Unexpected - Prologue

Author's Note: This is a collaboration between Angelvnzl and TheDemonOfTwilight.

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Full Summary: There is no defying fate. If you were destined for someone, there is no stopping that, whether you accept it or not. When the Culllens left, what if a certain blonde cowboy comes back to Forks? And what if Bella wasn't that shy, weak girl they all left behind? How will everything turn out?


0o Alice's Point Of View o0

"No, no, no! This is not happening!"

I can't believe what I just saw! How is that possible? Why have I never seen it before? How can Jasper and Bella be mates?!

This is just wrong. Why is fate messing around with everything?

Well I can tell you one thing! There is no way in hell that I am giving my Jazzy up! Not for anyone!

As I flop back onto the couch in mine and Jasper's room, my mind starts going into over-drive, thoughts flying all over the place. Whoever said vampires can't get headaches, was talking out of their asses, because I swear I have one now!

I have to find a way to get Jasper away from Bella and fast! If I don't he will realize that she is his true mate and I will never allow that to happen... Jasper is mine! And mine only! No one else can have him! I know he isn't my true soul mate, but I can't be all lonely and miserable like Edward for like 50 years or something just to wait for my true soul mate! Whatever happens, I will not let my Jazzy escape from me! He is mine and he will remain mine until I find my true mate! Then I'll just dump him like the redneck hillbilly he is.

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