A single finger turned into fire.

Ace stared, mesmerized, at the flickering flame. Dangerous and deadly, yet for the first time, not hurting him at all.

"Liar! You can't joke around like that!"

Slowly, in an almost hypnotizing manner, the flame spread to his other fingers until it encompassed his entire hand.

Perfect control. He had gained control over something that was in any other circumstance uncontrollable.

"It's not a joke and not a lie! It was so sudden…I doubted my own eyes!"

At the beginning, Ace didn't realize why he was so attracted by the Mera Mera no Mi. Admittedly, it was a Logia type and undoubtedly strong, but it had been more than a mere desire for strength. The devil fruit had simply drawn him like a moth to a flame, ever since he had heard of the ability that granted.

But now he knew.

I'm sorry, but by the time you get this letter, I will be at sea.

The flame expanded, snaking up his arm as more of his body turned into fire. Coiling restlessly, it swallowed up the tattooed E, and the C, and finally the crossed out S.

Sabo, was this red the last thing that you saw?

By the way, Ace, I wonder which of us is the eldest. It's strange to have two eldest brothers and one younger, but this bond is my greatest treasure.

Ace's eyes drifted close and let the fire consume his senses. His entire body turned to flame, he become the embodiment of the element. Even with his eyes shut he could see the red of the flames.

Take care of him.

One brother dead by fire.

Now the second brother has become fire.

So that the youngest will never have to be afraid of fire.

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