The battle of Kings.

Summary: Both were born as the seventh month died. Both had lost their future on that day. Both were destined for greatness. One was adored as a Hero, the other worshiped as a King.

Warnings: boy-who-lived!Neville, Vampire!Harry, OOCs, AU! Grammar Errors!

Chapter one: Meeting of Kings

| 1 |

The alley in the suburb area of London was shrouded in a dark smog. The place in itself gave of a vibe of gloominess and the few passengers that were there, unconsciously cowered away from it. However, If one took a moment to look at it one would find two intimidating, tall persons. Both, in their very own ways, didn't seem to be from this word.

The first person was a man, standing tall and attentive; he stared at the other with an icy expression.

He had combed back, dark brown hair, and a face which would have been handsome wouldn't it been for the cold, emotionless expression which brought out the sunken face. It gave him a rather sickly look, making him look even less attractive. His eyes were dark with a red, warning, gleam in it and his clothing would be alien to most of the older and traditional wizards and witched. Black shiny dress shoes, and a striped suit in black and gray.

The other person would be recognized by the most magical population on the very first glance. A colorful blue, violet robe with flecks of gray and a hat in the same color, a long gray beard and almost white hair. Behind half-moon shaped glasses were baby-blue eyes.

The infamous and almost constant twinkle in the baby blue eyes of the elder wizard was this time not present, in contrary, the eyes held an intense seriousness not often associated with him, not anymore. The wizard was aware that with just one false word, one false move and it would be his lose.

He couldn't lose this chance.

The vampire before him didn't seem to have such problems, he stood with a deceptive relaxation. Deceptive because before one of their kind would really be relaxed before a light wizard was when he would refuse the sweetness of his beloved candy. That was to say never.

"You are a persistent wizard, but I imagine that's what despair does to humans" The man spoke, his voice set in a smooth monotonicity.

A small smile made its way to the face of Albus Dumbledor.

"I suppose it does allow us to walk over our limits" The aged wizard answered with a friendly smile. "You have my utmost apologize for the troubles I caused you Mr. Sanguini " Albus said, his expression changing to determination

The man, identified as Sanguini, starred blankly at him. "Do not lie, you would not harass me and my kind if you spoke the truth"

Albus remained silent and the man, vampire, remained just as silent. The headmaster was worried, he never had many dealing with Vampires. He didn't know their inner works -no one really did. There was some knowledge but even that was cryptically that even he had troubles to differentiate between truth and false.

Minutes ticked by but Albus remained stubbornly quiet, he told the vampire what he wanted and he would not leave till he got a satisfying answer.

"You really must be desperate." The vampire spoke half-amused, an emotion coloring his voice for the first time. "I do know that usually it's your little group that takes care of things like this" His smirk widened as he caught the short but surprised expression of the wizard.

"Yes" He continued. "I know about that vigilant group of yours, Order of Phoebe or something like that" The vampire added.

"I will repeat myself again" Albus said after minutes of silence " It is of vastly importance that I speak with your Lord. It's about the future of us all!" He spoke passionate out" The option to silently observe isn't anymore. I am sure you and the rest of your people realize that!"

The vampire observed him with a blank expression, slowly, it shifted to annoyance.

"My Lord is a very busy man, why should I tolerate to bring someone as filthy as you before him?" Sanguini spoke, his already gleaming eyes glowing even brighter.

"It is time that we set our differences aside, for the greater good" The light wizard said, prompting Sanguini to release a dark chuckle.

"Set aside our differences Wizard?" He spoke out calmly. "Isn't it more likely that you expect us to give in? To submit to your wishes, to your culture? To live as distasteful humans?" He nearly snarled out.

Albus closed his eyes painfully. "I know that we wizards and witches wronged you and your honorable kind. However not all humans thinks like that. If we-"

Sanguini interrupted. "We? There is no We. I and my kind have no reason to trust you and your useless peace prattle. How long are you nowSupreme Mugwump? " He didn't wait for an answer and continued with a frosty voice. "How long are you now in the position were you could change things? And where are this changesAlbus Dumbledore? Tell me, where is this grand acceptance, the peaceful living of us all together?"

The old wizard stared at him and ashamed, shifted his eyes away. "It was not that easy and I admit that there where things of most importance blocking many of my actions" He tried to explain and the Vampire sneered openly.

"Of course, tell that my fellow vampires who are hunted because your ministry turns a blind eye on it? There is a peace treaty between us, the vampires and you wand waving apes, but what did the ministry ever do to us? To help us? If one of you kills one of us than it's alright it's reasonable, after all it's only a vampire, but if one vampire kills one of you; you don't even give us a chance to defend ourselves."

Hidden in the voice of the Vampire was a bitterness, a silent kind of remorse that would have made Albus, if he was a lesser man, weep with sorrow because he heard the silent tone, the silent suggestion that the vampire before him still searched the reason for why they were shunned, in himself and not in the world around them after all this time the vampires still searched the fault in themselves, even if Sanguini didn't say it aloud, maybe didn't even notice it.

Truly, such pitiful creatures.

"There are cases were vampires live in peace with humans and I'm sure if we work on that together if your Lord-" Albus was again interrupted.

"Together? No, we never lived together. The only vampires you accepted were the ones who submitted to your laws, to your culture, who lived like humans." Sanguini hissed out annoyed with his stance screaming attack and Albus fingered his wand. The other was strong but not strong enough to defeat him, but it would certainly lead to nothing good if Albus were to fight him here and now.

However before a drama could break out, they both stiffened as they heard approaching footsteps. The slow clapping of hands was heard.

"My, my, what a show. I must gratulate you Dumbledore, not many people manage to aggravate Sanguini" A velvety voice spoke and Albus noticed how Sanguini somehow relaxed and stiffened at the same time. He himself on the other hand tensed as a tall figure stepped out of the foggy mist.

It was a man with long, braided, black hair that fell over his shoulder, bound by a dark red ribbon. Under his long black coat was a black vest and white shirt. Black-shiny slacks, made from some kind of leather, were tucked into knee-length boots which adored his feet.

"I'm Vladislav the third, son of Count Vlad II. Drakul " He introduced smoothly as he came to a halt before Albus, just an arm length away.

"But most people known me as Vlad the Impaler" He added offhandedly. "A rather crude moniker" He murmured softly.

"What are you doing here Drakula?" Sanguini spoke behind him, sounding miffed.

"You are dismissed," Vladislav answered without turning around, his black eyes staring at Albus.

"Dismissed?! What do mean?!" The brown haired vampire demanded and Albus saw that there was no good blood between them, maybe a rivalry? He frowned inwardly, now was not the best time to think about such things. He had grave matters to handle.

"Exactly what I just said, or are you so tâmpit that you can't follow a single order?" The new vampire asked still not turning around, showing clearly his lack of acknowledgment of the other.

Sanguini wasn't satisfied but Vlad beat him before the other could even open his mouth.

"My words are the words from our Lord you moronic imbecile" He hissed and turned around this time and Albus saw how Sanguini paled dramatically and he could only blink as the vampire disappeared without a sound.

The left behind vampire sighed. "Really, I don't see why my lord puts up with him" He murmured irritated as he turned around to the old wizard.

He gave a fanged smile.

"I don't have time and nor the patience to hear out your ramblings so listen and don't make me repeat myself" He warned. "Lord Athanasius Basileús is willing to hear you out but only if you place your trust in us."

Albus frowned. "I don't understand, I tru-" He was interrupted, again.

"I was about to explain" He said terse and long finger fished out a small silver key out of the pockets of his coat, choosing to ignore how the wizard tensed at the motion.

"This is a portkey" He stated dangling the key before the other. "And it will lead you to my lord" He explained and then chuckled.

"Of course it could be trap and lead you to your death"

Black eyes flashed red. "It's your decision"

The light wizard stared at the key, dangling before him. Did he trust vampires? Could it be that they already swore their allegiance to Voldemort? But if he now declined...

Albus stretched out his arms, he believed in the good of the people.

Vladislav the third smirked at him and let the key fall into his hand.

"Interesting. Please amuse my Lord, he was lately, greatly bored" He added as an afterthought.

"Adio Albus Dumbledore"

All the headmaster was able to do was blink stupidly as the portkey kidnapped him.

The now alone vampire let his mask drop and looked worried up to the half moon.

"I do hope you make the right choice my dear King."

Vladislav III. Drăculea now mostly known as Vlad Tepes sighed and turned around, his pony tail swishing behind him. He had things to do, let his lord worry over such matters. Hopefully, he will take the situation serious.

| 1 |

Albus landed roughly on his feet, the impact nearly sending him crashing on the floor. For a moment, he closed his eyes to get rid of the dizziness.

He was in an sitting-room, a fireplace on the wall, big windows which let the moonlight shine trough it, illuminating the room in a soft light. Before the warm fireplace were two red, soft looking armchairs and a dark coffee table between them.

It looked cozy, for a moment Albus thought that he would land in an big, gloomy throne hall with an ominous looking vampire king surrounded by his faithful, just as dark looking, servants. He chuckled softly to himself, he always had a bright fantasy, it didn't chance with his age. He was taken from his thoughts as a door opened and he took out his wand, but not lifted observe than act.

It was a pale man -no, a teen, wild raven black hair, a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark baggy trousers tucked into sturdy looking boots. The young man had eerie green eyes, green eyes that Albus somehow remembered, knew.

Albus felt like he should knew who the boy was and it was frustrating that he didn't.

"Excuse me my boy, but could tell me were I can find Lord Athanasius Basileús?" He asked kindly, focusing back on task.

The teen tilted his head a bit to the side and seemed to ponder, a lazy but somehow amused smirked spread on his face. Albus saw clearly the gleam of the lone fang on the lip of the other.

"Why is it that you want to speak with Lord Basileús?" The teen asked him nearly in a drawl, the lazy smirk still on his face.

"I need to speak with him about a very important topic, Mr. Tepes was so nice as to bring me here with a portkey" Albus answered calm and grandfatherly, the name of Vlad Tepes, a famed vampire, will reassure the younger vampire, he was sure.

The green eyed boy lifted an eyebrow "Vlad, huh?" He murmured to himself. He looked the aged wizard in the eyes.

"Well, I know he's in this room" His voice sounded just as amused as his eyes looked.

The man with to much titles blinked and cautiously, he let his eyes glide trough the room. Maybe the Vampire Lord was concealing himself, to observe and judge him, but Albus couldn't feel or see anything that would suggest such a thing.

All looked ordinary in this room, the only magic he can feel was that the fire in the fireplace was made with magic and he too could feel the powerful wards and the only other thing was the boy.

The familiar boy and as Albus took another look at the young vampire, looked at his features, his stature, his eyes, a moment of realization hit the aged wizard cold in the face.

"Potter" He whispered to himself, captured in his own thought he didn't notice the ghostly smile on the youth's face. The wizard took a double-take on the youth again.

"James and Lily Potter" It made sense, the green eyes, a prominent feature of Lily, unruly black hair a feature from the Potter family, tall with broad shoulder but still quite slender.

A voice brought him back from his thoughts "My parents, yes, I heard you knew them" The boy stated.

Albus composed himself and gave the other person a jovial smile "Ah yes, they were great students and even greater persons, I'm sure they always think of you...?" He couldn't remember the name, he must be really growing old.

"Harry"Harry Potter.

"What a wonderful name, my boy"The other possibly boy from the prophecy

The green eyed boy blinked perplexed but seconds later, he grinned and eased himself down on one of the comfy looking couches. He waved a hand to the other and Albus took in the invitation. There was a moment of silence were Harry just stared at the fire and Albus thought hard on why the son of James and Lily was here, he was thought to be dead! The boy should have come to Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday.

"That isn't just some normal room, you know" The boy broke in his thoughts. "It is actually a very special room, made by a very talented witch. All things that are told here and were not previously know by one of the dialogue partners are not to be made known to others outside this room without their consent." The Vampire explained and Albus blinked.

"You don't want others to know that you're Harry Potter?" He asked, twinkling, thinking.

A barking laugh -reminding Albus strongly of Sirius- escaped the brunet and his lips curled in amusement "No, no, that is a fact freely given to whomever has the grace to ask me" He spoke in a light tone "but I thing we're straying from the topic. Why are you here Light Lord Dumbledore?"

The mentioned light lord was slightly taken back by the smooth teenager but tried not to let it on. So like his parents and yet so different.

"As I mentioned, I need to speak with the vampire lord about grievous concerns" Albus spoke and was surprised as the teen let out an amused snort.

"Grievous concerns huh?" The vampire repeated and Albus really couldn't see why the other found this so amusing "Well, fire away" Harry spoke and motioned with his hand. The aged headmaster shifted a bit in his seat.

"Well, my boy I really would like to discuss this with the vampire lord.." He said slowly as if speaking to a child. The vampire took no offense and smiled at the human.

"I told you, he is in this room" The green eyed teenage vampire answered.

Albus blinked and cocked his head to the side, his gaze set on the seated vampire.

Blue eyes widened, it couldn't be!

"You..." The wizard softly whispered.

The boy smirked, the green eyes chanced to a blood red and Albus could practical see the dark aura surrounding the boy like an armor. It gathered together and the magic cracked in the room. Binding, suffocating, controlling. Power without equal.

How did he miss it before?

Just a suddenly as the air spiked, calmed it down to a soothing melody of magic. It was only then that the Hogwarts headmaster noticed that he held his breathe and chills crawled up his skin.

"I suppose that is proof enough? Or do you want another demonstration Mr. Dumbledor?" The teen drawled untouched.

Albus chuckled weakly"I thing that is enough, I must say that was impressive" The light lord praised. "I heard rumors that not the body of the vampire king was immortal but his soul and mind"

The boy now identified as Athanasius Basileús the King of all Vampires, just stared blankly at the other. Albus saw this and sobered, knowing that his curiosity was out of place.

"Dark times stand before the wizard world, I know you and your kin noticed this to" Albus spoke "Voldemort is building up his forces and he will bring a blanked of death over those he doesn't deem worthy" His voice was grave as his face and a pleading glimmer shined in his eyes.

Harry made a slow humming sound as he leaned back on the chair.

"Ah, yes, the little conflict of dark and light" Albus wouldn't really call it alittle conflict."So I suppose you want an alliance?" Harry asked slowly as if tasting the words on his tongue.

Albus nodded "Yes, an alliance with the Order of the Phoenix"


"Pardon?" The wizard blinked and Harry sighed

"Why should we?" He spoke again.

"For our future, my boy, for the life of-"

The Vampire interrupted the older with a hand "No, no, you don't understand. Why is it that we should fight with you and not with that wannabe Dark Lord?"

Albus blinked slowly, not understanding "Like I said, for our future-"

"Which future? What future does the vampires have with the British government?"

The headmaster spoke mournful. "I know the prejudice between our races are big, but surely if we work together the people will see that the prejudice are just that, prejudice, not the truth."

Albus looked at the teen and saw boredom and...disappointment?

"I see, if it is like that then I can only decline" The Vampire Lord spoke, his expression betraying nothing.

Blue eyes widened in horror "You side with Voldemort?!"

Vivid green eyes flashed to vicious red. "If he has the better deal" He answered darkly.

Albus nearly stood up in protest "But think of all the lives of all the things he did and will do, there will be no peaceful end, the many witches and wizards!"

"My people don't care for your little humans" The vampire lord spoke harshly. "Why should we work with you? Then surely, even if we take an alliance with your little group, we will still be shunned by the British ministry" He didn't wait for an answer.

"I know your situation in the wizarding world chanced" said the vampire offhandedly "You don't have anymore the influence you once had. Your little group is just that, a little group. I and my people on the other hand, are many, much, much more, a race, why should I risk my people for your little group? Where it isn't even sure what we will get for it?"

The red eyes flashed for a moment and justified rage was seen on the young face "Say, if we side with you and save the world from this dark lord, what do we have? You will have your peace but nothing will chance for me and my kin. We will still be hated, still hunted,never acknowledged"

"You took away our laws, our dignity, our pride as vampires. You took away the last bit of humanity in us and stamped at it like we were some kind of disgusting insects not worthy enough to live on this planet" The red eyes burned with a fire as the boy spoke those words, still managing to sound calm. "Actually, even insects have a place on this planet, it's seems like living is not something we are entitled to."

Albus gulped down nervously. The magic, the aura around the Vampire Lord cackled warningly and the light wizard forgot all about that the vampire besides him was in the body of a child. He is under no delusion that he could win against the vampire king, especially because Albus had no idea where they were. He didn't even try to deny the words of the other, he was right.

"I understand that there are many differences between us but at the end humans and vampires are the same. They both eat, they both drink, they both play around, they both fight, they both hate and they both love." Albus said, stressing the world "I really believe that, if we all work together, then we could live in a happy future, together. I am under no delusion that the bad blood between us can be forgotten but if we go step to step, then surely, some day, we can reach our goal"

The magic around them calmed and the red, gleaming, eyes became softer. Suddenly, a barking laugh sounded around the room and surprised Albus turned to the vampire. He blinked and waited till the other composed himself.

Still chuckling, the vampire answered. "How quaint, how very cute. You want to live together, to be happy, to love." The vampire let out again a small laugh.

"It's an utopia" Basileús stated drily. "You want to built your very own shangri-la. How very naive. So utterly infantile that it makes me speechless"

"What are you-" Albus tried to say but was interrupted.

"It's just not possible, how do you want to have peace between races if you don't even manage to have peace in your own race?" He asked rhetorical. "Just look at you, fighting dark against light, evil against good, hate against love"

"If you have such an outlook on life than I and my kin rather remain neutral. It would be an amusing show"

Albus didn't know what to do.

"The many lives..." He said at least, his protest sounding weak even to his own ears.

Basileús snorted. "I am the vampire king not the king of humans. My first priority is and will always be my people"

There was silence, Albus stared into the space and his companion into the fire. Seconds, minutes, went by and neither said a word.

Abruptly, the vampire sat straight into his seat, his face lightening up with something.

"Say, you are the headmaster of Hogwarts aren't you?" He asked out of the blue and Albus could only nod. The vampire smirked and leaned back, interlacing his fingers.

"What if I judge the next generation?" He spoke out, his eyes gleaming with something and Albus stared.

| 1 |

It was a hard thinking wizard that walked through the street. With a calm face, he went trough the previous happenings.

The vampire lord was a fifteen-year-old teen, not even of-age, but he has all the preceding memories of the vampire kings of the past.

He was Athanasius Basileús with all his power and command over the vampire race.

It was a foreign and new concept for Albus. He always thought -but to be honest he never researched it- that the vampire king was immortal, completely. Apparently it wasn't so, he was even informed why it was like that.

Without a fresh mind the kind would have turned crazy. Without this rebirth cycle, the vampire would have descended into madness. The longest Athanasius Basileús lived in one body was ca. 1.500 years, apparently then it became to much of a burden to sustain a healthy mind, to make rational decisions as a King of a whole Race.

When the king reincarnated in a new body, he didn't just take over but fused together. Creating a new but still the same king.

However what was for Albus of more importance for the moment. Was the fact that the new king was Harry Potter, son of Lily and James.

Honestly, he forgot about the boy, sure in the back of his mind were still some thoughts about the other possible candidate of the prophecy but after he was sure that it was Neville and not the Potter boy... He just choose to forget, not deeming it important enough.

It could prove to be a mistake.

Still, now Harry Potter would come to a student. Albus suppressed a sigh, a vampire king as a student and he could tell no one. He just hopes that Severus could restrain himself, but he doubts it, on the other hand, Severus was a half-vampire so maybe he knew that Harry was the vampire king? Or maybe he could feel it? Still, he didn't want to be at a war with the vampires because a professor couldn't hold back a childhood-grudge.

His eyes shifted to the side and he observed the relaxed vampire lord, who held a brown paper-bag in his hands. He didn't seem like a person to take easily offense, rather like someone who would laugh in the face of his enemy in a bout of amusement.

However it was easy to see that the other was excited about his upcoming life as a student, well, maybe not excited as such but he has something planned, Albus was just not sure what, but, at the moment, he wasn't concerned for his students and teacher. The headmaster made some strict but neutral oath with Harry, on both sides. Shortly said, it would guaranty that they couldn't use the information they got from this arrangement against each other. He has however the suspicion that the other just did it out of simply boredom and Albus didn't know if he liked that or not.

The professor came to a halt before Grimmauld place, and turned to the boy, taking out a peace of paper from his pocket.

"The place is under fidelius-"

"I know, I know, no worries, I was already here" The vampire assured him as he wagged his hand in a languid motion.

Albus couldn't hide his surprise. He was here? When? And how? Why?

"Indeed?" He asked but the Harry just smirked at him, walking to the door.

"Age before beauty" He said cheeky and holding the door open for him.

The headmaster just blinked and chuckled slowly with a head shake.

"Shouldn't it be then the other way around?" He spoke when he went past the vampire king, who grinned amused.

Albus twinkled with his eyes as he entered the room, that was appointed as the meeting room.

Neville, the poor boy, sat together with his two friends, Ron and Hermione in one corner. Judging from their facial expression seemed they to talk about something important.

Nymphadora sat besides her cousin, in a deep conversation with Shaklebolt, surely something about their mutual work. The before mentioned cousin sat together with his longtime friend Remus and with the Weasley twins. Albus was curious what pranks they had planned.

The rest of the order was distributed around the house. Moody sat in a corner and zoomed his eyes immediately at Albus when he came in. Molly was in the kitchen, apparently showing Hestia how to cook.

Some more persons were scattered around the place.

When the leader of the order of the phoenix came in fully, all eyes were directed at him. The vampire stand just some steps behind him, undetected.

"I see I have your attention" He began, his eyes twinkling gently around the room only stopping a bit longer on Neville. "I wanted to introduce someone to you" And on the word, the smirking brunet stepped around him. The reactions were various.

"Harry!" Sirius called when he jumped to his feet, sounding surprised and delighted to see the teen. Remus just stared a bit baffled.

"Who's that?" Ronald asked with a heavy frown, even shifting a bit defensive before his friends. The past incidents did really influence him.

However, the person who had the most attention was Alastor.

"A vampire, Albus?! Did you become completely crazy!?" He demanded gruff, his stance screaming mistrust. With his wand in his hand he studied Harry suspicious. Instantly, after Alastor's statement, all but Remus and Sirius, eyed the boy with wide eyes.

"What!?" Madness broke out as everybody began to shout loudly, taking out their wands. The headmaster sighed as he heard the obviously amused chuckles of the vampire, well, in a bizarre way was this a bit entertaining. He lifted his hands soothingly.

"Everyone, calm down please!" He spoke softly but in a authoritative undertone and was satisfied when the room quietened down.

"He is a friend" He assured. "For the moment, that is" He added in a murmur to himself and he knew the boy besides him heard him when he smirked.

"Hello, Sirius, Remus. I thought I should visit you in this hellhole" Harry greeted, stepping to Sirius.

Sirius blinked and let moments later out a barking laugh.

"Ha! With Albus as the luggage or are you Albus' luggage?" He asked jestingly and Albus saw how the face of the former Azkaban inhabitant became tender. How curious, they must have known each other for a long time. Did Sirius know that Harry was the vampire king?

"That's something I too would like to know" Remus spoke, who stood up and walked to the two.

Harry tilted his head and looked at Albus who nodded.

"I think I can explain that Remus" He said to Remus but in the volume that all could hear. "Like some of you know, I have tried to contact the vampires." Those that knew already nodded, the others looked on a bit confused.

"I didn't manage to persuade them to our cause fully, but I brought them to thinking, because of this, Harry here, was send to observe if an alliance was feasible." The light lord didn't really knew how he should call it exactly but he thought that brought it to the point.

"You can't be serious! It's a vampire! They don't care for humans, he must be some kind of spy." Alastor accused, his magic eye spinning at the vampire lord. "He is dark!" He spit out.

Unimpressed, lifted Harry lazily one eye-brown. "Really now? As everybody can see, I'm a vampire, a dark creature, it's my duty to be dark." He spoke dryly.

Moody gave away some kind of growl. "I don't trust him, he should be questioned with variteriserum, surely he serves under the Dark Lord"

Outwards, the vampire remained unaffected but Albus saw a dangerous glint in his eyes as Alastor accused him of serving the dark lord.

"I suppose I can relate to your paranoia, living trough two wars and all that but sorrowfully I must disappoint you.We don't serve under your dark lord"

He snipped with his finger as if a stray thought hit him.

"Even if it was like that, what kind of threat can I, a fifteen year old, be? You must not be very strong if you fear such a young vampire"

Albus had a different opinion, Alastor had every right to be frightened by the smooth teenager but it would not really help if he spoke it aloud.

"Alastor! Enough!" He warned strictly. "Harry Potter is no spy and he had nothing to do with Voldemort" He ignored the flinches at the name.

Tonks blinked. "Wait a moment, Potter? As in James Potter?" She inquired carefully.

Harry turned to her and gave her a charmingly smile. "He was my father, yes" He admitted and even Alastor seemed surprised. He didn't wait for another question he turned back to the two marauders and put the brown paper bag on the table.

"Here, as a apologize that I didn't contact you for a long time" He said to the two and took out a wine bottle. Sirius took it with a grin

The Gryffindor drew in his brows as he read the label. "Is that...?" He trailed of. Harry grinned at him.

"Dwarf wine, the finest from 1257"

For a moment Sirius stared at the win bottle then his expression grew somewhat apprehensive. "that...that doesn't come from Vlad's...?" He trailed of with growing trepidation.

The vampire smiled at him. "Vlad gave it to me personally"

Sirius gaped at him and jerked his hand from the bottle. Remus who realized the value of the bottle shot out his arms to catch it but wasn't fast enough. The bottle, however, didn't break on the ground but landed upright on the vampire's foot. Who kicked the bottle up and caught it with his hand.

"Sirius, really, just because it's from Vlad's cellar doesn't meant that it's infected with some kind of disease." Harry reasoned with a drawl.

Sirius stared at him in unbelief.

"You kidding, right? I don't want to tough anything that was owned by that phoney" He spoke with a grimace, besides him, Remus sighed.

"I never understood your mutual dislike of each other. Why don't you just kiss and reconcile?" The vampire king suggested. Sirius starred at him with outright horror, his face shifting to a grimace of disgust.

Harry chuckled, mirth dancing in his eyes. "On the other hand, continue, it's very entertaining"

|Chapter One End|

Athanasuius: Immortal / Resurrection

Basileús: King


Also, tâmpit is Romanian for stupid, well, that was at least what google translator told me.

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