The Peace Palace, The Hague 4:00pm

The former Secretary General shifted awkwardly in the carved wooden seat. Since that traitor Staunton had swaggered in here a few hours ago he had been in a foul mood. The trial was going badly as witness after witness listed his many 'crimes'. Nobody had complained at the time. Nobody had said what he was doing was wrong. The whole Security Council had agreed with him, as had the President of the United States, but all of them were dead now, and the new Security Council, and the newly promoted Vice President, were very much against him, especially the new US President with his talk of a greater role of vampires in future society.

He was brought out from his thoughts when the door opened and the vampire guard stepped in, walking to the table and placing a small silver mobile phone on the table before walking out again.

Th old politician looked carefully at the device, wondering if it was some elaborate bomb designed to assassinate him. Yet when it rang and he held it to his ear he knew it could only be one person.

His master.

"Hello?" he said softly, but was cut off by a gruff sounding voice, garbled through several voice filters to a blank monotone.

"Cut the pleasantries." The voice said softly. "I don't have much time and neither will you if you don't give the facts quickly and truthfully."

The old politician grimaced as the first question came.

"How is the trial going?"

"Badly." He said simply. "My defence team is crumbling, the witnesses are…"

"As I thought." The voice replied. "You saw Captain Staunton?"


The voice sighed.

"That man will only become more troublesome in the future. Plans must be made for his demise."

The former Secretary General grimaced.

"What next then?"

The voice laughed humourlessly.

"What happens next is of no concern to you. You have served your purpose now."

"No I still have power…"

The old politician could hear his master's laughter again.

"Your non-existent power is of no concern to me now. Both you and the Volturi served your purposes and you must be swept aside just as Caius was."

The former Secretary General's face paled.

"But I'm different to Caius!"

"You are." The voice agreed. "Caius was a mad dog and you are a treacherous snake. Your allegiance is to no one but yourself."

"Look I…"

"Enough! Things are moving faster than I imagined originally. Phase one of the game is complete. The pieces have been played and the board must be reset. And like all pawns you and Caius must be swept aside…"

The phone line died and the old politician felt a stab of fear course through him.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and the jab of a syringe going into his arm.

As the syringe emptied into him the old politician felt a brief stab of pain, then nothing.

In an office thousands of miles away in Washington DC, the man on the other end of the line smiled with satisfaction.

"Soon the second phase will begin." He muttered to himself. "Then humanity will kneel before us…"

As he said this the figure opened the window blinds slightly and, as weak shafts of sunlight hit his pale skin, the figure grinned.

There he sat, his skin glistening like diamonds.

"Soon they will all fall." Said the President of the United States.