, you want evidence, and I did when I first heard about it. But explain to me how, after this video was taken, this…creature, went straight into that camp and began feasting on the blood of every man, woman and child he could find. When more peacekeepers attempted to stop him, he tore them apart. And I don't mean that figuratively, my friends. Literally there was nothing but scraps of clothing and blood when they were discovered. It was only when a light armoured vehicle fired upon him with a 25mm auto cannon that he showed any sign of slowing. He managed to do this before he was destroyed…" he added, and the image on the wall changed to the armoured side of the vehicle, a huge, metre wide dent, as if it had been punched by some cosmic fist, clearly visible.

For a second, the Secretary General fell silent, and the South Korean president hung his head in his hands. The next time the Secretary General spoke, every eye in the room was upon him, listening intently and without comment.

"These things must be destroyed. They are thousands of times stronger than any man, as you saw, and their speed appears to be in excess of a hundred miles per hour. Their skin is almost ridiculously tough, although it appears very high calibre rounds and explosives can pierce it, and they must be dismembered then burnt, in case these vampires turn out to have some sort of regeneration ability. I personally don't know why these monsters have not already made their presence known, why they are not now using us as slaves, but we believe we may have found the base of their main ruling council. It wasn't hard, at least not with the resources at our command, but we believe we now have enough information to enter the next phase of our plan- to declare war upon the creatures of the night."

"What will this involve?" said one of the representatives, the Chinese ambassador, his face pale with fear, but with a defiant look on his face. "What will it take for this war of yours to be won?"

The Secretary General turned to him, smiling grimly.

"Why, my friend, the complete and utter destruction of every vampire on the planet. To quote Chruchill, if I may, it seems that every vampire must be 'sponged, purged, and if need be, blasted from the surface of the earth' .If this is what it takes to ensure the survival of our race against these monsters, then we must steel ourselves, put our pride aside, and, as an organisation, as a species, make a solemn promise that we shall not rest, until the last of these monsters takes their last breath and dies. Now, I believe it is time for me to tell you what this will entail. Phase one is complete, as I believe I have explained to you what we must do, and I hope you all support this measure?"

Thirty heads nodded slowly, and the Secretary General smiled.

"Phase Three, we will establish an international taskforce, a black ops unit, if you prefer the term that will go out into the world, find and then destroy any and all of this vile species. Yes, my friends, I am talking about genocide. But, and in many ways it kills me to say this, it is a justified killing. These monsters have no place in the world. They kill and destroy without thought. Any that they infect rises as one of their own, but crazed and murderous. Their powers are huge and almost limitless, and yet, we will overcome them!"

As he finished a slow round of applause began, but was suddenly cut off as the Rwandan representative spoke up, a frown crossing his face.

"I am sorry to interrupt you, Secretary General, but I want to know one thing before we go any further with this venture. You mentioned phases one and three, but what is phase two?"

In reply, the Secretary General smiled grimly.

"The first strike."